Black is the color of sophistication and elegance. When attaching to a natural stone such as granite, any environment is appreciated. Learn more about black granite:

Black granite can be used in floors and coatings, as well as in kitchen worktops and bathrooms. Surfaces such as sills, drops, counters and stairs also benefit from the beauty and strength of the material.


Black granite: know the main types and shades of the stone

Granites are high-strength natural stones made from hardened volcanic lava, quartz grains, mica (which gives the color of granite) and silicate. On the market it is possible to find granite stones with different surfaces, including polished, rough, brushed, levigado, sandblasted, flamed and apicoado.

Five types of black granite are found in Brazil: Stellar Black, Absolute Black, Sao Gabriel, Milky Way, Aracruz and Indian Black. They all have their own characteristics and the values ​​between them vary a lot (we better explain each type below).

Black granites are in great demand because of their durability. They are easy to clean, less prone to stains, are non-porous and withstand high temperatures.

They are undoubtedly a good option for those who want to decorate with a super hard, beautiful and functional material.

Know the main types of black granite

Do you want to know more about each of the black granites? check-out:

1. Absolute black

Absolute Black Granite is the favorite of decorators and architects. This stone has very small grains that give it a homogeneous and uniform appearance and harmonize very well with the rest of the decoration.

As one of the most luxurious granites on the market (and one of the most expensive, the price of the square meter can reach R $ 900), Preto Absoluto has a high waterproof index, avoiding stains on its surface.

Use light tones such as white and wood tones to complement the decor.

Image 1 – Granito Preto Absoluto coats the bathtub.

Black granite: know the main types and shades of stone 1
This bathroom has gained luxury and sophistication with black granite.

Image 2 – Granito Preto Absoluto on the kitchen counter.

Absolute Black Granite on the kitchen counter
The wood tones of the cabinet made a very nice contrast to the black stone.

Image 3 – Absolute Black Granite in contrast to the white Porcelanato.

Absolute Black Granite in contrast to white porcelain tile

Image 4 – Granito Preto Absoluto coats the kitchen wall.

Absolute Black Granite Coating Kitchen Wall

Figure 5 – Absolute Black Granite kitchen worktop.

Black Absolute Granite Kitchen Countertop

Picture 6 – Kitchen completely black.

All black kitchen
Note that Absolute Black Granite is uniform, the whole kitchen is in the same color. This type of effect can only be achieved with this stone.

Image 7 – Absolute Black Granite with a view of the worktop and the bathroom wall.

Absolute Black Granite Facing Bathroom Countertop and Wall

Image 8 – Absolute Black Granite in harmonic contrast to the blue cabinet.

Absolute Black Granite in harmonious contrast with the blue cabinet

Picture 9 – Absolute black granite in the outside area.

Absolute Black Granite in the outdoor area

In this picture Absolute Black is present on the sink, on the grill and in the cupboard. The stone brought sophistication to the more rustic ambience.

Image 10 – Absolute Black Granite for a clean kitchen.

Absolute Black Granite for a clean style kitchen

2. Stellar black granite

Black granite: know the main types and shades of the stone

It looks like granite, but it’s actually a kind of “industrialized stone”. Known on the market as quartz stone, the “stone” consists of 94% natural quartz and 6% resin. It is available in more than 70 colors, including black.

The product has a fine and sophisticated appearance with small white dots, very suitable for interiors such as kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, service areas, floors, stairs, tables, among others.
The surface of Quartz Stone is very scratch-resistant and also not porous. That means it becomes very dirt-repellent. Only a cloth or sponge with a neutral detergent is recommended for cleaning.

The only “but” from Quartz Stone is in terms of temperature. The material is not very heat-resistant and contact, for example with hot pans, can cause cracks in the surface and burn the resin of the product. This is not indicated outdoors because UV rays can damage the color.

The square meter price of the Stellar Black Stone Quartz is around $ 1200. One of the most expensive on the market.

Picture 11 – Black Stellar in the bathroom.

Stellar black in the bathroom
This bathroom was a luxury with the bench and shelf from Quartz Stone Black Stellar. It emphasized and appreciated the other elements of the environment.

Figure 12 – White bathroom with Stellar Black Stellar.

White bathroom with black stellar countertop
The small white dots of Stellar Black harmonize the white of the rest of the bathroom. This is a very well-known color for composing the decoration with the stone.

Figure 13 – Modern kitchen with Black Stellar worktop.

Modern Kitchen with Black Stellar Countertop

Image 14 – Wide kitchen workspace, all in Stellar Black.

Wide Kitchen Workbench All Made in Black Stellar

A courageous and highly investing project, but with an incredible end result. Stellar Black was used all over the bench. The kitchen was pure sophistication.

Figure 15 – Black Stellar in combination with other black elements.

Black Stellar in combination with other black elements

Image 16 – worktop that looks like a mirror.

Counter that looks like a mirror
Notice how it shines on this bench in Stellar Black. It looks like a mirror.

Figure 17 – Stellar Black kitchen worktop with stainless steel bowl.

Stellar Black kitchen counter with stainless steel sink

Picture 18 – Perfect finish.

Perfect finish

Picture 19 – Black Stellar in combination with stainless steel.

Stellar black in combination with stainless steel
The stainless steel parts of this completely black kitchen have only left the ambience a luxury!

Photo 20 – Kitchen island in Stellar Black.

Kitchen Island in Black Stellar

3. São Gabriel granite

Black granite: know the main types and shades of the stone

If you don’t give up using a black stone in the finish of your kitchen or bathroom, but were a little frustrated by the high cost of previous granites, this could be the perfect stone for you.

The granite São Gabriel is one of the most commonly used to combine good value for money. This stone has a slightly less homogeneous appearance than Absolute Black because its grains are slightly larger and more irregular. However, it still has a very smooth surface compared to the others.

And the cost of this stone is also much lower, with values ​​around $ 350 per square meter.

Picture 21 – Granito São Gabriel on the kitchen counter.

Granito São Gabriel on the kitchen counter
For lay eyes, this stone fountain runs through an absolute black. What do you think?

Picture 22 – Granito São Gabriel in the kitchen very dark.

São Gabriel granite in the kitchen all dark
Only in the part where the light is more intense can the larger spots of this stone be perceived.

Image 23 – Granito São Gabriel in composition with black cabinets.

Granito São Gabriel in composition with black cabinets

Picture 24 – Granito São Gabriel harmonizes with the wood tones of the kitchen.

Granito São Gabriel harmonizing with the woody tones of the kitchen

Image 25 – Black granite brings sophistication to the environment.

Black granite bringing sophistication to the environment

Picture 26 – Black granite for a black and white kitchen.

Black granite for a black and white kitchen

Image 27 – Granito São Gabriel in a more rustic kitchen design.

Granito São Gabriel in a more rustic kitchen design

Picture 28 – Black granite with white cabinet.

Black granite with white cabinet

Figure 29 – Black granite worktop with table top.

Black granite countertop with table top

Picture 30 – St. Gabriel granite worktop with small tub.

St. Gabriel Granite countertop with small tub

4. Black granite milky way

Black granite: know the main types and shades of the stone

The milky way black granite looks very much like marble thanks to the white veins that spread through the stone. Incidentally, this is the reason why the stone was named.

This is a type of granite that has a greater visual appeal than the one previously presented, so it is interesting to use it in projects with less detail so that the granite can reveal its shapes more intensely.

A tip is to use the white color in the decoration, which harmonizes with the stone color pattern.

The square meter of granite of the Black Milky Way costs an average of R $ 400.

Picture 31 – Milky Way granite floor and bathroom walls.

Milky Way Granite Coating Floor and Bathroom Walls

Figure 32 – Kitchen worktop and wall covering with Milky Way Granite.

Kitchen countertop and granite wall tiles Milky Way
This kitchen was glamorous with this granite countertop. The sober decoration favored the use of the stone and appreciated it

Figure 33 – Bathroom countertop and detail in Milky Way Granite.

Milky Way Granite

Image 34 – Milky Way granite in contrast to rustic wood.

Milky Way granite in contrast to rustic wood

Picture 35 – Wall covered with granite milky way.

Milky Way Wall Granite
Despite the numerous decorative elements, the Milky Way Granite was able to take its place and attract the attention of the eyes.

Image 36 – Milky Way granite in the bathroom with a bath.

Milky Way Granite in Bathroom with Bathtub
This type of granite works very well on entire walls, as in this model. The extensive streak covered by the stone appreciates its natural veins and makes it even more beautiful.

Picture 37 – Milky way granite cooking island.

Cooking island made with Milky Way granite

Image 38 – Milky way granite in a soberly decorated kitchen.

Sober decoration with granite Via Lactea

Figure 39 – Floor and half wall of the bathroom in granite Via Milky.

Floor and half wall with black granite
The dishes and the white wall harmonized perfectly with the granite. The bathroom was elegant and charming as it was

Image 40 – Milky Way granite in the room.

Milky Way Granite in the room
In an unusual setting, this granite appreciated the decoration of the room and made it much more sophisticated.

5. Indian black granite

Black granite: know the main types and shades of the stone

Indian black granite is everywhere where it is placed. This granite is strong and striking in appearance and has larger and more pronounced veins than the Milky Way granite. In fact, we can look at it as two-tone granite: black and white.

For this reason, you prefer the combination with furniture made of white or woody tones. The environment is therefore not visually overloaded.

Compared to the other types of black granite, this is the model more considered. The square meter of Indian Black costs an average of R $ 250.

Figure 41 – Entire bathroom box made of Indian black granite.

Indian black granite in bathroom box
Notice how remarkable this granite is. Its use should be well planned.

Picture 42 – Indian black granite in the bathroom.

Indian Black Granite Facing the Bathroom

Image 43 – Indian Black Granite Kitchen Island.

Kitchen Island Made with Indian Black Granite

Image 44 – Table top with granite Indian Black.

Table top with granite Black Indian
A very interesting option in decoration is the use of granite table tops. In this picture, the top was made with Indian black granite

Figure 45 – Table top to match the wall cladding.

Table top matching wall cover

Picture 46 – Indian Black Granite in a clean kitchen.

Indian Black Granite in clean kitchen
The large Indian black granite counter was a welcome request as the rest of the kitchen is clean thanks to the white and woody tone of the cabinets.

Figure 47 – TV panel with Indian Black Granite.

TV panel with Black Indian Granite
The coloring of the Indian black granite makes it a good choice to create exceptional spaces in the decoration. As with this panel, stand out from the rest of the room.

Picture 48 – Indian black on kitchen worktop and sink.

Indian Black on Kitchen Countertop and Sink

Picture 49 – Indian black granite floor.

Floor with granite Black Indian
From sophisticated visuals, this space was valued with the use of Indian black granite on the floor. However, keep in mind that the rest of the environment exudes a lot of sobriety and neutrality.

Picture 50 – single tone.

Single tone

Picture 51 – Indian black granite lining the wall above the worktop.

Indian black granite on counter wall

Picture 52 – Kitchen island in Indian Black Granite.

Indian Black in the kitchen

6. Black granite Aracruz

Black granite: know the main types and shades of the stone

Black granite Aracruz belongs to the same family of granite São Gabriel and granite Absolute Black. In terms of appearance and price, Black Aracruz is even closer to São Gabriel.

Aracruz Black is also an option for those who want to use granite in decoration and prefer the more uniform types. However, Aracruz is not as common as the São Gabriel and is more difficult to find.

The price of this stone is in the range of R $ 350, practically the same price as São Gabriel.

Figure 53 – Black granite Aracruz.

Black granite Aracruz
Very similar to São Gabriel, the Aracruz type differs in the slightly lighter shade of its grains.

Picture 54 – Black Aracruz granite kitchen.

Black granite: know the main types and shades of the stone

Figure 55 – Aracruz Black kitchen worktop.

Aracruz black kitchen counter

Picture 56 – Aracruz Black Granite on the kitchen island.

Aracruz black granite on kitchen island
Note the uniformity of the stone. Its coloring offers a very beautiful and sophisticated look for the environment.

Picture 57 – Outdoor area with granite black Aracruz.

External area with granite Black Aracruz

Picture 58 – Granite balcony black Aracruz.

Aracruz black granite counter

Image 59 – Black Aracruz granite table top.

Black Aracruz granite table top

Figure 60 – Black Aracruz granite coffee table.

Coffee table made of granite black aracruz
To add charm and refinement to the living room, place yourself on a black granite coffee table.



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