The boho style is of English origin and is used in decoration. Known for its bare air with a bohemian and contemporary twist, it’s a mix of influences ranging from hippie to ethno. Therefore, its main characteristic is the amalgamation of unusual elements, creative, differentiated, which together give personality to the environment!

Prefer antique furniture – preferably in wood – with a rustic look and finish the vintage to compose the project. To get a retro perfume, use paint and / or prints on sideboards, chairs, tables, and sofas.

This last item should be the key piece in your room, by the way. So replace the traditional sofa with pillows or futons with vivid illustrations. In addition, position a few cables to provide more balance and comfort in the housing.

This mix of cultures in the area expresses your personality, personal style and identity. Put on ethnic decorative objects such as potted plants, pillows with applications in Pedraria, hippie elements. Pick your color chart and use it as a basis for choosing the other elements so that the composition is what you expect.

The DecorFácil team believes and bets on this trend, creating harmony between the cool and elegant results in a beautiful setting. Check out 60 awesome boho style decorations and get inspired:

Image 1 – Indian fabrics is one of the decorative pieces for the boho style!

Image 1

Image 2 – Cushions gave this environment a lively touch!

Image 2

Image 3 – Threaded accessories make the environment unique and creative!

Picture 3

Image 4 – To be taken in the composition of the environment

Image 4

Photo 5 – Show off your travel memories as well as some exotic objects!

Image 5

Image 6 – The headboard, which was worked in vintage style, is high in the proposal

Picture 6

Image 7 – Mix wool, crochet, velvet and Pedrarias as desired!

Picture 7

Picture 8 – Your headboard can be a beautiful wired job!

Figure 8

Image 9 – Mix and match!

Picture 9

Image 10 – main colors of the style: beige, brown, olive green and khaki.

Picture 10

Image 11 – Ethnic prints are found in every decorative detail

Image 11

Image 12 – Carpet composition that worked

Picture 12

Picture 13 – Tell your story through the decoration!

Picture 13

Image 14 – The prints should match!

Picture 14

Image 15 – Vibrant colors mix in this boho style kitchen

Picture 15

Image 16 – An energetic environment and esoteric accessories are part of the boho style.

Picture 16

Image 17 – The rustic and modern in this ambience form the Boho style

Picture 17

Image 18 – Prints are important elements for design in this style.

Picture 18

Picture 19 – A mixture of culture in a lonely environment!

Picture 19

Picture 20 – Nice and cozy room!

Image 20

Picture 21 – The stripped air is due to the composition of the furniture

Picture 21

Image 22 – Boho chic is trendy!

Picture 22

Image 23 – A children’s room in the greatest boho style!

Picture 23

Photo 24 – Mix decoration and fashion in a home environment

Picture 24

Picture 25 – Use different objects in decoration

Image 25

Image 26 – Patchwork rugs and carpets are welcome in this proposal

Image 26

Image 27 – Boho elements with bright colors!

Image 27

Image 28 – Replace the traditional sofa with a corner with pillows

Image 28

Image 29 – Boho accessories in every detail of the decoration

Picture 29

Picture 30 – The rustic climate comes in a little in style

Picture 30

Picture 31 – Pictures on the wall, potted plants, wooden boxes and low beds create a perfect setting for style.

Picture 31

Image 32 – Cantinho dos Sonhos!

Picture 32

Image 33 – Bring the boho into the kitchen with ethnic carpets

Picture 33

Image 34 – The basic color to decorate this environment were shades between wine and red!

Image 34

Figure 35 – The decorative objects give personality to the environment!

Picture 35

Picture 36 – Your private corner must be poetic!

Image 36

Image 37 – The net is an accessory that matches the style!

Picture 37

Picture 38 – Maps and travel items bring wonderful memories and decorate the home office

Picture 38

Image 39 – How about an outdoor area in the greatest Boho style?

Image 39

Figure 40 – Composition of the printed trains characterize this style

Picture 40

Image 41 – The design of objects related to the bohemian style!

Picture 41

Figure 42 – Boho style living room

Picture 42

Picture 43 – Screens with drawings make great paper to divide and decorate the space

Picture 43

Image 44 – Break up the earthy tones of the environment with vibrant colors

Picture 44

Picture 45 – Creative and correct composition for the environment

Image 45

Picture 46 – Indian style cares about the environment!

Image 46

Figure 47 – Boho style garden

Picture 47

Picture 48 – Dare in the details!

Image 48

Picture 49 – Every detail makes a difference in the setting

Picture 49

Photo 50 – Living room with a boho industrial style

Picture 50

Picture 51 – Composition of prints in a single environment

Picture 51

Picture 52 – The famous futon can be a beautiful sofa with a mix of prints!

Picture 53 – Antique furniture with detonation optics is a feature of the style

Picture 53

Picture 54 – Decorative frames can bring great references of this style

Picture 54

Figure 55 – Decorate your garden with Air Boho!

Picture 55

Picture 56 – Garden in Wonderland …

Picture 56

Picture 57 – Poufs add comfort to your living room

Image 57

Picture 58 – Earth tones contrast with colored spots in the area

Image 58

Image 59 – Objects that show your bohemian style should be exhibited!

Image 59

Image 60 – The caramel leather is a great coating for those who choose a traditional sofa!

Image 60



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