Do you already know which type of bathroom floor to choose? Today we separate the best coating tips from the main materials that can be applied in the bathroom area or on the toilet.

For the best result in bathroom decorating, it is ideal to rely on the assistance of an interior designer or architect to design and choose the materials. For those who are building a simpler bathroom, try to harmonize all the selected materials and take into account the colors of other items such as benches, vats, cabinets, planned cabinets

Kinds of Bathroom Finishing

When choosing the coating, residents should pay attention to the properties of the material, its durability, strength and manufacturer specifications, especially with regard to installation and maintenance. Some materials cannot receive certain types of chemicals when cleaning, others need to be sealed to keep them from becoming slippery, and so on.

To make your decision easier, we have listed the best bathroom liners that will inspire you when choosing the right bathroom for your project. Check out all the tips with pictures:

Ceramic floors

Bathroom Finishes: Types, Models and Photos

The type of ceramic flooring is one of the most popular, ideal for those who want to spend less on renovating the house. The material has good resistance and one of its advantages is the wide variety of options that are available on the market, with different colors and formats. Some of them are handmade and showcase textures related to materials like wood and other stones. Because they are sold in individual pieces, their pagination can be edited with different colors.

As an inexpensive item, it can be changed more easily. It is important to note the thickness of the material (PEI) at the time of purchase, it should be greater than 3 for bathroom areas.

As a disadvantage, the ceramic is slippery and has to be dry to avoid accidents. An alternative is to use chemicals to make it slip.

Porcelain tile floor tiles

Bathroom coatings: types, models and pictures 1

With the higher price in terms of ceramics, porcelain tile is a classy option of coating, much more resistant and less slippery, with little water absorption. According to the manufacturer, they can be found on the market with different textures. Some of them imitate the wood according to the example above. In addition to the cost of purchasing the material, installation requires skilled labor.

The porcelain stoneware tiles are usually slippery and smooth (polished), the models suitable for the bathroom have anti-slip properties, as well as the outdoor areas of the rustic type.

Hydraulic tile bathroom tile

Bathroom coatings: types, models and pictures 2

O hydraulic tile is the right choice for everyone who wants a nostalgic decoration. Some have features that are more retro decor style in mind than other models. Choose what best suits you and what corresponds to the proposal, in this case little care is taken so that the composition remains in harmony with the other materials, since the tile has distinctive colors and designs. Another detail is related to the installation, because they sit with dry connection, there is no gap between the pieces.

Bathroom lining

Bathroom Finishing: Types, Models and Photos 3

In addition to glass, the tablets can be found in ceramic, metal, glass and stainless steel. It is a versatile coating for the wet area of ​​the bathroom, with different materials and colors: the possibilities on the market are immense. But it is necessary to combine good taste when choosing the places where this coating will be applied. On the floor, they can wear out over time if an object or a metal object falls.

Marble or granite countertops

Bathroom Finishing: Types, Models and Photos 4

Marble and granite are one of the finest and most affordable options on the market. However, it is the option with more sophistication, sophistication and luxury. The stone can either be placed on benches, floors or walls. Because it is a natural stone, its finish is unique. In the installation, it is also practically impossible to repair the joint between two parts. When preserving, however, it should be noted that the stone absorbs fats and other liquids, so impregnation is strongly recommended.

Small and simple bathroom floors

For those who need to decorate a small bathroom, the recommendation is that the coatings be light and neutral colors, as well as the overall decoration, which will emphasize the amplitude of the environment. The choice of color in the coating can, in some detail, appear as a series of tablets in the box or on one of the walls.

More photos of bathrooms with different linings

Now that you already know the main types of bathroom flooring, there are a few more decor references with different liners to look at for inspiration. Check it:

Picture 1 – Bathroom with porcelain tiles.

Bathroom Finishing: Types, Models and Photos 5

In this bathroom design with neutral decoration, the floor is given a light porcelain tile with wide pieces and white mortar.

Figure 2 – Bathroom with coating of tablets and tiles.

Bathroom Finishing: Types, Models and Photos 6

This suggestion can be followed for those who prefer a mixture of materials. Since blue is the main color of this decorating proposal, ceramic tiles with light mortar were installed on the floor. On the wall above the workbench is a set of colored pellets.

Picture 3 – Bathroom with pellet coating.

Bathroom Finishing: Types, Models and Photos 7

A beautiful design that combines the ceramic floor with the inserts on the wall. This is followed by the tablet with copper tones that give the environment a classy and modern look.

Photo 4 – Bathroom with ceramic floor.

Bathroom Finishing: Types, Models and Photos 8

Figure 5 – Bathroom with a standardized surface.

Bathroom coatings: types, models and pictures 9

Figure 6 – Bathroom with coating from tablets.

Bathroom Finishing: Types, Models and Photos 10

In this project, the shades of blue were the main choice and the bathroom got the coating of blue patterned tablets on one wall and a mix of blue and green tablets on the wall of the tub.

Image 7 – Bathroom tile with 3D ceramic.

Bathroom coatings: types, models and photos 11

The tiles with 3D effect are another trend in decoration. Would you like to create a special and impressive effect on your bathroom proposal? Use this stylish option as an example.

Photo 8 – Bathroom coat with inserts.

Bathroom Finishing: Types, Models and Photos 12

For a feminine touch, this design uses the pink inserts in the box area to leave the room with the resident’s face.

Picture 9 – Bathroom tiles with white ceramic.

Bathroom Finishing: Types, Models and Photos 13

In this proposal, the bathroom receives the floor with ceramic with gray tones and on the wall, all in white color! In a project to break the visual minimalist, a small decorative object in salmon color was added.

Picture 10 – Bathroom with tiles and porcelanatos.

Bathroom coatings: types, models and photos 14

Image 11 – A feminine proposal with pink ceramics.

Bathroom coatings: types, models and photos 15

For a feminine, jovial bathroom, the choice was made on the pink coating with dark gray grout to contrast the composition with the coating.

Figure 12 – Bathroom with rectangular inserts.

Bathroom Finishing: Types, Models and Photos 16

In addition to the classic square shape, the inserts can be found with rectangular shapes as shown in this proposal that uses the blue color on the floor and wall.

Figure 13 – Bathroom tiles with subway tiles.

Bathroom coatings: types, models and photos 17

The subway tiles are trending in the interior design, this bathroom uses the white model to coat the bathroom walls in style.

Picture 14 – Porcelain tile flooring that imitates the burnt cement.

Bathroom coatings: types, models and photos 18

As we have already seen, porcelain stoneware can have details that mimic a certain material, this proposal has burned the cement surface in the composition.

Figure 15 – Bathroom with floor of hexagonal tablets.

Bathroom Finishing: Types, Models and Photos 19

This is another trend of coatings, hexagonal inserts are found in several sizes. This proposal uses a small model for the bathroom floor.

Picture 16 – Bathroom with marble floor.

Bathroom coatings: types, models and photos 20

In this proposal, the marble was used to coat the inside of the box, on the walls, and on the floor.

Picture 17 – Porcelain tile that imitates wood.

Bathroom Finishing: Types, Models and Photos 21

The porcelain tile, which is modeled on wood, is waterproof and can be applied in damp rooms. Perfect for anyone who wants to finish the wood without using the material that requires special care and is not the best option for this place.

Image 18 – Bathroom mantle with lozenges.

Bathroom coatings: types, models and photos 22

A popular idea is to use pads on a bathroom strip followed by a cutout with the other coatings. This bathroom follows this suggestion and still has a niche wall for bath products.

Photo 19 – Bathroom tile with hydraulic tiles.

Bathroom coatings: types, models and photos 23

Photo 20 – Bathroom fittings with granite.

Bathroom Finishing: Types, Models and Photos 24

Granite can be applied in just a bathroom area, countertop and strip on the wall as shown in this interior design. The bathroom also has a support tub, cabinet, mirror and niches.

We hope to have helped you visualize the most important bathroom coatings and made it easier for you to choose the decoration!



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