If you sigh even after an obvious wall, read this post. They are rustic, but can also leave the atmosphere tender and full of romance. The tiles are versatile and fit into every room, from the bathroom to the bedroom, through the living room and the kitchen. They are unique in every environment and are very high in decoration projects.

If you live in an older house, you know that they used to be made with mud bricks. In this case, it is possible to peel the plaster until it reaches the brick. To do this, detailed work is necessary so that the wall can be used well. Don’t worry about some broken or imperfections, they help compose the look. What cannot happen are structural cracks when trying to remove the plaster.

Brick wall: ideas to decorate with brick

But then you may be asking yourself, “How do you use the apparent brick if the house wasn’t originally built with them?” You can do this in a variety of ways, including with bricks under the plaster, but it’s not in the slightest suffering Breaks in the house.

At present, some ceramic tiles mimic the brick perfectly and reproduce the color, texture and shape of the bricks with great quality. Another option are the brick bushings or the demolition bricks, which can be attached to the wall as a coating. In this case, the end result is much more realistic and creates a more rustic effect than the ceramic.

For those who want to get away from the dirt of a building, you can cover the building with brick glue. There are plenty of stickers of this type on sale, but look for the ones that are more realistic, even if they cost a little bit more expensive, in the end the result will surprise you.

And don’t think brick is the same. On the contrary, they can be very different in each project, depending on the color used. You can choose the one that best suits your home. However, this option only applies to real or demolition bricks, ceramic tiles or stickers do not allow painting.

In the case of real stones, you can hand over resin, lacquer or patina, depending on the effect you want to achieve. The ink is also welcome. The bricks get every color of the latex color very well. White is one of the most common colors. The color emphasizes the rustic character of the brick, without neglecting the lightness and delicacy typical of white.

Darker colors, such as black, gray and navy blue, are also often used to decorate modern and youthful environments. Light gray in turn brings sophistication, especially in combination with white and black.

Well, if you choose ceramic tiles, don’t think you’re going to run out of colors. The coatings available on the market are available in various shades from light to dark. Do not forget to check which joint color is best for the chosen coating.

When the wall is finished, it’s time to decorate. The visible brick wall combines with frames of black or colored frames, depending on the type of decoration, mirrors, potted plants, shelves and niches. The basic colors in contrast to the masonry combine particularly well when it comes to creating a more rustic and funky environment.

For more modern decorations, use furniture and items with straight lines to rest on the wall. If the idea is to create a retro feel, antique and round furniture will look great together on the wall.

Have you seen how the bricks are versatile and can be combined with different furnishing styles? With them, the house fulfills personality and style. From there, simply use creativity and explore the decorative possibilities of the visible brick. Surely your home will be too.

60 design ideas with a visible brick wall

But before you put your hand in the dough, take a look at the pictures and tips that will inspire you even more:

Figure 1 – Rustic and modern: the black lacquered brick wall gives the bathroom charm and elegance.

brick wall painted black

Image 2 – A find: Bricks from this house were discovered under the plaster and they received a gray painting that matched the surroundings.

Brick wall uncovered

Figure 3 – White kitchen has been rustic contrasted by the dark brick wall.

Dark brick wall

Image 4 – White brick wall makes the environment cleaner and other elements in the decoration become daring.

White brick wall

Image 5 – It looks like real stone, but it’s a sticker! How about the same in your bathroom?

Wall sticker

Image 6 – Painted from rose, the brick wall becomes more delicate and contributes with the romantic decoration.

Pink painted brick wall

Image 7 – Two soft shades of blue for the integrated environment; Plants are always greeted by the bricks.

Plants well received by bricks

Image 8 – Don’t worry about possible imperfections in the bricks, they are the ones that guarantee the charm of the wall.

All the charm of the brick wall

Figure 9 – Modern architecture house got a rustic touch with the brick wall.

Rustic touch with the brick wall

Image 10 – Well-marked mortar highlights the white boulders.

Grout well marked on the brick wall

Figure 11 – The modern atmosphere was more comfortable with the gray brick walls.

Gray brick wall

Image 12 – white and black: each color indicates an ambience of the house.

House ambiance with white and black

Figure 13 – Wooden beams and bricks guarantee the rustic look of the room; The furniture follows a more modern line.

Wooden beams and bricks

Picture 14 – For those who don’t want dirt or breaks, there is the possibility to use glue; The look owes almost nothing to an original wall.

Sticker: solution without breaking breaks

Image 15 – In the lower area of ​​the shelves, the indirect lighting marks the bricks on the wall.

Indirect lighting in the brick wall

Image 16 – The recessed wooden lining fits the brick wall.

Brick wall and recessed wooden lining

Picture 17 – Wardrobe in industrial style with brick wall.

Industrial style closet with brick wall

Picture 18 – Clear and soft environment with light wood combination and white brick wall.

Light wood and brick wall

Picture 19 – The wall behind the niches was coated with brick adhesive.

Wall behind nothing with bricks

Picture 20 – brick tiles; There is no shortage of color options.

Ceramic tiles with bricks

Picture 21 – Vertical garden enhances the gray of ceramic tiles.

Ceramic bricks with vertical garden

Picture 22 – Contrary to what can normally be seen there, the stone of this grill was painted white.

Bricks painted black

Image 23 – Stone, wood and brick form the facade of this rustic house.

Stone, wood and brick composes the facade of this rustic house

Picture 24 – Rustic of the Rusticos: It is still possible to see the rest of the plastering in this brick wall.

Brick wall with rest plaster

Image 25 – Two styles in one: The brick wall reproduces the rustic tone of the room, while the chairs bring elegance and sophistication.

Brick wall: ideas to decorate with brick

Picture 26 – Dry joint, which is achieved by the lack of mortar, makes the wall more modern.

Dry joint on the brick wall

Picture 27 – Gold paint seems to “drip” through the black brick wall; Bold and full of character effect for the room.

Golden paint on brick wall

Image 28 – Appliances on display make the kitchen even more rustic and full of charm.

Utensils on display make the kitchen even more rustic and full of charm

Image 29 – Black and white decoration in contrast to the brick wall.

Brick wall and black and white decoration

Picture 30 – The advantage of the obvious bricks is that they fit in different styles and colors of decoration.

Apparent brick wall in living room

Figure 31 – Clean and delicate double room with white brick wall.

Brick wall in double room clean

Image 32 – The wall is hidden behind the wall of this room full of personality.

Brick wall: ideas to decorate with brick

Figure 33 – half past one: Wall of two colors.

Two-colored brick wall

Image 34 – Relaxed and happy effect on the wall of the youth room.

Brick wall in youth bedroom

Image 35 – Adhesive glued to the brick wall proves that the material is very adaptable for various decoration projects.

Adhesive on brick wall

Image 36 – Patina and brick: a pair that always works.

Patina and bricks

Picture 37 – Wooden plate installed on the wall.

Wooden panel over brick wall

Picture 38 – Wall that accompanies the stairs was chosen to take the white bricks.

Brick wall: ideas to decorate with brick

Picture 39 – Tijolinhos rock the window of the double room.

Brick wall skirts the room of the couple

Image 40 – In this project the brick was chosen to compose the kitchen decoration.

Brick wall in the house decoration

Image 41 – Original and creative idea: Here the plaster was removed and a drawing was made on the wall.

Plaster removed on brick wall

Picture 42 – Modern futuristic room with brick wall.

Futuristic living room brick wall

Figure 43 – Brick facade leaves the entrance of the house with a more cozy and receptive aspect.

Entrance of the house with brick facade

Picture 44 – White brick wall goes well with colorful and relaxed elements.

White brick wall

Figure 45 – Paint the gray boulders for a more demanding environment.

Gray bricks on the wall

Image 46 – Frames and lights appreciate the rustic appearance of the brick wall.

Frames and luminaires value the environment with a brick wall

Image 47 – Wood enhances the rustic side of the brick wall.

Rustic side of brick wall

Picture 48 – Tijolinhos in more than one wall in this project of integrated environments.

Design of integrated environments with brick walls

Picture 49 – Demolition brick to relax the sober environment.

Brick wall: ideas to decorate with brick

Photo 50 – Young and modern, this room relies on the white wall to complete the decoration.

Room with brick wall

Picture 51 – Navy blue also falls very well on the wall; The result is a classy and classy environment.

Navy blue on the brick wall

Figure 52 – In the kitchen, the brick wall is always a good requirement.

Wall of brick in the kitchen

Figure 53 – The rustic furniture and exhibits complete the visual appearance of this brick kitchen.

Rustic kitchen with exposed brick

Figure 54 – To give the brick wall a more modern look, invest in striking elements like this black door.

Brick wall for a modern look

Image 55 – brick house is the dream of those who love the rustic style.

Brick house

Figure 56 – Another perfect pair: brickwork and pine.

Pine wood and brick wall

Picture 57 – Too chic? Stick a brick sticker to make the bathroom more rustic.

Brick sticker to make everything more rustic

Image 58 – Modern design elements contrast with the visible brick walls and retro-style furniture. Wall of apparent brick

Picture 59 – Neon sign on white brick wall.

Neon signboard on the white brick wall

Picture 60 – Select on the right: Wall for the young room.

Brick wall for young bedroom



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