The attic is an environment of the house that in most cases is forgotten by the residents and therefore becomes the space of clutter or a deposit of unused objects. However, for those who wish to redefine this higher space of the residence, it must first take into account the intent of this environment, focusing on its use and functionality.

An attic, when decorated, can become one of the favorite rooms in the house. If you have kids, how about setting up a playroom so as not to worry too much about organizing the space? Or even an office, because it’s a reserved space, calm and quiet. Perfect for those looking for concentration!

The attic is nothing but the result of the gaps in the roof. This can vary in size and the smaller the location, the greater your creativity should be in setting up a comfortable and cozy environment. Once this is done, you will have a good architectural project in hand so that all of the space in the house is well matched.

Are you crazy about renovating your loft? Check out 60 awesome ideas on how to use this environment to meet family and friends, work, and even rest. Inspire yourself here:

Photo 1 – What about a modern apartment in the attic?

Image 1

Image 2- Enjoy the reinforced structure to keep the furniture floating.

Image 2

Picture 3 – Enjoy a few hours of rest in this beautiful and bright attic!

Picture 3

Image 4 – Nothing better than working in a reserved and well-decorated place!

Image 4

Picture 5 – The windows create perfect lighting in the attic, which makes the place more pleasant and quiet.

Image 5

Image 6 – A bedroom in the attic can look lofty!

Picture 6

Figure 7 – A home office in the attic is synonymous with organization and privacy.

Picture 7

Image 8 – In addition to the comfort, the generous space helps when performing the exercises.

Figure 8

Figure 9 – Redefine your attic to create a resting and reading space!

Picture 9

Picture 10 – The components are part of the decoration. Have you ever thought of a window that follows the shape of the roof?

Picture 10

Image 11 – A perfect decoration for a beach house!

Image 11

Image 12 – The view and the lighting make this corner more inspiring!

Picture 12

Image 13 – Assemble a guest room in which many objects are not needed.

Picture 13

Image 14 – For those who have always wanted a TV room, the loft fits perfectly with the proposal.

Picture 14

Figure 15 – A home office with a TV room can be an option for a large attic!

Picture 15

Image 16 – A beautiful attic bedroom can have surprising results.

Picture 16

Image 17 – The industrial style goes perfectly with the rooms in the attic

Picture 17

Image 18 – A cladding that hides the headliner and the visible pillars creates a bold composition on site.

Picture 18

Picture 19 – Enjoy the high right foot to furnish a nice room!

Picture 19

Figure 20 – Make a comfortable place to receive friends and family

Image 20

Picture 21 – And why not a toilet in the attic?

Picture 21

Picture 22 – Create a stimulating environment that encourages interaction with everyone in the house.

Picture 22

Image 23 – If your attic is small, do not abuse a lot of details and decorative objects.

Picture 23

Figure 24 – The attic can be a functional environment, a room furnished in a warm and comfortable environment!

Picture 24

Picture 25 – If he is small, prefer the bright colors to decorate

Image 25

Image 26 – Some people opt for a more private and relaxed bathroom!

Image 26

Photo 27 – Make the structure a beautiful architectural element!

Image 27

Picture 28 – Extend your attic to a large balcony

Image 28

Picture 29 – Assemble a complete bedroom in the attic of your residence

Picture 29

Picture 30 – The structural elements can be part of any decoration

Picture 30

Picture 31 – A cinema in the attic can be the favorite corner of your home

Picture 31

Image 32 – Make room for large windows to make the room wider and brighter!

Picture 32

Picture 33 – Small and very well designed!

Picture 33

Picture 34 – Putting together a playroom will improve the tidiness of the child’s room

Image 34

Photo 35 – Despite the privacy, the main aim of the glass floor is to bring more natural light into the living room.

Picture 35

Picture 36 – This loft / bedroom gained up to a private living room

Image 36

Picture 37 – Abuse of the industrial style and leave the room with a jovial aspect!

Picture 37

Picture 38 – The use of partition walls and open spaces records the amplitude of the location!

Picture 38

Figure 39 – A cozy corner with a rustic style

Image 39

Figure 40 – It doesn’t take much to keep it decorated and functional!

Picture 40

Photo 41 – The panoramic view of the attic is one of the advantages of this room

Picture 41

Figure 42 – A TV room in the attic can provide more space for a larger sofa

Picture 42

Picture 43 – A room in the attic is very functional!

Picture 43

Picture 44 – Let your personality pay attention to the space

Picture 44

Image 45 – Attic with minimalist decoration

Image 45

Figure 46 – A complete kitchen for those who love to cook!

Image 46

Picture 47 – A corner full of charm and comfort can make your attic relaxing!

Picture 47

Picture 48 – Enjoy every place in the attic!

Image 48

Image 49 – A room in the attic is even more cozy if the decoration follows a Provencal proposal!

Picture 49

Illus. 50 – Use abuse of creativity!

Picture 50

Picture 51 – Inclined ceilings are ideal for setting a large window span.

Picture 51

Screenshot 52 – Build your playroom to interact with friends

Picture 52

Image 53 – Turn it into a place you can use every day!

Picture 53

Figure 54 – A complete room with a functional and optimized mode!

Picture 54

Picture 55 – Decorate with any objects and furniture you want to make it special!

Picture 55

Picture 56 – Perfect corner for a girl’s room

Picture 56

Photo 57 – Give life to your home by transforming the attic into a functional space.

Image 57

Picture 58 – A large living room is enough to receive visitors

Image 58

Picture 59 – An additional room is always welcome!

Image 59

Screenshot 60 – Build a closet and turn your attic into a special place!

Image 60



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