Balconies, balconies and terraces for houses

A very common question for many people is the difference between these three elements that are part of building a residence. The balconies are usually an extension of the living room, which are located in front of the house. The balconies are more common in apartments because they are the rooms that stand out from the inside. The terrace has a larger space than any other and is located at the top of a building with recreational and residential amenities.

How these environments are designed depends on the needs of the residents. There are several ways to enjoy and leave it looking good while being functional. The most widespread is the support of sofas, armchairs and potted plants, finally, there is always a place to relax in the residence. For those who want to be innovative, you can set up a gourmet room with a barbecue that harmonizes with a dining table to meet friends and family who also have a good choice.

A vertical garden on a balcony is the best idea for this type of environment. Even on the balconies in a large house, which should not be missing, a pergola is covered to create a relaxing climate. On the terraces you invest in swimming pools or whirlpools with high-quality furniture, which leave the modern ambience and sophistication.

To better understand the difference between them, we separate some images with different kinds of decoration and use that they can have. It is inspired:

Picture 1 – Balcony with table and chairs

Image (1)

Picture 2 – Balcony with pallets and hammock to relax

Image (2)

Picture 3 – Balcony with gourmet room

Image (3)

Picture 4 – Balcony with wooden floor

Image (4)

Picture 5 – Balcony with canjiquinha wall and futon

Image (5)

Photo 6 – Collective gourmet balcony for residential buildings

Image (6)

Picture 7 – Porch with flower pots on the wall

Image (7)

Picture 8 – Veranda with glass closure and shelves to decorate

figure 8)

Figure 9 – Large balcony with bends and bamboo cover

Image (9)

Picture 10 – balcony with swimming pool

Image (10)

Picture 11 – Balcony with sofa and armchairs in romantic style

Image (11)

Picture 12 – Zen-style balcony

Image (12)

Figure 13 – Balcony with Ministry of the Interior

Image (13)

Figure 14 – Terrace with table and sofa

Image (14)

Picture 15 – Gourmet balcony with wood paneling

Image (15)

Picture 16 – Modern balcony with barbecue

Image (16)

Figure 17 – Balcony with white decoration

Image (17)

Figure 18 – Large balcony for high standard residence

Image (18)

Picture 19 – Modern balcony next to the swimming pool

Image (19)

Picture 20 – Balcony with potted plants and pebble floor

Image (20)

Figure 21 – Cozy terrace to receive friends

Image (21)

Picture 22 – Small balcony with wooden bench

Image (22)

Picture 23 – Balcony with industrial style with details in concrete

Image (23)

Picture 24 – Small balcony with a round table for 2 chairs

Image (24)

Picture 25 – balcony with pergola

Image (25)

Picture 26 – Balcony of the house with kitchen extension

Image (26)

Picture 27 – Balcony with demolished wood furniture

Image (27)

Picture 28 – Big balcony with landscaping

Image (28)

Picture 29 – Balcony with wooden floor and yellow decoration

Image (29)

Picture 30 – Simple balcony with black and white decoration

Image (30)

Figure 31 – Balcony with metallic support on the wall to support potted plants

Image (31)

Picture 32 – Balcony with dining table, sofa, armchair and coffee table.

Image (32)

Picture 33 – Balcony with rustic style for country houses

Image (33)

Figure 34 – Balcony with armchairs for sunbathing

Image (34)

Picture 35 – Balcony in the room with small table and wooden bench

Image (35)

Picture 36 – Narrow and long balcony with wooden bench and decorated with cushions

Image (36)

Picture 37 – Balcony with glass guard for the apartment with 02 floors

Image (37)

Picture 38 – Small balcony for room

Image (38)

Picture 39 – Balcony for apartment with cellar and bar

Image (39)

Picture 40 – Big balcony for family residence

Image (40)

Picture 41 – Terrace with jacuzzi and barbecue

Image (41)

Picture 42 – Porch decorated with big pots

Image (42)

Picture 43 – Balcony with sofa and mirror on the wall

Image (43)

Picture 44 – Porch covered with wall in hydraulic tiles

Image (44)

Figure 45 – Wooden balcony with high ceilings

Image (45)

Picture 46 РBalcony with Cobogó

Image (46)

Picture 47 – Balcony for apartment with sofa and central wooden table for demolition

Image (47)

Picture 48 – Balcony with floor and wall in wooden deck with modern stool

Image (48)

Picture 49 – Balcony with wooden furniture ideal for meetings with friends and family

Image (49)

Picture 50 – Small and romantic balcony

Image (50)



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