The gateway is considered the residence’s calling card as it is the main door and it is the one that represents the style of the house. In addition to its basic security function, we can work on the facade and demarcate the main entrance. Care and attention in the selection are important.

Inside the residence, the other doors have important functions such as: separating rooms, enabling access to natural light and helping to shape the design of the rooms.

There are different models on the architectural market, but today the swing door has stood out for its modernity and elegance. They are the ones who turn on an axis. But if you prefer a traditional door, other elements can be added to make it stand out, invest in a fine material, different design, large dimensions and handles that stand out. It depends on each resident’s style and personality.

Here are some tips so as not to make a selection mistake for those who want to invest in different and creative models.

  • For apartments where the entrance door is of apartment standard, one solution is to coat the interior with wood or other material of your choice.
  • The glass can help in the design of the door along with the use of wood. Acid glass is the best option because the blasted glass is easy to avoid due to the stains.
  • Using memories and photos on doors is best for kids and teens.
  • If you want a vibrant color on your front door, the environment is ideal for white or bare furniture. The cleaner is better because the differentiated and reduced touch is on the door.
  • If the floor and furniture are made of wood, give preference to raw doors.
  • For small environments, shrimp and sliding doors take up less space when opened.

The doors, if planned, will help increase the decoration. That’s why we’ve separated 90 ideas to inspire your home. See below:

Image 01. Black wooden revolving door

Image (1)

Photo 02. Door with double arch in pink

Image (2)

Picture 03. Door with a leaf with a diagonal surface

Image (3)

Picture 04. Door with metal frame covered with glass

Image (4)

Picture 05. Door with puzzle style design

Image (5)

Picture 06. Revolving doors separated into four leaves

Image (6)

Photo 07. Revolving door with orthogonal glass-coated elements

Image (7)

Only the middle square (door) opens and the details on the sides are fixed. This locking system has been used extensively and can be used in a variety of materials.

Photo 08. Glass door

Figure 8)

Photo 09. Dark wooden door with rounded handle

Image (9)

Photo 10. Wooden door to demarcate the entrance

Image (10)

In addition to the access door, use the landscaping as the floor and lighting as they help appreciate the entrance to the home.

Fig. 11. Concrete door

Image (11)

Image 12. Minimalist door

Image (12)

Photo 13. Leaked door

Image (13)

Photo 14. Romantic door

Image (14)

Fig. 15. Sliding door with ivory and glass ends

Image (15)

Photo 16. Port for lofts

Image (16)

Picture 17. Wooden sliding door

Image (17)

The sliding door has sliding washers on the outside.

Fig. 18. Door to the bathroom cabinet

Image (18)

Fig. 19. Wooden sliding door with aluminum handle

Image (19)

Image 20. Metal door

Image (20)

Fig. 21. Afforestation wooden door

Image (21)

Fig. 22. Glass door with drawing

Image (22)

Photo 23. Jovial style door

Image (23)

Fig. 24. Single door with double arch

Image (24)

Fig. 25. Light wooden door with glass details

Image (25)

Photo 26. Antique steel door

Image (26)

Fig. 27. Wooden sliding door

Image (27)

Fig. 28. Door with black handle

Image (28)

Fig. 29. Black door with glass detail and long wooden handle

Image (29)

A good grip will help you look at the door.

Picture 30. Door to the wide hallway

Image (30)

Fig. 31. Door with sliding system ideal for outdoors

Image (31)

Fig. 32. Door with blackboard paint

Image (32)

Fig. 33. Single sliding door

Image (33)

Photo 34. Retro style door

Image (34)

Fig. 35. Magnetic sliding door

Image (35)

Picture 36. Single door with streaky paint

Image (36)

Picture 37. Red door

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Fig. 38. Double door

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Fig. 39. Door with partition

Image (39)

Photo 40. Contemporary door

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Picture 41. Clean door

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Picture 42. Neon door

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Photo 43. Door with floral print

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Fig. 44. Double door on the right

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The glass sliding window door allows for intense natural lighting.

Fig. 45. Wooden door with black metal handle

Image (45)

The glass on the side and on the top of the door brings more light inside the house with double the ceiling height.

Fig. 46. Sliding door with mirror

Image (46)

Fig. 47. Vertical sliding door

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Photo 48. Rustic door

Image Image Image Image

Picture 49. Modern door

Image (49)

Image 50. Ebanizada door wrapped with glass and stainless steel handle

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Fig. 51. Revolving door with a common door handle

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Fig. 52. Door with brightly colored detail in stripped style

Image (52)

Fig. 53. Double glass door

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Fig. 54. Sliding door in white with a black structure

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Fig. 55. Ideal patio door

Image (55)

Fig. 56. Door with opening to the outside

Image (56)

Picture 57. Port-style shrimp

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Fig. 58 – Door with automobile system


Picture 59 – Paint, decorate, make a creative door!


Picture 60 – How about playing with colors in your decoration?


Picture 61 – With modern style the handle is at the bottom and with the same end of the door


Picture 62 – Innovate and change your white doors to gray!


Picture 63 – Door with orange-colored jet glass


Picture 64 – Nothing that a picture does not solve to change the look of the house


Picture 65 – Door with diagonal painting for a young and colorful environment


Fig. 66 – Door with magnetic plate. Ideal for hanging pictures and memories!


Picture 67 – Demolition wood also enters the joinery


Figure 68 – Muxarabi sliding door


Image 69 – Renew every day with an inspiring message!


Picture 70 – The painting makes a difference in the details of the door


Image 71 – Sliding glass doors can add lightness and privacy, simply insert a beautiful and functional curtain


Image 72 – Folding doors to separate rooms


Image 73 – In love with art!


Picture 74 – How about a lobby in your favorite color?


Image 75 – Each side with your door!


Photo 76 – Mark your hallway with a colorful and lively door


Picture 77 – The industrial door is perfect in the kitchen


Figure 78 – Entrance door beautifully decorated!


Figure 79 – Doors can have surfaces that form a niche


Photo 80 – Sliding glass doors are ideal in small apartments


Picture 81 – Tears in the door bring light inside


Picture 82 – Modern door with handle made of stainless steel


Image 83 – With minimalist and orthogonal features!


Image 84 – Functional and space-saving


Image 85 – The sliding door is ideal for those who do not have a lot of space


Picture 86 – Traces on the door gave modernity the entrance


Figure 87 – Slatted frame with camouflaged door


Image 88 – Corten steel is with everything!


Figure 89 – Retro decoration for this room


Screenshot 90 – Good idea for those who want to separate environments




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