The mute servant is an important piece to compose in the decoration because there is a balance between functionality and the rest of the ambience. This cell phone can be found in different ways: From the small table to the niche box, the important thing is that personal items are always at hand!

Try to take some time to think about the layout of the room, after all, there are tons of ways to put the bed together with the nightstand. This challenge applies to both small and large rooms, so choose furniture calmly and carefully.

Today there are different models in the design market that vary in shape, color, structure, weight and volume. First, define a style that you like to incorporate this item into the decoration. Keep in mind that if the headboard wall already has a highlight, you’d rather prefer a more discreet, stupid servant or follow the same style line as the rest of the room.

Also, evaluate what is of interest to residents. For those who want to read in the room, for example, it is ideal to add a corner to support some books. If the goal is just to support an object, bet on a small bedside table to keep it organized at all times.

Do you have any doubts how to combine the bedside table with other furniture in the room? Below we have listed 70 tips and tricks for different models. See the end of the gallery and get inspired by the ideas!

Picture 1 – Get out of the loveliest corner with a dumbly lit servant!

Image 1

Image 2 – The composition of the tulip tables is a great option to keep the dumb servant organized!

Image 2

Figure 3 – Muting in the form of Tetris that allow infinite possibilities of arrangement

Picture 3

Image 4 – How about a bedside table with a rustic touch?

Image 4

Picture 5 – The silent villa should emphasize the personality with decorative objects.

Image 5

Picture 6 – Improvise a stupid servant in a creative and original way!

Picture 6

Picture 7 – The model box style brings a cool air into the environment

Picture 7

Picture 8 – For a girl’s bedroom, the vintage style design is ideal for leaving the room more delicate

Figure 8

Image 9 – For lovers of design, you can choose a different and original model!

Picture 9

Picture 10 – This old furniture can be the differential for your room!

Picture 10

Image 11 – Be creative and innovative on your bedside table!

Image 11

Image 12 – The composition of the bags shows the taste for travel

Picture 12

Image 13 – When less is more!

Picture 13

Image 14 – Have you thought of attaching your servant to the headboard?

Picture 14

Image 15 – The two sides do not have to be the same shape and size

Picture 15

Picture 16 – If the suggestion of the room is a jovial style, go for a colorful bedside table!

Picture 16

Image 17 – The mirrored model brings elegance to the environment

Picture 17

Picture 18 – Use materials and assemble some furniture!

Picture 18

Figure 19 – Orthogonal dashes and straight lines add sophistication to this space.

Picture 19

Figure 20 – Optimize your space with a created world and dressing table

Image 20

Image 21 – In addition to supporting the bed, the floor also follows the minimalist line on the bedside table.

Picture 21

Image 22 – The hanging servo holder is a good choice for small spaces.

Picture 22

Picture 23 – For those who like a classic model, it is possible to mix natural wood with a colored lacquered layer.

Picture 23

Image 24 – A single material, but with colored drawers.

Picture 24

Image 25 – Invisible drawer in the form of a bedside table

Image 25

Picture 26 – For a child’s suggestion, it’s cool to invest in different formats.

Image 26

Photo 27 – Bet on the mirror in only part of the furniture so that it doesn’t have a lot of reflection.

Image 27

Picture 28 – The mix of colors can become soft and in this model the mute servant won glass handles.

Image 28

Image 29 – The classic model with a modern look and the same bed height.

Picture 29

Picture 30 – The metal feet that support the base of the wood leave the furniture with a contemporary air.

Picture 30

Image 31 – The furniture with rod plays a big role for a mute with space and organized

Picture 31

Picture 32 – This model is ideal for those who have a lot of space on the bedside table.

Picture 32

Image 33 – The idea of ​​replacing the bedside table with a bookcase follows the vintage line that connects with the whole room.

Picture 33

Figure 34 – A discreet model goes well with a modern and clean space

Image 34

Picture 35 – Simply with stripped air!

Picture 35

Figure 36 – The mute set follows the same line as the rest of the bed, with only the mirrored support.

Image 36

Picture 37 – Create different heights of the furniture to fit and make the furniture more flexible

Picture 37

Picture 38 – The suggestion for this room was to play with the geometric shapes so that the model chosen was a traditional round table.

Picture 38

Figure 39 – The mute, which is mirrored together with the mirror frame, takes refinement and increases the luminosity.

Image 39

Picture 40 – Dumb Concrete Created

Picture 40

Picture 41 – A bet to make your stupid groom bolder is to create a composition with objects that will determine your personal taste.

Picture 41

Picture 42 – Take a cool air with the apparent lamp

Picture 42

Image 43 – The glass structure gives the corner lightness!

Picture 43

Picture 44 – Choosing a light mobile is tricky, especially in combination with a tone-to-tone color card.

Picture 44

Picture 45 – The famous barrel creates a bold air in the room.

Image 45

Image 46 – The demolition wood is ideal for those looking for a rustic style in the area

Image 46

Picture 47 – This wooden stupid thing has a more classic style, but it’s funnier when paired with a light fixture of the same ending.

Picture 47

Picture 48 – Contrasts of colors and volumes.

Image 48

Image 49 – Replace the traditional dumbwaiter with a niche

Picture 49

Image 50 – Rely on an innovative, silent servant with a sophisticated design and invisible handles.

Picture 50

Picture 51 – This option is ideal for highlighting the bed headboard

Picture 51

Picture 52 – Upgrade your old bedside table and renew it with a painting to suit your taste

Picture 52

Picture 53 – The headboard added in the picture and the result was a composition with the bedside table of the same color

Picture 53

Picture 54 – Camouflaged in the wall with the same color and painting on the bed

Picture 54

Figure 55 – Highlight the mute indicator with conspicuous handles

Picture 55

Image 56 – A bet to modernize is to use two different models of the same color.

Picture 56

Picture 57 – A proposal for a stylish and modern room!

Image 57

Image 58 – Simple and functional!

Image 58

Picture 59 – An idea for those who are short on space is to bet on a stupid house built into the wall

Image 59

Picture 60 – The stupid box style and the stacked books give this room a jovial look.

Image 60

Figure 61 – The narrow table makes the room more elegant!

Picture 61

Picture 62 – Perfect bet to add sophistication to the environment.

Picture 62

Picture 63 – Composition of the benches play the role of a stupid servant with stripped style

Image 63

Figure 64 – Mute generation suspended from the rope

Picture 64

Image 65 – Assume all femininity in the room

Picture 65

Picture 66 – Symmetrical decoration with the same mute servants

Image 66

Picture 67 – The industrial style is with everything!

Picture 67

Picture 68 – A late riser can be the solution for a double bed

Picture 68

Picture 69 – Created mute on the bed stage

Picture 69

Photo 70 – Replace the traditional furniture with a garden seat in the decoration

Picture 70



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