Banquet models for kitchens

Hello my friends, the kitchens is one the important part of our home, the main functions of a kitchen are to store, prepare, cook food and to complete related tasks such as dish washing or even for do homework, playing games and the morning paper with a hot cup of coffee. As we know a banquette is an easy way to add a casual and multi functional element to any kitchen. With the new of models kitchen that considered simple and practical, choosing the ideal model for stools is a task that gives us so many opportunities on the market. But make sure about what you want, we recommend at beginning of your decoration, to choose a banquet depend on height of the counter, the number of residents and their style. The usual chair are about 60 cm tall, so you need to check the width of your bench so that there is room for the movement of arms and legs, the ideal is that when they are used for meals, the model should be chosen that is classic, comfortable and preferably with backrest.


If you have a small space, the backless chairs will be great for you, they take up less space, but if you lose comfort, you gain space for circulation. It is worth remembering that there are also small chairs that can be used for low benches.

You lover environment and want save it, you can paint the wooden benches in colorful tones. And we have several models and many options for colors and prints, with read this article will be easier to choose an ideal model for your home. And for some people who like rustic style those with demolition wood and fabrics are more interesting.

1 – Stool for the revolving kitchen

Image (1)

2 – Kitchen stool with silver base and white seat

Image (2)

3 – Low stool with braided black and white detail

Image (3)

4 – Stool for high kitchen

Image (4)

5 – Stool for metal kitchen in green color

Image (5)

6 – Stool in red leather

Image (6)

7 – Kitchen stool with white upholstered seat

Image (7)

8 – Stool for black kitchen

figure 8)

9 – Stool for kitchen in demolition wood

Image (9)

10 – Light blue stool

Image (10)

11 – Kitchen stool in chrome steel

Image (11)

12 – Kitchen bench with delicate base and leather seat

Image (12)

13 – Stool with wooden base and grey seat

Image (13)

14 – Stool for white kitchen

Image (14)

15 – Wooden stool with wooden foot and white acrylic seat

Image (15)

16 – Stool for kitchen with classic style

Image (16)

17 – Bench with cross foot

Image (17)

18 – Stool for kitchen with backrest

Image (18)

19 – Stool for the kitchen in retro style

Image (19)

20 – Stool for kitchen with blue upholstery

Image (20)

21 – Yellow Stool

Image (21)

22 – Stool for the basic kitchen with blue colour

Image (22)

23 – Stool for kitchen with rustic style

Image (23)

24 – Stool for kitchen in wood and white seat

Image (24)

25 – Square stool

Image (25)

26 – Stool for wooden kitchen

Image (26)

27 – Stool for the kitchen in different models

Image (27)

28 – Kitchen stool with chrome-plated backrest

Image (28)

29 – Stool for kitchen with round seat

Image (29)

30 – Green acrylic stool

Image (30)

31 – Stool for kitchen with modern design

Image (31)

32 – Padded Stool with Velvet Padding

Image (32)

33 – Transparent acrylic kitchen chair

Image (33)

34 – Grey stool

Image (34)

35 – Stool for metal kitchen with yellow colour

Image (35)

36 – Stool for the kitchen with two tones of wood

Image (36)

37 – Stool for the kitchen turquoise blue

Image (37)

38 – Wooden stool covered with caramel leather

Image (38)

39 – Stool for the kitchen with vintage design

Image (39)

40 – Stool for kitchen with modern seat

Image (40)

41 – Stool for kitchen with low height

Image (41)

42 – Stool in Black Color

Image (42)

43 – Kitchen stool with rectangular seat

Image (43)

44 – Stool for Fiber Kitchen

Picture Window template.

45 – Stool made of light wood

Image (45)

46 – Metal Kitchen Stool

Image (46)

47 – Stool for kitchen with wooden seat of reforestation

Picture Window template.

48 – Stool with footrest

Image (48)

49 – Stool for modern style kitchen

Image (49)

50 – Matt Black Kitchen Stool

Image (50)

A cute and unique design with matt black kitchen stool, these stool are backless and have be appearance so unique.


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