Expensive knives in an overfull cutlery drawer? This was a thorn in my side for a long time before I finally solved this problem. Therefore on the fast: My small but fine DIY for a knife block.

Your expensive knives are vegetating between knife and fork and if you reach into the cutlery drawer without thinking there is always the risk of small to medium cuts? I have been looking for a beautiful and affordable knife block for a long time – and haven’t found it. Between designer parts for 100 Euros and low-priced Made in China products, where the chemical scent is also included for 10 Euros, there were only a few knife blocks that really came into consideration.

Quick to build – one knife block in 5 minutes
After a long search and with considerable frustration I decided to take the whole thing into my own hands. During our last visit to Pfeffersack & Söhne-Kontor in Koblenz we bought the white simple wine cooler as a base. I had been looking at the timeless ceramic part for quite some time and now had the best argument to make. And to take one of the matching tins with cork lid with me! 😉

Back in Hamburg today, under the irritated gaze of the saleswoman, I bought seven more packs of shashlik skewers (length 20 cm) and filled them into the wine cooler. Still quickly the kitchen knives put in, fits! Total cost: Just under 30 Euro.

Since the skewers have different lengths contrary to first assumptions, I trimmed a large part of the wooden sticks with the kitchen scissors. I left the rest as it was, so that the differences in size are now manageable. That worked quite well, but is pure hard work. And: I oute myself with it as a measure nerd, diagonal looks of the man sitting next to me confirm this.

So, fast DIY and fast photos I have today for you of the new piece – must also be sometimes inside. 🙂

Have fun rebuilding, your Elbmadame


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