Owls are so popular in the craft that it is possible to find them in the most varied pieces and materials that decorate all rooms of the house. So the bathroom should not be missing. The owl bathroom sets are charming and give the environment a special touch.

There are two ways to decorate the bathroom with them: buy or make the set. The most common toilet owl is in crochet, but can also be found in patterns in patchwork or painted by hand, for example.

Bathroom Owl Game: Learn how to make and see amazing models

The price of an owl bathroom in crochet or patchwork-style virtual stores like Elo7 was an average of $ 130, which varied more or less. Well, if you are planning to make your own owl bathroom set you will undoubtedly spend a lot less – and if you want you will see more ideas of bathroom crochet thread.

In this post we give you all the tips and how to make two beautiful owls bathrooms step by step using two different techniques: crochet and patchwork, one or the other you will be able to do, and then there is no excuse. Enjoy and market the pieces. A great option to add to the budget of the house. Then, without wasting more time, separate needles, lines and hands to work:

How to make owl bathroom set in crochet

Step by step for the red and white owl bathroom set

Learn how to make an owl crochet bathroom set in this video. The set consists of three parts: vase carpet, sink and toilet seat cover. Enter play and watch:

Step by step for the Sleepy Owl bathroom game

The sleeping owl bathroom set is another model that has been very successful. Basically the format is the same, what changes is the face of the owl that is sleeping. It is worth learning that too:

How to put owl bathroom set in patchwork

Step by step for the patchwork owl bathroom set

Patchwork is another simple craft technique to make, much used and appreciated. The little owls made with this craft look beautiful and are sure to appreciate your bathroom. Want to learn? Then watch the following video lesson:

Step by step for the colorful patchwork owl bathroom set

This is another model of owl bathroom set made with the patchwork technique. A bit more colorful and relaxed than the last one. Worth seeing (and also). check-out:

Now that you know how to do it, how about some nice pictures of bathroom games? So you can be inspired to make one that fits perfectly in your bathroom. check-out:

Figure 1 – Owl in patchwork for the bathroom.

Patchwork owl for the bathroom
If you like the patchwork technique, you will love this bathroom set. You can buy the game or make it at home by following the video lesson step by step in this post. Simply choose the colors that best match your bathroom.

Picture 2 – Rubberized bathroom with pink owls.

Rubberized bathroom set with pink owls

Figure 3 – Bathroom set with blue owls.

Bathroom set with blue owls

This blue owl bathroom set is complete. In addition to the three traditional parts that are normally included in the set – sink, carpet and vase lid – the set is still equipped with the Box Protector.

Figure 4 – Crocheted owl bathroom set with door toilet paper.

Bathroom set of crocheted owls

Image 5 – Bathroom game with sleepy owls!

Bathroom set with sleepy owls

And isn’t it a charm these little doll sleepers of the bathroom game? They are made of crochet and in two colors.

Image 6 – And what about a felpudinha version?

Purple Owl Bathroom Set

Picture 7 – Brown owl bathroom set.

Brown owl bathroom set

The patchwork technique once again marks the presence in the bathroom games. Remember, when you make your set, take all the necessary steps so that the pieces fit perfectly in the pot.

Figure 8 – Bathroom set with gray and black owls.

Bathroom set with gray and black owls

Image 9 – Bathroom set with crochet owls.

Bathroom set with crochet owls

This bathroom set is a little bit different from the previous ones. It has no owl shape, just the delicate owl embroidery in the middle of each piece. The game was crocheted by mixing the raw string with the colored string.

Figure 10 – Bathroom game: mother owl.

Mother owl bathroom set

Image 11 – Owl bathroom set in neutral colors.

Owl Bathroom Set in Neutral Colors

In this bathroom game, the choice was to use neutral colors. The white and two shades of brown enable use in different bathrooms because the colors do not disturb the decoration.

Figure 12 – Pink and white round bathroom set with owl design.

Round owl bathroom set

Figure 13 – Owls of prying eyes.

Owls with curious eyesThis bathing set is a good choice for those who have children or the elderly at home, as the sets made from this type of material are usually covered with the rubberized bottom, an important detail that prevents stumbling and slipping.

Image 14 – Match the owl bathroom set with bath and face towels.

owl bathroom set with bath and face towels

Figure 15 – Owl bathroom set: 4 pieces in 1 set.

Bathroom set owl: 4 pieces in 1 set

When buying or making crochet sets, it is possible to choose the amount of pieces that make up the set to suit everyone’s taste. Some only prefer the carpet, while others want the complete kit. You choose.

Picture 16 – Sleeping owls in navy blue.

Sleeping owls in navy blue

Picture 17 – Bathroom set with colored owls.

Bathroom set with colorful little owlsWhy do you only have an owl when you can have a bathroom with several? In this model the set consists of three pieces full of owls stamped and very colorful.

Figure 18 – Owl bathroom set: Even the trash can has an owl face.

Complete bathroom owl set

Picture 19 – Owls and skulls in the bathroom decor.

Owls and skulls in bathroom decor

The most modern will fall in love with this bathroom suite. The owls were printed very realistically in it. The landscape in the background full of roses and skulls is also impressive.

Image 20 – To complete the decoration, a toothbrush holder full of colorful little owls.

Colorful owls

Figure 21 – Owl carpets in crochet.

Crocheted Owl Carpets

Owl carpets from the bathroom can be the same, the same size or smaller for the toilet and another larger one for the sink. You can also have a mat for boxing if your bathroom is large.

Picture 22 – Falling in love: owls in soft blue.

To fall in love: owls in soft blue tone

Figure 23 – Owl bathroom set: sianinha, satin and patchwork.

Owl Bathroom Set: Sianinha, satin and patchworkThis toilet set consists of only two parts: toilet lid and toilet paper holder. The colors chosen were purple, green, and white, which were used in a mix of textures and styles, including sianinha, satin, and patchwork.

Image 24 – Bath set with black and white sleeping owls.

Bathroom set of black and white sleepy owls

Picture 25 – Polka dots and owls.

Polka Dots and OwlsThis model of the bathroom set is also made in patchwork technique. The difference lies in the shapes and colors used. There are several models of owl shapes on the Internet for you to create varied pieces. Use creativity only when choosing colors.

Picture 26 – And to complete an owl curtain.

And to complete an owl's curtain

Image 27 – Owl bath with vivid colors and realistic drawing.

Owl bathroom set with vivid colorsIf you want a realistic bathroom set, you can get inspiration from this model. The vibrating tones of the set go well with the rest of the white bathroom.

Picture 28 – Lonely owl bath with carpets.

Owl bathroom set with rugs alone

Figure 29 – Hearts in the owl bathroom set.

Hearts in the owl bathroom setThe fabric cutouts of owls and hearts were applied to the black background, creating a very nice contrast for the bathroom. It is worth noting that the dark colors show less soiling and that the parts are not washed too much and therefore do not wear out.

Figure 30 – To a bathroom full of personality: yellow gold owls.

Gold yellow owl in bathroom

Figure 31 – White bathroom with owl bathroom set.

White bathroom with owl bathroom setThe white bathrooms can be combined with any color, but when choosing the carpets you determine how large these elements will be in the room. The more vivid the colors are, the more the game attracts attention. The more neutral colors, like the one in the picture, decorate with more discretion and lightness.

Figure 32 – Owl bathroom set: turn a blind eye?!

Owl bathroom game: give a wink?

Figure 33 – Owls on all sides

Bathroom with owls on all sidesOwls don’t have to be limited to bathroom rugs. You can add them to the decoration in other ways, e.g. B. in the curtain, the towels and the soap dish. Just like in this model of the picture.

Image 34 – Patchwork of owls on a brown background of the bathroom set.

Patchwork of owls on brown background of bathroom set

Image 35 – Bathroom set with blue and pink owls.

Blue and pink owl bathroom setBlue and pink is a modern and romantic combination. In this bathroom the colors were used together with the pattern of the little owls. A more discreet model that still fulfills its functional and aesthetic role.

Picture 36 – Owl comics complete the decor.

Comics of little owls complementing the decor

Image 37 – Black owl bathroom set.

Black owl bathroom set

To break the monotony of the white bathroom, you can put on a black bathroom with colored owls, as can be seen in the picture. The set creates a striking and beautiful contrast in the bathroom.

Image 38 – Soft and delicate colors make this owl bathroom set.

Soft and delicate colors make up this owl bathroom set

Figure 39 – Owl bathroom set to improve the environment.

Owl bathroom set to enhance the environmentBlue and white owls appreciate the simple bathroom. Choose the colors that best match your bathroom and use the set without fear of making a mistake.

Image 40 – Protective cover for the vase and for the coupled box, in the corner a door toilet paper completes the owl bathroom set.

Pink Owl Bathroom Set

Picture 41 – Bathing area separated by the owl curtain.

Owl curtain in the bathing areaBring a touch of joy and relaxation into your bathroom with the owl theme. In addition to the traditional pieces that make up the game, you also invest in other items like the curtain. A useful and decorative piece.

Picture 42 – Rugs and towels from owls.

Owl's washcloth

Figure 43 – Blue and brown owl bathroom set.

Blue Owl Bathroom SetThe combination of colors makes the difference in the end result of the bathroom set. You can use one, two, three or more colors, but always make sure to maintain the visual harmony in the piece.

Picture 44 – All blue in this owl bathroom set.

All blue in this owl bathroom set

Image 45 – An easy to use owl.

Owl easy to makeYou don’t have to be a beast in patchwork to do a bathroom game in the picture. The shape is simple and only counts with circles of different sizes to make the little eyes and other shapes beak. The base was made of cotton.

Figure 46 – For those in love with owl: a complete set of owl bathroom set.

Complete Bathroom Owl Kit Set

Figure 47 – Green and white crochet in the owl bathroom set.

Green and white crochet in owl bathroom setThe white bathroom has seen a boom in decoration with this series of white owls with green accents. Like?

Figure 48 – Pink owls with black details for a bathroom of personality.

Bathroom with pink owlsAnother option for owl lovers. This model – by the way an alternative – by bathroom decorators is moving away from common patterns and innovations by taking owls out of dream filters.

Figure 49 – Hippies owls in owls bathroom set.

Hippies owls in the owl bathroom set

Picture 50 – Charming patchwork in the owl game for the bathroom.

Charming patchwork in the owl game for the bathroom

Picture 51 – Set with two pieces of an owl bathroom set.

Set of two pieces owl bathroom setThis bathroom set made of the patchwork technique consists of only two parts: the carpet and the lid of the pot. The palette of shades of brown was chosen to compose the cut of the fabrics.

Image 52 – Vibrant Blue Owl bathroom set for a bathroom made of light and neutral tones.

Vibrant blue owl bathroom set

Figure 53 – Mini owls in the bathroom set.

Bathroom Owl Game: Learn How To Make And See Amazing ModelsThe brown bathroom set has a pattern of subtle and delicate mini owls. The darkest tone of the set is enhanced in the light and neutral color environment.

Picture 54 – Lilac owls on white background.

Lilac owls on white background

Screenshot 55 – How about a pink owl bath game?

pink owl bathroom setAn important tip when buying or manufacturing the crocheted bathroom set is to pay attention to the quality of the yarns used, especially the bright colors, as these need to be washed more often. So you guarantee the beauty and durability of the pieces for a long time.

Figure 56 – A set of cuddly owl bathroom sets.

bathroom set owl cuddly

Picture 57 – Do you remember the video lesson?

Bathroom Owl Game: Learn How To Make And See Amazing ModelsRemember that there is a video lesson at the beginning of the post about how to make a patchwork owl bathroom game? This is the end result of the lesson. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out and see how easy it is to set up your own bathroom.

Image 58 – Modern bathroom set with the theme “owls”

Modern bathroom set with the theme

Picture 59 – Pink and brown owl bathroom set, a striking combination.

Pink and brown owl bathroom setIf you prefer a romantic style but don’t want to use light or pastel shades, you can bet on the combination of pink and brown for your bathroom set.

Picture 60 – Owl bathroom set: all the energy of the orange color that decorates the bathroom.

Orange Owl Bathroom Set



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