Finding ideas and project references is important for anyone looking to renovate or reform the home. After all, we found everything online, right? But most of the time, one of the most complicated tasks for those who don’t want to invest a lot is customizing the bag to suit our tastes. That is why we separate simple decoration to apply in your home:

When you have a tough job, follow these pick of simple tips to apply to your facility! The first step is to consider the style you want. Even with an inexpensive proposal, the environment can show the residents their faces

It is important to combine personal taste with functionality, functionality and comfort in order to achieve the expected result.

60 tricks and simple decorating tips to apply in your home

Every detail provides harmony in the environment, but it is necessary to work the organization so as not to burden the information and to use every space in a creative way! Create amazing magazine-like environments in your home with a few tricks and decorating tips for simple and basic techniques used by architecture and decorating professionals:

Image 1 – High right foot with a hint of color.

High right foot with a touch of color in the painting
Older apartments have higher ceilings, but new developments can do without the recess in the plaster to create a different touch, as in the project above. With a painting of up to 2.00 meters you can create the impression of a longer environment with this simple technique.

Image 2 – Headboard simple and cheap.

Make a simple and cheap bedside room
Paint the headboard with the rest of the paint left over from the artwork, or buy 1/4 cans enough for this coat.

Image 3 – Geometric decoration is a strong trend.

60 Simple Decorating Tips: Tricks to Apply at Home

This is a way to innovate in the environment without a lot of effort or work. With the help of masking tape, cross the tracks to create this harmony of colors and contrasts.

Image 4 – Simple decoration: not to be missed, use the tone on tone.

Use the tone on tone so as not to go wrong in the decoration
To avoid color errors, use the clay in a specific color. Grayscale is the bet that appeals to almost every interior style.

Photo 5 – Simple decoration: reforming the existing furniture in the house.

Reform the home furniture

Use this technique on furniture too, especially those looking to innovate.

Use materials and transform yourself into beautiful decorative objects.

Picture 6 – Simple decoration: sideboard with concrete block.

Sideboard with concrete block
The building blocks can be stacked and propped up on a wooden board, both materials can be found in hardware stores and are still super conscious!

Image 7 – Container in action!

Bins in action

Containers are great for decorating the house wall, organizing children’s toys, or supporting decorative objects.

Picture 8 – Simple and inexpensive kitchen.

Simple and inexpensive cuisine

Image 9 – How about a kitchen made of pallets and decorated with vegetable boxes?

Kitchen with pallets

Image 10 – Decoration tip: decorate more for less!

Decorate more for less

Image 11 – The handle of the kettle has a new function in decoration.

Another feature for the kettle handle

Image 12 – Tip for simple decoration: The boxes with soft drinks offer the retro air in the area.

Soda Boxes in Decoration

Picture 13 – Organization over everything!

Organization above all else

Household appliances enveloping

Image 14 – B&W refrigerator.

Black and white refrigerator
Buy the black adhesive strips and cut them into your fridge to create a cool design. This is an easy way to create another image in the appliance without the need for a professional.

Photo 15 – The furniture and the refrigerator are given a more colorful look.

A colorful look for furniture and refrigerator

You can encase both the case and the appliances (refrigerator, freezer, microwave and washing machine). It’s a cheaper technique than buying or building new furniture!

Picture 16 – And the fashion of the flamingos appears in the picture of the kitchen.

The flamingos fashion in decoration
To add personality to your kitchen or service area, choose a pattern that reflects your personal taste and goes well with the rest of the decor. This flamingo, for example, goes perfectly with the tone of the wall and pendant lights.

Decorate the walls easily and inexpensively.

Picture 17 – Simple decoration: glue that simulates the hydraulic tiles.

Adhesive that simulates hydraulic tile
Just like there are wallpaper, the sticker gains strength when it comes to saving on wet areas.

Image 18 – Laminated piece with glue on the back.

Laminated piece with adhesive
Self-adhesive pieces are another technique for decorating the wall without the need for porcelain coatings. You buy the kit yourself and set it up however you want. If you get sick, you can easily change the location and distribution.

Picture 19 – Simple decoration: freehand drawing.

Free-hand drawing

Hire a draftsman to change the look of that white wall of your home. If you are or have someone from home who loves art, you can already put this activity into practice!

Image 20 – Stickers ready to decorate the wall.

Stickers ready to decorate the wall

Do not forget doors!

Fig. 21 – Linear and geometric embossing.

Linear and geometric pattern

In this idea, you can put the wall sticker on the door. You choose the pattern, color, and pattern that matches the rest of the environment.

Picture 22 – The passage camuflen.

Camouflaging the landscape
Paint the door the same color as the walls or vice versa. A highlight for the door has become common in recent decoration projects. For example, imagine the top design door with red paint. Be creative and in harmony with your style!

Picture 23 – Painting that simulates burned cement.

Painting that simulates burnt cement
It was the time when the natural burnt cement was applied in several stages. Ready-to-use inks are currently ready for use. And the interesting thing is that you can do it yourself, just look for videos on how to do it and step by step on the internet. You will be amazed at the result!

Picture 24 – Learn how to make a pillow composition.

Composition of pillows
Try mixing the patterns with a common color. Did you notice that its white background harmonizes this composition?

Make your own color in chalkboard paint.

Picture 25 – Blackboard to write down the messages of the residents.

Wall blackboard in decoration
Just as there are the colors that simulate the burnt cement, so is the slate color. Paint, enjoy and change the day wall of your house with a different design!

Image 26 – If you are an art lover, do a nice spelling on the wall.

Graphic design

Hide the service area.

Image 27 – Simple decoration tip: folding doors or sliding doors play an excellent role in this proposal.

Environment with folding door

Image 28 – The curtain is cheaper and has the same function as the previous one.

Curtain in decoration

Organization over everything!

Image 29 – The panel avoids holes and is an inexpensive piece of jewelry.

Panel in decoration
The metal plate organizes frames, spools of thread, accessories, scissors, clipboards and even a vase of plants. In addition to organizing, the piece takes on relaxation in the environment in a simple way to change the look and very creative. There are versions on the market in eucatex, perforated and even in copper.

Image 30 – The towel rail with hooks also helps organize personal items.

Towel rail with hooks

Mirrors: wide, bright and decorative.

Figure 31 – The right place to install a mirrored wall.

Mirrored wall
The mirror should be attached to a wall where the reflection increases the environment, as not all surfaces cause this amplitude effect. This installation wall depends on the arrangement of the furniture so that it reflects and creates the desired feeling of breadth and clarity.

Figure 32 – Mirror, mobile with role and multifunctionality.

60 Simple Decorating Tips: Tricks to Apply at Home

Picture 33 – If the room is small, choose the mirrored door.

Mirrored door to small room

Picture 34 – Make Adnet leather mirrors yourself.

Make yourself Adnet leather mirrors
This setup can be easily solved with the help of a round baking sheet and a leather belt. In addition to other basic materials such as glue and scissors: essential things to put this task into practice!

Figure 35 – The bars on the wall help keep all kitchen utensils organized.

60 Simple Decorating Tips: Tricks to Apply at Home
The complete kit with the rod and hook is available on the market. How to decorate and even save the space of your drawers!

Picture 36 – Abuse of baskets in organization and decoration!

Abuse of baskets in the organization
The baskets are great allies in the organization, especially for those who like to accumulate small things. So it is possible to play all these objects in the baskets without overloading the surroundings.

Picture 37 – Niches are always welcome …

Decoration with niches

Image 38 – Like the shelves.

60 Simple Decorating Tips: Tricks to Apply at Home
The two act as a decorative element, as a composition of objects and frames can be easily created. It is in these little corners where you can show a little of your personal taste, whether for a book or a sculpture. Be creative with makeup!

Image 39 – Cover the bottom of your alcove with sticky paper to create a different face.

Line the bottom of your niches with adhesive paper

Photo 40 – Modern and handmade magazine.

60 Simple Decorating Tips: Tricks to Apply at Home
Cylindrical boxes can be adjusted and secured by a stretchable cable to form this magazine rack. Those who have house cats will like this idea too!

Picture 41 – Connect all magazines and fasten them with a belt.

Magazines secured with a belt
For those who subscribe to magazines or want to enjoy a good read. The bracket works as a side table, bench, bedside table and so on. You can edit this item in different ways!

Picture 42 – Balcony with backyard climate!

Backyard balcony
Decorating a rental home can be a daunting task. But this project shows no! All furniture is flexible, can be removed in the future and harmonize with each other. The black finish and the light wood that appears on all elements follow the same style and design, creating a unique and harmonious composition! The cord lamp eliminates the need for spots that illuminate the entire area.

Picture 43 – Luminaires without plaster.

Lamps to replace plaster
Another cool idea for a rented apartment is the electric light accompanying a larger dimension, either through wire or rod, to reach the desired location.

Image 44 – Top of the simple decoration: the light wire delimits and decorates the room.

60 Simple Decorating Tips: Tricks to Apply at Home
The famous strand of light adorns every room in the house. Create that playful, cozy air with this inexpensive, easy-to-install device.

Figure 45 – It makes the atmosphere more cozy in the room!

To create a cozier atmosphere in the bedroom
They can hang over the headboard or even around the mirror and create a nice and cute effect.

Picture 46 – Quick upgrade: wallpaper and neon.

Wallpaper and neon decoration: a quick upgrade

Figure 47 – For a children’s room, abuse colors!

Abuse of colors in a children's room
Whether on walls or furniture: what cannot be missing is the color in the children’s room.

Image 48 – Simple decoration tip: Do you have material left over from work? Use to create a headboard.

Use material from the work to make the headboard
In the above construction, the bricks were very well suited to form the headboard. The same can happen with the tiles, porcelain stoneware tiles, and wallpaper.

Picture 49 – Details that make the difference!

Details that make all the difference
The design on the headboard of the bed gave the relaxation area that special touch. Abuse the details in your facility, they make all the difference in a well-planned environment!

Picture 50 – Create a composition on the bedside table easily and without holes.

Simple composition with bedside table
Pictures on the floor, stacked suitcases, vases, books and sculptures make the perfect composition for the side corner of the bed. Currently, the bedside table has a more slimmed-down format that escapes traditional joinery and gains more personality with something more personalized!

Picture 51 – The photo board is an easy way to decorate the wall.

Photo panel to decorate the wall

Picture 52 – Pictures brighten up and bring personality to the environment.

Cheers that cheer

Picture 53 – For those sick of the mirror wall, bet on pictures.

Bet on tables

Picture 54 – If in doubt, rely on furniture with a caster.

Furniture with casters
If you already own the furniture, place rollers in these parts so that it makes cleaning and functionality easier in everyday life.

Image 55 – Simple decoration tip: The poufs are versatile and can always look different over time.

Puffers in the decoration
Would you like to change the look of your stool? Invest in crochet, fabric, and even another finish.

Picture 56 – The potted plants and flowers brighten any environment.

Vases that brighten any environment
Make arrangements with flower pots because they give life to the environment! Since the cactus is very tall, you shouldn’t place it in places where people can be injured.

Image 57 – Simple decoration tip: hooks to organize the bags.

Hooks for organizing bags
Hooks are great accessories to decorate your foyer. You can keep the wallet, coats, keys, bags and other accessories that you need to always have with you when you leave home.

Image 58 – Bicycle fans can leave it as a decorative item.

Bicycles as a decorative item
With the trend of cycling as a means of transport, architects and designers have implemented the article as a decorative element. Using the walls to support them can be the perfect solution in your home!

Image 59 – The barrel is the latest trend in decoration.

Tonel: a strong trend in decoration
The barrel is guaranteed to be a figure in many decoration magazines. They work as stools, bedside tables, end tables, bases for furniture, cupboards and so on. This one with the Chanel No. 5 logo is super stylish and was used as a support for the tank.

Image 60 – Place a tray on the countertop in the bathroom.

Put a tray on the countertop
The tray is an indispensable item to decorate the bathroom! She can organize the most important hygiene items such as soap, handkerchief and an aromatic candle. So, don’t get the visual clutter with the items being thrown on the bench. Remember to be organized and prioritize harmony!



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