Nowadays there are more and more creative ideas in decoration. Ideas that can change the way you see objects, ideas for changing your room organization, ideas that can optimize spaces, and even your time.

62 creative decoration ideas that are already being put into practice

It is based on these ideas, which are meant to improve the way you relate to the space of your house, which we only dedicated to the creativity of interior design. Here we will talk about some projects that mix design and functionality and can be adopted in your house with tips and present a gallery with selected pictures of projects that conquer people on this question.

Tips and creative ideas for every corner of the house

We know that for a house that is always organized and equipped with its optimized rooms, some savings solutions are necessary! For this reason, the organizations that spread there are gaining more and more followers. Whether through general cleaning methods and reorganization or compartmentalization of objects, some tips are valuable to keep everything safe – plus a more pleasant, clear environment.

That is why we have separated some of these tips for you in each room:

Creative ideas for the kitchen

In the kitchen, the main focus is on keeping everything to facilitate the circulation and use of items, to create a practical and enjoyable way of cooking your meals.

The most striking are the cupboards with certain compartments. The ideal thing here is to separate a real space for everything you have or have: narrower compartments with shelves to store cans are large to be placed in narrower spaces; Hooks are the new favorites for hanging pots and their most commonly used spatulas, while the metal rods are sensational to keep the knives well positioned on the wall in front of the cutting bench.

Another current trend is the large use of shelves that have all items on hand and still suggest a different kind of decoration style to the environment.

Creative ideas for a room

Rooms are super environments that promote the concentration of household waste, especially in the cloakroom area! For those who have a lot of clothes and accessories, these tips are essential!

Starting with the drawers, there are several partitions that can help organize underwear, create beehives, and separate jewelry and costume jewelry. For the latter, you can also use an egg box divider to separate rings, earrings, and necklaces.

For shelves, organizers in cardboard or tissue box shapes can be very useful, but it’s always good to keep everything labeled (especially if the boxes have a lid) to save time when looking for a particular item.

In the bed area, a small shelf next to the electrical outlet solves the problem of where to hold the phone while charging, and the bracket with a clip can be attached to the headboard if you don’t have a bedside table or want to make room for it.

Creative bathroom ideas

This is another room where the shelves and niches reign in the trends of the moment! In order to store shampoo and conditioner containers in the box, as well as to store towels and toilet paper, the shelves entered the bathroom in the form of moving trolleys that were attached to the wall or in cupboards.

Another very useful item is the hook, which is used to hang up towels, baskets and hair dryers. These hooks, which are already widely used in this room, are given other support surfaces such as cupboards, sinks and even the door.

In decor shops you will find these hooks and shelves in a variety of styles, colors and materials!

Design to improve life

In the sense of various ideas that should be integrated into the house, many of these solutions became so precise and required that they were integrated into the design as an additional element for decorating and dismantling the house.

One example is the standardization of the use of taps in kitchen and bathroom cabinets that are specific to standard sizes such as cans, wine bottles, pots and pans, as well as toothbrushes, hair and chapinha. All of this can easily be integrated into your planned furniture project or even found in standardized furniture stores.

In furniture stores we also find accessories and objects that change the environment in which we use them, such as shelves in various formats such as letters and geometric drawings, organic or stickers for large areas. It is a way to personalize the decor of the room according to the taste of its occupants.

Gallery: 60 photos of creative ideas in spaces that inspire you

Take a look now at our selection of creative ideas filled with pictures for decorative and practical organizational solutions that you can use at home:

Image 1 – View of the structured staircase in steel and wood: steps that turn into shelves.

Creative idea: structured staircase in steel and wood

Image 2 – Use your favorite colors in traditional furniture: use colored glue to coat surfaces and give the environment a new face.

Creative idea: use your favorite colors in conventional furniture

Image 3 – Creative idea: design your chest of drawers with MDF boards in letter format into words and even phrases on the surface.

Creative idea: customize your dresser with MDF boards

Figure 4 – Creative idea: Map sticker of your city with the position of the beloved places to put on the wall.

Creative Idea: Map sticker of your city with location of the most loved places

Image 5 – Shelf ladder: When planning MDF furniture, the shelf in the form of stairs forms niches for storing objects and steps for access to the mezzanine.

Creative idea: bookcase ladder

Image 6 – Strategically positioned meters: spoons and standard cup counters on the cabinet door together with your recipe books so you don’t miss any grass.

Creative Idea: Strategically Positioned Meters

Image 7 – “Preacher” hangman: to keep all your hats on the wall.

Creative idea: catcher type rack

Image 8 – Separation for restaurant tables: to give the groups more intimacy, panel in the basic format of a house.

Creative idea of ​​decoration: panel in the basic format of a house

Image 9 – Organization and creative idea: colored bowls arranged on the shelf to complement the functionality and decoration with rainbow colors.

Creative idea: colored bowls arranged on shelf to add practicality and decoration by rainbow color.

Image 10 – creative idea: are there any closets? Make it a doll’s house for children to play with.

Creative Ideas: Dollhouse in the Closet

Image 11 – Leave your decor with more creative niches: stickers to turn your set into branches.

Creative idea for niche decoration

Image 12 – Super creative and affordable idea for your interior: buttons with pop icons and fun to even customize your armchair.

Pins: creative and inexpensive idea for decoration

Image 13 – Creative idea: stickers with words and phrases placed on different surfaces to inspire you whenever you see them.

Stickers with words

Image 14 – A creative idea at home: use chains of silk fringes to give your chandelier a touch!

Creative idea on the chandelier with silk strings

Image 15 – Creative idea: Can’t I decide which is the best shade of blue for the wall? Turn your indecision through the Pantone scale into a creative element for your wall!

Wall scale patone: a creative idea in decoration

Image 16 – Creative idea: Matte blackboard paints attract everyone’s attention and create a variety of scrapbooks on walls and even on cabinet doors!

Ink Scrapbook: A Creative Idea

Figure 17 – The right door for every size: Play with sizes and proportions with a door in the door.

Playing with sizes and proportions with a door inside the door.

Image 18 – Make the fabric of folding chairs happier and more colorful with different prints.

Fun fabrics for folding chairs

Figure 19 – Niche desk door: An easy way to set up your office in small environments and “hide” it at the end of the day.

Niche desk door: a creative idea

Image 20 – Creative idea: wooden bedside panel with space for shelves and lamps.

Creative idea: space to fit shelves and lamps.

Picture 21 – Creative idea: Simply vary the lighting of your surroundings by extending and duplicating the lamp wires.

Lamp wires as creative idea

Image 22 – Space for bicycles: Exclusive locker for your bicycle directly at the entrance to the house.

Creative idea: space for bicycles

Image 23 – Creative idea: work area that comes from the planned closet of the room: slide back into the interior after the activities have ended.

Work area coming out of the planned closet of the bedroom

Picture 24 – table for the garden super creative and playful: waiter monkey.

Super creative and playful backyard table

Image 25 – Creative idea: passion for walls made of obvious bricks, but not at home? Create a false wall with wallpaper!

Fake brick wall with wallpaper

Image 26 – For young and adventurous: helps to transform the wall of your house into a climbing wall.

Supports to transform the wall of your house into a climbing wall

Picture 27 – Don’t forget ingredients: Keep your recipes in view with chalk and a blackboard over the stove.

Keep your recipes in sight with chalk and a blackboard above the stove

Image 28 – Apparent tubes and structures can give you inspiration for other decorative elements based on these bars.

Apparent pipes and structures can give you inspiration for other decorative elements based on these bars

Picture 29 – Creative idea: Don’t forget important dates with personalized calendars hanging on pictures on the wall.

Creative idea: personalized calendars

Image 30 – Efficient and super economical organization with wooden boxes: arranged on shelves, make a manual identification of what you have in a house and never miss anything again!

Creative idea: wooden boxes for organization

Figure 31 – Drawers: A great place to stow all family members’ shoes.

Storing shoes with stairs on the stairs: a creative idea

Picture 32 – Completely planned: cupboard with strategically cut doors to create a frame for the living room TV.

Creative idea: planned closet with doors

Image 33 – Creative idea: old drawers can be redesigned and given new uses, for example niches on the wall.

Creative idea: drawer reformed

Image 34 – Creative idea: extended wooden stairs = a super creative bench for your work.

Creative idea: prolonged wooden step

Figure 35 – On another level: create a platform to raise the bed and create a new space where you can put more items.

Creative idea: platform to raise the bed

Image 36 – Creative idea for the room: geometric painting with different colors and adhesive tape.

Creative idea for the bedroom

Picture 37 – Two options and fun for the kids: stairs and slide to decide how to go down on the floor.

Creative idea: stair and slide to decide how you will go down to the floor below

Figure 38 – Glass wall separating the pool from the living room: another wall and a more interesting view.

Glass wall dividing the pool from the living room

Image 39 – Fire Escape Racks: Based on this icon of New York buildings, this set of interlocking short shelves brings more grace to your decor.

Creative idea: shelves-fire escape

Image 40 – Decoration of the natural ceiling: These trunks arranged in the horizontal line give the decoration of the bathroom a rustic and creative touch.

Creative idea: natural ceiling decoration

Image 41 – A pool of softness and comfort: alcove on the floor for a sofa full of pillows for the kids to have fun and relax everyone.

Creative idea: a pool of softness and comfort

Image 42 – Creative idea: alternative clock with wall stickers and a mechanical part.

Creative idea: alternative watch made with stickers

Image 43 – Super luxurious shelf builder: Planned piece in diamond format

Creative idea: super-luxurious shelf-bedside table

Image 44 – Motivation lighting: neon lights form a phrase on the ceiling.

Creative idea: motivational lighting

Image 45 – Geek Shelf: The logo of your favorite science fiction series with rooms for your books, comics and films.

Creative idea: shelf star wars

Image 46 – Futuristic bed: bed structure with integrated TV, perfect for anyone who wants to watch their favorite series before bed.

61 creative decorating ideas to put into practice already

Image 47 – Metallic paper frame: Surrounded by golden paper circles, this frame gives what is inside a festive and carnival atmosphere.

Metallic paper photo frame: a creative idea

Figure 48 – Children’s room with planned closet in MDF with super colorful finish.

Creative Idea for Planned Children's Room

Image 49 – Organization in the closet: Mobile shelves for jewelry and costume jewelry are always in the right place.

Organization within the room

Image 50 – Wooden shelf in different and creative form: cubes that create structure on different levels.

Creative idea: wooden shelf

Figure 51 – Design and Creativity: To make your environment more creative and relaxed, look for furniture that has the same suggestion.

Design and creativity in decoration

Image 52 – Creative idea: close the cabinet doors with unique stickers of your favorite characters.

Creative idea: cabinet door

Figure 53 – Another planned closet full of hide and seek: ironing board built into the closet to open or save when you need it.

Creative idea: planned closet with hide and seek

Image 54 – Playing with sensations and illusions: invisible shelf for your books.

Sensations and illusions: a creative idea

Figure 55 – Kitchen cabinets in alternative forms: hexagonal niches or beehives for storing glasses, dishes and plates.

Kitchen cabinets

Figure 56 – Shelves of Skateboards: Think of items that can be renamed or reused in your decor.

Creative idea: shelf with skateboard format

Fig. 57 – Everything at hand: breadboard for inserting tools, especially if you work with knives, pans and foosets.

Pegboard to insert work tools

Image 58 – Creative work table with wooden tubes, plastic closures and fabric pockets.

Creative workbench

Image 59 – Also play with the design that your lighting can offer you.

Creative idea: play with the lighting design

Picture 60 – Shelves and niches in letter format.

Shelves and niches in letter format

Picture 61 – Play again with words and phrases on the wall.

Creative idea: playing with words and phrases of effect on the wall



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