Hello my friends, about choosing the elements for interior design, the mirror can be a great source to create a modern atmosphere with a sense of spaciousness. Did you have thought about a bronze mirror ever? Nowadays it is common to see a mirrored wall and bronze would be no different, it matches any style and the ambience becomes more charming when combined with furniture or decorative objects in earthy tones and about the color, they used can be silver, grey or bronze. Bronze is the postal theme as it is on the rise both in bathrooms and in other rooms or even living room.
75 models of bronze mirrors in the decoration of environments

The bronze mirror is not only for in residential projects, there are many commercial spaces that use this object, such as hall decor, hotel lobbies, bars, restaurants and etc. In addition, we can find it in table tops, sideboards, worktops, cabinet doors, panels or framed to decorate the room. The ideal is to use it as a decorative form, as silver remains the best option for bathrooms and toilets. And now look at the environments with the bronze mirror and see how it needs refinement in decoration.

Figure 1 – Mirror bronze with application of drawing used as wall coating

Image (1)

It is a great and so chic idea for your living room wall, that even can utilize for hotel lobbies.

Picture 2 – Mirror bronze for a bathroom with rustic style

Image (2)

Picture 3 – Mirror bronze with perforated mural of wood

Image (3)

Picture 4 – Round bronze mirror fixed to the wall

Image (4)

Picture 5 – Mirror Bronze like a television set

Image (5)

Picture 6 – Bronze mirror with black frame for a clean room

Image (6)

Figure 7 – Bronze mirror for public toilet

Image (7)

Picture 8 – Bronze mirror in the dining room

figure 8)

Picture 9 – Bronze mirror cabinet with two doors

Image (9)

Picture 10 – Bronze mirror as table top

Image (10)

Picture 11 – Bronze mirror in the bathroom with modern style

Image (11)

Picture 12 – Bronze mirror as decoration article

Image (12)

Picture 13 – Bronze mirror in the kitchen

Image (13)

Picture 14 – Mirror Bronze Bench

Image (14)

Picture 15 – Brass mirror in the cabinet door

Image (15)

Picture 16 – Bronze mirror as finish in the kitchen

Image (16)

Picture 17 – Bronze mirror as room divider

Image (17)

Picture 18 – Bronze mirror as kitchen worktop

Image (18)

Picture 19 – Bronze mirror in cupboard door in living room

Image (19)

Picture 20 – Bronze mirror coated in sliding door for wardrobe

Image (20)

Picture 21 – Bronze mirror in the pantry door

Image (21)

Picture 22 – Bronze mirror as wall panel

Image (22)

Picture 23 – Bronze mirror in the door in the hall

Image (23)

A fantastic idea to design hall’s hotel, or even your house. It is classic idea that you can apply on the walls and be sure a bronze mirror decor can attract your passengers or guests easily.

Fig. 24 – Bronze mirror in plasterboard cladding

Image (24)

Picture 25 – Brass mirror for cabinet doors with metal frieze

Image (25)

Picture 26 – Bronze Mirror ornamental frame

Image (26)

Picture 27 – Bronze mirror as a plate for bed headboard

Image (27)

Picture 28 – Bronze mirror in the dining room

Image (28)

Picture 29 – Bronze Mirror in the White Room

Image (29)

Picture 30 – Bronze mirror wall with mirror

Image (30)

Picture 31 – Bronze mirror framed on the bedside table

Image (31)

Picture 32 – Brass mirror in wall cabinet

Image (32)

Picture 33 – Bronze mirror covering a structural column

Image (33)

Picture 34 – Bronze mirror on gourmet balcony

Image (34)

Picture 35 – Bronze mirror in a room with classic style

Image (35)

Picture 36 – Bronze mirror as separating plate


Picture 37 – Bronze mirror for a kitchen with wooden housing

Image (37)

Picture 38 – Bronze mirror in cabinet doors with brown handle

Image (38)

Picture 39 – Mirror bronze and marble coating of the kitchen counter

Image (39)

Picture 40 – Bronze mirror on the bedroom wall, which is joined to the lacquered worktop

Image (40)

Picture 41 – The entrance hall is the place that should show the style and personality of the residence.


Picture 42 – Innovate the bathroom mirror and modernize with a bronze mirror


Picture 43 – For those who want to decorate the mirror wall, the bronze finish adds elegance and sophistication to the surroundings.


Picture 44 – Dining room with bronze mirror in the decoration


Picture 45 – It is very common to coat doors with mirrors and this bronze tone is perfect.


Picture 46 – Bronze colour harmonises with earth tones and white in decoration


Picture 47 – The combination of bronze mirror and chandelier always goes well with the environment


Picture 48 – Head rest coated with bronze mirror


Picture 49 – Doors with bronze finish are an option to add lightness to the appearance of the kitchen.


Picture 50 – Living room panelling with bronze mirror


Picture 51 – The mirrored bronze wall with its recessed niche has been given a minimalist aura.


Picture 52 – Create a reduced effect with the rusty finish


A unique idea and so simple. With a old mirror that surrounded by a elegant frame. With a few effect of rusty finish on mirror. It will say you look at me I am a sign of rural decor with the same simplicity that give charm to your home.

Picture 53 – Padded headrest with bronze mirror


Picture 54 – Integrated kitchen with bronze mirror in the decoration


Picture 55 – The highlighted mirror with LED strip creates a modern and elegant effect on the environment


You will have a cute decor with this highlighted mirror with LED strip.
It is not being suit for the minimalist design idea, the reason is clear it will be so shiny decor while creates a modern and elegant effect on the environment.

Picture 56 – Bedroom with bronze mirror in the decoration


Picture 57 – Rely on a panel with modern and high-quality coatings: Bronze mirror, marble and wood varnished color Fendi


Picture 58 – Muting with bronze mirror


Picture 59 – Cabinet doors with bronze mirror


Picture 60 – Wall with bronze mirror


Picture 61 – How about coating your garage door with a bronze mirror?


Picture 62 – Who would like to arrange the environment with neutral colors, can bet on the bronze mirror in the decoration


Picture 63 – Create bronze mirrored partitions


Picture 64 – Living room with bronze mirror in the decoration


Picture 65 – Placing a mirror in the lobby is the perfect choice


Picture 66 – Gourmet balcony with bronze mirror in decoration


Picture 67 – Bronze Mirror Screen


Picture 68 – Bathroom with bronze mirror in decoration


Picture 69 – Bronze Mirrored Surface Trimmer


Picture 70 – Rely on the elegance of the bronze toilet mirror


Picture 71 – Double room with bronze mirror in the decoration


Picture 72 – Set paint fendi to the color corresponding to the mirror bronze color


Picture 73 – Small kitchen with bronze mirror in the decoration


Picture 74 – Mirror finish in bronze


Picture 75 – The brass cupboard door is the perfect choice for kitchen wood



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