Balcony floor: Take a look at the most important materials

The porch of the house is a place that needs to be cozy, cozy and enjoyable. Therefore, every detail should be well out of this environment. And one of these details is the balcony floor. Not all floors available on the market are best suited for this location of the house.

Before you decide on the ideal balcony floor, you should consider some key factors. Grade:

Circulation of persons

The flow of people circulating on the balcony must be analyzed. The higher the number of people per site, the more durable and durable the flooring needs to be.


One of the big factors that can restrict the choice of flooring is moisture. Balconies which are exposed to rain or otherwise must be provided with waterproof floors and, in particular, non-slip floors in order to avoid accidents. Therefore, smooth floors should be avoided.


If you have pets at home, you prefer that it’s easier to clean, less dusty and scratch resistant.

Sun and hot

Is your balcony facing the sun and thus the heat? If the answer is yes, then you prefer athermic soils, that is, it does not maintain the surface temperature and avoids possible burns. Some floors may be fade into sunlight, remember when you buy your own.

space usage

This will use your balcony? Is it a gourmet balcony with barbecue, private or just decorative? Think about how to define the best soil on the ground. If you want to spend long moments in this room, you should use warm floors where you can sit on the floor. Stop and think about it.

After reviewing the above topics, check the main types of balcony floors and their main features:


The ceramic floors are ideal for balconies and outdoor areas, whether covered or not. This is because of this type of floor is very durable and durable and has numerous color options and formats. Ceramic floors are among the cheapest on the market, with variations on the manufacturer and style of the floor. There are various possibilities of non-slip ceramic floor.

They are not easy in the sun, are easy to clean and do not require frequent maintenance. And if your porch also works as a garage, the ceramic floor is sturdy enough to come with the comics and goings of the car. Even if it has a grill, the ceramic floor is able to withstand the high temperatures.

However, it is important to check if the selected floor has thermal properties, as solar radiation tends to overheat the material. Another important task is to check the type of mortar used to fix the floor. If it is in a damp place.


The porcelain floor has very similar properties as the ceramic floor. It is, however, much more resistant. Another benefit of this type of flooring is the beauty of its pieces. The rectified finish gives the whole thing more uniformity and leaves the area more beautiful.

The porcelain stoneware tiles still have that look very similar to materials such as wood and stone. A good option for those who want to create a woody look on the balcony, without having to resort to real wood.

However, porcelain tiles are often more expensive than ceramic tiles.


Wood is therefore a floor option for balconies. The material is beautiful, charming, cozy and makes the environment more inviting. However, wood has many “pores” that can discourage anyone interested in using it on the porch.

Wood can easily red on contact with water and suffer from the proliferation of fungi and insects such as termites. In addition, the material wears in sunlight. All these problems can be solved by using waterproofing and protection products.


The floors are marble, granite and slate. They are both waterborne and water-repellent, they are both sluggish and exhausting. Marble and granite can therefore weigh in the bag, especially the marble, which is even more expensive.

These two stones are so cold. This is a very comfortable environment, especially in low temperature regions.

Slate is an excellent choice for those who want to combine durability, thermal comfort, easy cleaning and low price. The stone is also available in different colors, as well as marble and granite.

Balcony floor: Know the main types, photos and projects

Would you like to check how these floors are in practice? Then take a look at this incredible selection of balconies with a wide variety of soil types:

1 – Porcelanato woody bright color what the choice for this open balcony.

Wood floor for balcony

2 – Varanda modern and comfortable with porcelain wooden floor.

Contemporary balcony with wood porcelain tile

3 – Closed balcony of the apartment: the rustic style in the wooden floor and in the brick wall.

4 – And what about a vintage ceramic floor to make the little veranda even more charming?

Vintage ceramic floor

5 – Piso para varanda: What is above is below.

Balcony floor: what is on the top is below

6 – floor to the marble balcony to give the balcony a touch of charm and elegance.

Marble balcony floor

 7 – Porcelain floor was the choice of this external balcony covered with a pergola of wood.

Porcelain floor in pergola area

8 – For a modern style balcony, in grayscale, even on the floor.

Modern style balcony floor

9 – White color made the balcony visually reflected; on the floor what the choice for the porcelain.

White color left the balcony visually

10 – External balcony of the apartment with slate floor: economical, beautiful and functional option.

Slate balcony flooring

11 – Floor to Balcony in Ruler makes the environment more elegant.

Flat for balcony in rulers

12 – Floor to Balcony: To contrast the clean decoration of the balcony, a dark floor of three tones.

Balcony floor clean

13 – Wooden floor for the closed balcony of the apartment.

Wooden floor to the enclosed apartment balcony

14 – floor to white and simple balcony, this ceramic floor perfectly meets the needs of this apartment balcony.

White and simple balcony floor

15 – The house of rustic style in the middle of nature could have no other floor than that of wood; with appropriate care, the material can last long.

Rustic house with wooden deck on the balcony

16 – Contrast between the modern style of the balcony with the mud-colored tiles.

Clay colored tiles on the balcony

17 – On this balcony, the option for a light floor was chosen to enhance the orange color of the wall finish.

Clear balcony floor

18 – To make the balcony more comfortable and comfortable, a wooden floor.

Wooden floor for balcony

19 – Veranda, the turned office home has a wood porcelain course to fit the rest of the decor.

Porcelanato wood on balcony floor

20 – Porcelain woody on the floor in harmony with the tone of the furniture.

Floor for balcony with wood porcelain tile

21 – The rustic balcony demands a wooden floor.

Rustic style balcony floor

22 – Clear ground shades are ideal for small, enclosed verandas, as they pollute less than on an open porch.

Clear tones for enclosed porch

23 – Floor in hexagonal stone format; The material appreciates the rustic touch of the balcony.

Floor in hexagonal stone format

24 – A balcony full of style and illuminated by the light of the sun; on the floor, blue and white ceramic floors to match the rest of the decor.

A porch full of style and illuminated by the sunlight

25 – Balcony floor: Red marble on the balcony outside.

Balcony flooring: red marble

26 – Floor to balcony: The woody porcelain stoneware tile of the house extends to the balcony.

Porcelain tile floor woody

27 – Hexagonal floors are perfect for a distinctive style on the balcony.

Hexagonal balcony floor

 28 – This little balcony puts all your chips on the retro style.

This small balcony is on the retro style floor

29 – Ceramic floor: one of the best cost-benefit advantages of the market.

Ceramic floor: one of the best cost-benefits of the market

30 – White ground with gray veins makes the plants stand out.

White floor with gray veins

31 – Want a cheap and functional floor? Invest in ceramic floors.

Ceramic tile floor for balcony

32 – Floor to Balcony: Tone on the floor of this balcony.

Floor to balcony: tone on the floor of this balcony

33 – On this veranda the wooden deck divides the room with the light porcelain tiles.

Wooden deck on balcony

34 – To avoid a mistake, go to the light floors, they combine with every kind of decoration, but they can do a little more work with the cleaning.

Clear floor to the balcony

35 – Beige clay dominates on this outdoor terrace, also on the floor.

Beige tone on the balcony

36 – Same format, same size, but in the middle is woody and colorful on the sides.

Wooden floor for balcony

37 – Floor for non-slip outdoor balcony.

Non-skid outer porch floor

38 – In this external balcony the lawn shares space with the white porcelanato.

White porcelain and lawn on the floor

39 – In this yard is the soil due to the slate and the turf.

Slate floor in outdoor area

40 – A balcony to relax needs a wooden floor.

Wooden floor for balcony

41 – Floor to balcony: To pick up the plants a light porcelain.

Balcony floor to accommodate the small plants

42 – Balcony with non-slip gray floor.

Balcony covered with anti-slip gray floor

43 – laminate floor on the balcony, right? Yes, as long as it is protected from rain and moisture.

Laminate flooring in covered porch

44 – Clay floor gives this veranda full of plants grace and relaxation.

Mud brick floor gives grace and relaxation

45 – Porcelanato gray rustic fits the balcony of uncomplicated style.

Balcony floor: rustic gray porcelain

46 – And why not leave the floor alone in the cement? Give an ink and you’re done!

Residential Balcony Floor

 47 – Clean and modern balcony with clear porcelain floor.

Modern clean balcony with floor

48 – A balcony floor, so do not worry about maintenance.

Simple maintenance balcony floor

49. Have you ever thought of a balcony with grass? It is possible if it is synthetic.

Synthetic grass porch floor

50 – Floor to Balcony: Wood on the floor and in the lining.

Balcony floor: wood on the floor and ceiling

51 – All gray on this porch.

Gray balcony floor

52 – Already in this project the whiteness dominates.

Predominant white on the balcony floor

53 – Sophistication and rusticity to the right extent: balcony with marble floor Roman travertine.

Sophistication and rusticity on the balcony floor

54 – Floor to Balcony: Mix floor tones and create a differentiated effect on the floor.

Balcony floor with mixed tones

55 – Inside and outside, the color of the floor is the same, changing only the format and material.

Same floor for internal and external area

56 – Use non-slip flooring for exercise; The vivid color brings an extra spirit to the workout.

Non-slip floor for balcony

57 – Floor to the retro balcony in shades of brown matching the rest of the decoration.

Retro balcony floor

58 – covered terrace of the balcony gained marble floor, already in the open part, the floor is ceramic.

Marble balcony floor

59 – Floor to balcony of sober tones bet on the floor light gray porcelain.

Floor to the balcony of sober tones

60 – On the floor of this veranda the green color is enough.

To the floor of this balcony, the green paint is enough

61 – Luxury and sophistication on this balcony with the Calacatta marble floor.

Luxury and refinement on this balcony with the Calacatta marble floor

62 – whitewashed floor on balcony!

Floor for balcony whitened

63 – Relaxed in the bright bright ceramic floor sunken balcony.

Ceramic tile floor for stylish porch

64 – White floor to the somewhat rustic balcony.

White floor for a balcony with rustic style

65 – Floor to Balcony: A project that proves that the ceramic floor can combine beauty, functionality and low costs.

Balcony floor: ceramic

66 – In this balcony, the bright colors, even of the floor, dominate the base of the decoration, while the livelier tones are in the detail.

Clear floor to clear balcony

67 – For internal balconies, choosing the floor is easier.

For internal balconies, the choice of the floor is easier68 – floor on a small porcelain stoneware balcony.

Small porch floor with porcelain tile

69 – Two porcelain types for the same balcony: one for covered and one for the pool area.

Two types of porch for balcony

70 – Gourmet balcony floor with white porcelain stoneware tiles.

Gourmet balcony floor with white porcelain tile



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