Crocheting is an ancient and charming art that results in beautiful pieces, with some details that can blend in with the surroundings. The crocheted curtain is far from reducing the natural room light due to the way it is sewn, but its main function is decorative. The preference for crochet is much higher than most curtains.

There are several models of crocheted curtains – from the simplest to those with designs that give the room a thematic atmosphere. Larger parts are not always made using the traditional (manual) method and are sometimes machine operated. Even so, the result looks beautiful and charming!

The curtain depends on the string to be used. This depends on the proposal and the size, as some pieces require thin and delicate strings to be chosen. This is the hardest part of the job, depending on the fragility that can arise during the production process.

Crochet curtains combine with classic, rustic and delicate environments. There is an inspiring air in the kitchen; In the bathroom to hide the small window; In the bedroom, in the farmhouse or even in the living room with cool air. However, the options are endless. Despite the high technology we find today, we don’t recommend using crocheted curtains if you want a super modern environment.

Models of crochet curtains

Choosing an exact template for your environment may not be an easy task. To make the right choice, compare models and get inspiration from photos, graphics, and videos. That is why we have selected the best crochet curtains for you. Here’s how you can use them in environments:

Crochet curtain for kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most recommended environments and used to house a crochet curtain. This is a way to evaluate the decor with an easier option. In the window, the curtain can benefit in controlling the lighting of the sun, lowering the overall temperature of the surrounding area, and protecting household appliances and furniture from the sun’s rays. It is also possible to use it instead of the kitchen door for a smooth integration between two environments. Here are some interesting models of crochet curtains for kitchens:

Picture 1 – Crochet curtain for kitchen

Image (6)

Image 2 – Modern crochet curtain

Image (30)

Image 3 – Crochet curtain with a wooden handle

Image (44)

Image 4 – Small curtain to put on the kitchen window.

Figure 5 – Kitchen window with a small curtain.

Image 6 – Another interesting model for the kitchen window.

Image 7 – Model with roses for kitchen windows.

Image 8 – Modern style for the kitchen window panel.

Image 9 – Interesting combination of crocheting the towel with that of the curtain. Details for embroidery in green color.

Figure 10 – Crochet curtain with colored balls

Image (41)

Image 11 – Crochet the curtain to cover the entire kitchen window.

Figure 12 – Curtain of soft color to insert in the kitchen window.

Image 13 – Small curtain embroidered for the kitchen window.

Image 14 – Kitchen window with embroidered curtain.

Image 15 – Crochet embroidered curtain to be placed on top of the window.

Figure 16 – Crochet curtain with differentiated stitches.

Image 17 – Classic crochet curtain for the kitchen.

Crochet curtain

A curtain in the room is necessary to partially block the outside lighting and make the atmosphere more cozy for living, watching TV or even reading or using digital devices. In addition to the traditional dots, you can use various illustrations to compose with a longer curtain model. Colors are also welcome if the environment is more neutral. Try to abuse your creativity to come up with a differentiated solution. Here are some examples:

Image 18 – Crochet curtain with modern bar

Image (7)

Picture 19 – Beautiful crocheted curtain in the room with rustic decoration.

Figure 20 – Crochet curtain for living room

Image (9)

Photo 21 – The curtain has been drawn up in the room that separates the two environments.

Image 22 – Beautiful curtain embroidered with drawings of nature.

Figure 23 – Curtain of crochet thicker.

Image 24 – Another option is a fabric curtain with crochet details.

Image 25 – Crochet a fine curtain for the living room.

Image 26 – Beautiful curtain with pendurical pants in the middle.

This is a model that escapes the traditional curtain, where it is possible to create a differentiated light entrance. In this case, small hanging balls were used, which give the curtain an effect of movement and sophistication.

Figure 27 – Classic curtain with drawings of angels.

Image 28 – Another classic Russian style curtain.

Image 29 – Crochet curtain with details of the living room window.

Figure 30 – Example of a large curtain for use in the living room with a desk.

Crochet curtain for bedroom

In the bedroom, we recommend combining crocheting with other materials so that more than one light blocking solution is possible: one softer and one more aggressive. Crochet works well with more rustic environments. If so, the curtain should go well with the proposal.

Image 31 – Compose crochet curtain with fabric curtain

Image (47)

Figure 32 – Crochet curtain for clean room

Image (45)

Crochet curtain for bathroom

The crocheted curtain goes well with toilets and toilets, in windows that are not near the stable. Try to keep the curtain away from the moisture so it doesn’t absorb it and doesn’t embolize it. In this case, the curtain is ideal for small windows and can be applied in several ways. Take a look at some references:

Picture 33 – Crochet curtain for bathroom

Image (48)

Figure 34 – Crochet curtain attached by rings

Image (24)

Figure 35 – Crochet curtain with border detail

Image (4)

Image 36 – In this proposal, the crochet curtain was attached to the window with a visual effect on the diagonal. Ideal for those who want to do a partial block.

Picture 37 – Crochet curtain in the bathroom.

Picture 38 – In this proposal, the curtain completely blocks the most delicate part of the bathroom window. At the top, it allows for greater lighting input.

Image 39 – The curtain can also be used to hide a small corner or shelf.

Image 40 – Simple crochet curtain for the bathroom.

Picture 41 – Curtain holder detail for use in the bathroom.

Image 42 – Creative crochet curtain with several combined prints.

Picture 43 – Bathroom window corner with products and curtain in the background.

Image 44 – Small triangular curtain for bathroom window.

Picture 45 – Curtain covering the top of the bathroom window.

Crochet curtain for door, hallway and balcony

In addition to traditional settings, crocheted curtains are also used in balconies, hallways and even in doors. Here are some examples:

Figure 46 – Crochet curtain serves as a partition

Image (3)

Picture 47 – Nice curtain to use on the door.

Image 48 – Crochet curtain for balconies and balconies.

Image (39)

Picture 49 – Curtain for use on the porch of the house.

Colorful crochet curtain

Color curtain models can bring more joy and playfulness to a neutral environment. Here are some examples:

Image 50 – Crochet curtain with colorful details

Image (2)

Image 51 – Colorful crochet curtain with sunflower blossoms.

Image 52 – Curtain with green crochet on the side.

Figure 53 – Multi-colored crochet curtain.

Figure 54 – Crochet curtain with drawings of colorful flowers.

Other photos of crochet curtains

Keep browsing to see more pictures of environments with different models of crochet curtains.

Figure 55 – Crochet curtain with round designs

Image (1)

Image 56 – Short crochet curtain

Image (5)

Image 57 – White crochet curtain

figure 8)

Image 58 – Short crochet curtain

Image (10)

Image 59 – Long crochet curtain

Image (11)

Picture 60 – Crochet the curtain with crystals on the edge

Image (12)

Image 61 – Crochet curtain with fringes

Image (13)

Image 62 – Beige crochet curtain

Image (14)

Image 63 – Black crochet curtain

Image (15)

Picture 64 – Crochet the curtain on the man only

Image (16)

Figure 65 – Green crochet curtain

Image (17)

Image 66 – Crochet curtain for small windows

Image (18)

Figure 67 – Three color crochet curtain

Image (19)

Figure 68 – Colored crochet curtain

Image (20)

Picture 69 – Crochet curtain with detail only on the sides

Image (21)

Image 70 – Crochet curtain with a degrade finish

Image (22)

Image 71 – Crochet curtain with bird embroidery

Image (23)

Figure 72 – Crochet curtain with diamond design

Image (25)

Image 73 – Crochet the curtain to divide the room

Image (26)

Image 74 – Crochet curtain with rustic style

Image (27)

Image 75 – Crochet curtain with heart drawings

Image (28)

Figure 76 – Crochet curtain with colorful mandalas

Image (29)

Picture 77 – Crochet curtain for bedroom

Image (31)

Image 78 – Crochet curtain embroidered in full

Image (32)

Figure 79 – Crochet curtain with detail on the edge

Image (33)

Figure 80 – Crochet curtain with traditional style

Image (34)

Figure 81 – Crochet curtain with blue detail

Image (35)

Image 82 – Crochet curtain with checkered design

Image (36)

Figure 83 – Crochet curtain with fringes

Image (37)

Figure 84 – Crochet curtain with thin line

Image (38)

Figure 85 – Crochet curtain with pink flowers

Image (40)

Figure 86 – Crochet curtain with embroidery only at the end

Image (42)

Image 87 – Crochet curtain with knot detail

Image (49)

Image 88 – Crochet curtain with flower pot design

Image (50)

Graphics for crocheting curtains

For those looking to assemble their own curtain, graphics can be an essential help. Here are a few examples that can help:

Picture 89 – Graphic in Portuguese with caption

Screenshot 90 – Crochet curtain graphic example with details

Figure 91 – Graphics to make a small curtain with drawing of birds.

Image 92 – Graphics to make a curtain with drawing.

Image 93 – Graphics to make a crochet curtain with a classic design.

Picture 94 – graphic to make a curtain with the drawing of flowers.

Image 95 – Another graphic to make a white curtain.

Step by step video

Watch the Lourdes video lesson to make a crochet curtain step by step:

Take a step-by-step look at a crochet curtain tape:



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