Choosing neutral colors in the decoration can be a good idea for those who do not want to venture so much and for those who prefer to decorate with a more conservative and traditional style.

The beige color goes well with this style as it can be adapted to environments with discreet colors and overtones. Considered a timeless color, it does not lose its sophistication and style even if the color changes change every year.

Beige is a color that is known to convey a sense of calm, comfort, neutrality, and warmth. It’s certainly a much easier choice, and that goes with different shades of color. For those who are fans of beige, it is ideal to carefully analyze the entire interior design and try to compose with all the elements of decoration, not only on the wall and in the cladding, but also in the furniture and accessories.

Decoration of environments with the color beige

To make your research easier, we segregate beautiful designs that use beige as the predominant color, be it on walls, curtains, furniture and other decorative details. Check out the selection of photos below for inspiration:

Picture 1 – Dining room with beige wallpaper.

An alternative to the traditional painting is a beautiful wallpaper based on the beige color. In this design, the wallpaper is given a neutral stamp that does not contradict the surroundings and adds personality with the decorative accessories.

Image 2 – living room with beige wall.

The beige is a neutral color, so it is easy to make the combination of furniture and other decorative details.

Photo 3 – Entrance hall with beige decor.


Remember that the entrance is the house’s calling card, that is, if it has a certain style, then everyone else must accompany the proposal.

Picture 4 – headboard and beige wall.

The base of this room is accompanied by neutral colors like beige, gray and black. The accessories should stand out in the area so that they don’t look monotonous. Bet on lights, bed linen and colored frames to give more balance.

Picture 5 – Modern dining room with visually clean.

Referring to Fig.

The beige is the favorite for those looking for a clean style. The dining room has a crystal chandelier, mirrored wall and metallic surfaces.

Image 6 – Mescle two walls with neutral colors.

It is not a problem to incorporate two colors into integrated environments. The coolness of this room is the depth effect with the light color in the foreground and the beige in the background wall.

Image 7 – Lavabo with beige decor.


The brightly decorated toilet will delight everyone in the house, especially visitors. After all, beige stands for modernity and elegance!

Picture 8 – living room with beige TV panel.

Referring to Fig.
For those looking for a TV that leaves the traditional, you can choose other materials such as stone. It allows to have large pieces without cuts that can be installed in wide walls to create a more sophisticated effect in the area.

Picture 9 – Kitchen with beige decoration.

Referring to Fig.

When we talk about a beige kitchen, we may initially think that it is an environment without a lot of personality. This project proves the opposite, the difference can be in the details, be it in the designs, in the utensils or even in your own carpentry.

Image 10 – Beige wall to the bedroom.

Instead of laying the headboard in leather, another option is to lay it on the entire bed wall. After all, these boards are bespoke and can be docked in any dimension.

Image 11 – Beige partitions with painted wood.


The partition is also seen as a wall, but with a different functionality, with the possibility of opening and integrating environments. If you want to add a touch of elegance, choose those that are lacquered with a color that will accompany the decoration.

Picture 12 – Living room with wood paneling.

The smaller the number of colors and details, the better. So the option is to use the same suggestion on the walls.

Figure 13 – Living room with earth tones.

The combination of the beige with the browns, Fendi and the earth has no fault. If you don’t want to miss out, always look for accessories and furniture that follow this color chart.

Picture 14 – Double room with beige wall.

The beige is the favorite among the couples, so give the bedside tables the specials by choosing different models. It was the time when both sides had to have the same style and dimension.

Photo 15 – Gourmet balcony with beige wall.


Would you like to give your room more space? Don’t let go of beige and light tones!

Photo 16 – Combine the beige wall with surfaces and wooden furniture.

Combining a beige wall with wooden furniture is a classic solution for anyone looking for a modern, clean and neutral decor. Plus, it’s a style that will persist over time that we can abuse in reform.

Image 17 – Beige and white decoration.

This combination adds delicacy and is ideal for a feminine room.

Image 18 – Beige, three-dimensional finish

Many people do not know how to highlight the staircase area, a good alternative is the three-dimensional wall coverings. This is the new trend of the market, which can be found in different formats, models and colors. If you want to know more, check out the special post on 3D plasterboard.

Picture 19 – Colored frames contrast on the beige wall.


At the time of making the environment, it is worth decorating with any frame: be it color, neutral, B&W, neon, with drawing, without drawing, etc. The beige goes with everything!

Picture 20 – Industrial style room with beige wall.

For those who think that the industrial style is based only on the burnt cement, it is possible to mix the beige according to a similar tonality.

Image 21 – Beige and blue decoration.


The marine decoration can come from the classic white and blue, try to compose with a lighter beige on the wall.

Image 22 – Wallpaper with a linen structure.

This wallpaper is ideal for anyone who wants a different wall but doesn’t get tired over time. In addition to the linen structure which makes the finish beautiful, it takes warmth into any private setting.

Image 23 – Beige wall with brick in sight.

There are many brick surfaces, most of the orange, the white, the gray, and some that pull towards the beige color.

Picture 24 – Contrasts of beige walls.

Make a mix of wallpaper and paint to make the ambience even better.

Picture 25 – Double room with light decoration.

To add a cozy touch to the bedroom, don’t forget to include a rug that follows the couple’s style.

Picture 26 – Double room with beige decoration.


Picture 27 – Wallpaper with beige stripes.

Remember that the vertical stripes further elongate the area and give the impression of a bigger right foot.

Picture 28 – Give the walls a touch of personality.

No white walls in the room! Put mirrors and wallpaper to give a modern air and personality.

Image 29 – The linen wallpaper brings comfort and cosiness to the environment.

No white walls in the room! Put mirrors and wallpaper to give a modern air and personality.

Picture 30 – Dining room with beige floors.


Figure 31 – Bathroom with box and bathtub in light colors.


Figure 32 – Bathroom with 3D coating.


Image 33 – Beige porcelain for the wall.


Image 34 – Use neutral colors for a modern and wide look.

Opt for the bronze-colored mirror finish that goes with the beige decor.

Picture 35 – Modern color combination in bed and wall.

As beige predominates in decoration, textures contrast with the mix of bedding, fabrics and wallpaper.

Picture 36 – The room integrated the kitchen with clean decoration.

Small apartments require light colors, so it is ideal to only invest in the darker shade of the wood.

Picture 37 – Room with functional furniture.

If the single room is small, suggesting a couple of drawers under the bed is cool.

Figure 38 – Integrated rooms with beige wall.

If the environment is small and integrated, try to choose the same color in color on the walls.

Picture 39 – Home office with beige wall.

The home office is an environment where you must always be vigilant so that vivid colors disturb or bring into focus the user.

Image 40 – Leave the door invisible in the room.

The technique of coating the door and wall with the same material is ideal for giving the environment a cleaner look.

Picture 41 – Wall with white tablets and beige paint.


Figure 42 – Giving the amplitude in the area.


Figure 43 – For a children’s room, mix the classic blue with beige.

A suggestion for those who are looking to leave the room all blue or pink with white.

Image 44 – Beige wallpaper with pattern.

See how you can create a background image that highlights the environment without using bright colors in the print.

Picture 45 – Men’s room with beige decoration.


Picture 46 – Composition of frames in beige wall.


Image 47 – Highlight the clean decor with bright colors.


Image 48 – Beige textured wall.


Picture 49 – Apartment with beige decoration.


Picture 50 – Beige wall with picture composition.


Picture 51 – Small environments require bright colors.

For those who want to give a different touch, you can choose different colors on the wall and lining, being careful to choose soft colors that do not affect the size of the surroundings.

Figure 52 – Baby room with beige decoration.


Figure 53 – Baby room with beige striped wall.


Figure 54 – Double room with beige decor and light wood.


Picture 55 – Match the color of the porcelain tiles to the wall of the room.

Of course it is possible to have a darker floor along with the beige wall, but if you are looking for a more elegant air in the environment, try to choose the porcelanatos with brightness and that will not struggle with the tone of the wall.

Picture 56 – Integrated room with beige wall.

Note that only the liner, baseboard, and stop are white, just to highlight these constructive points.

Photo 57 – Modern room in beige and fendi colors.


Image 58 – Beige wall with boiseries.

Boiseries are the delicate frames that adorn walls and make the environment brighter and more contemporary.

Picture 59 – Jovial decoration with beige color.

Would you like to invest in a youthful decor with the beige color? Bet on furniture and accessories with this style, for example a master sofa, bold armchairs, tables with different designs, rugs and rugs.

Picture 60 – TV wall with Canjiquinha finish in beige.


We hope that all of these selected projects inspire you to make the right choices for the design of your environment!



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