50+ Pivot Doors – Beautiful Models and Photos

The gateway is the residence’s calling card, so it has to be functional and beautiful. The model that offers the most differentiated design are the revolving doors . In this system , the sheet rotates around the axis itself. Bring some positive things to your project. Let us highlight some:

  • Saves space, as the door protrudes;
  • More bold design, as designed in every dimension by eitel. Therefore, it is possible to choose larger and heavier doors. The bigger the gap, the more beautiful it is;
  • The hardware is hidden because the attachment does not leave the show at the top and bottom. The swing doors have no hinges and open by a pivot point, which is fixed to the floor and at the top of the door;

The doors can be made of different materials, wood, glass, steel, metal and even a harmonious blend of textures. The detail that makes the difference is the handles. The most commonly used are large and vertical and should conform to the surface of the door. The chrome is versatile and fits every style.

To make the right choice for your swing door, take a look at 50 models that will help you to create your design and make the environment even more stylish and stylish:

1 – With demolition wood and sheets.

Image (1)

2 – The red to give your entrance more charm!

Image (2)

3 – The door almost camouflaged with the facade.

Image (3)

 4 – It looks like the door has given the necessary lock for this external corridor.

Image (4)

5 – Together they can form a room divider.

Image (5)

6 – Looks cool, a door and a shelf in one place!

Image (6)

7 – She on the facade creates a visual aspect of modernity.

Image (7)

8 – You can choose a door in the form of a bow.

figure 8)

9 – All painted and with paint, ideal for commercial projects.

Image (9)

10 – Beautiful model for a residence on the beach.

Image (10)

11 – The glass door gained a colorful frame, which decisively influenced the final result.

Image (11)

12 – Inlaid wood panels add charm to your door.

Image (12)

13 – The entrance door follows the same pattern of the driveway.

Image (13)

14 – Almost an entrance that goes unnoticed.

Image (14)

15 – Gorgeous look deserves a glass door.

Image (15)

16 – The metal door fits perfectly with the architecture of the room.

Image (16)

17 – How about an investment in swing doors?

Image (17)

18 – A simple but very nice entrance door!

Image (18)

19 – To compose your facade, look for the same material.

Image (19)

20 – The wood always leaves a sophisticated entrance.

Image (20)

21 – The concrete gave the house a visual aspect.

Image (21)

22 – Detail for the handle of this door!

Image (22)

23 – They can also gain space in company projects.

24 – Die Zusammensetzung der Fassade in Beton und die Holztür wurden richtig gemacht!

Image (24)

25 – Der Eingang der Residenz wurde durch die Türen hervorgehoben.

Image (25)

26 – Die Beleuchtung auf dem Boden gab dieser Eingangstür mehr Gewicht.

Image (26)

27 – Auch unter der Dusche hat es eine interessante Form bekommen!

Image (27)

28 – Klassische Kombination von Schwarz und Weiß!

Image (28)

29 – Das Blau in den Rahmen gab die Farbe, die das Haus benötigte.

Image (29)

30 – Ein mutiges Projekt!

Image (30)

31 – Im Korridor erhielt er diese durchbohrte Holztür, um Sichtbarkeit zu geben.

Image (31)

32 – Mit minimalistischem Vorschlag!

Image (32)

33 – Das lackierte schwarze Holz für diesen Triumpheingang.

Image (33

34 – Es wird auch als Umweltteiler verwendet.

Image (34)

35 – Weit, breit und sogar der Griff kommt in horizontaler Form.

Image (35)

36 – Cortenstahl ist das neue Material, das für Wohnprojekte besonders gefragt ist.

Image (36)

37 – Komponieren mit diesem schönen Bücherregal.

Image (37)

38 – Die Mischung dieser Materialien war super harmonisch.

Image (38)

39 – Die Tür kommt mit dem gleichen Farbton des Futters!

Image (39)

40 – Diese Glastüren sind Teil der Fassade des Hauses.

Image (40)

41 – Tolle Idee mit dieser Modellzusammenstellung: Schwenken und Schieben an einer Stelle.

Image (41)

42 – Perforierte Türen schaffen ein Design aufgrund der natürlichen Beleuchtung auf dem Boden.

Image (42)

43 – Im Raum gewinnt sie das Abbruchholz für ein rustikales Aussehen.

Image (43)

44 – Der Griff auf der ganzen Länge der Tür lässt Sie viel moderner.

Image (44)

45 – Super coole Idee für einen Apartmentkorridor.

Image (45)

46 – Der minderwertige Abzieher hat dieser Tür Persönlichkeit verliehen.

Image (46)

47 – The large handle looks good on this door model.

Image (47)

48 – Glass panels give the dining room more light.

Image (48)

49 – The perfect transition to an internal and external area.

Image (49)

50 – The door followed the dimension of each aisle.

Image (50)



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