You came across it: A pile of CDs that no longer have a function in the house. As an obsolete technology, we can reuse both old CDs and DVDs to make handicrafts. Instead of throwing them in the trash, how about a simple and inexpensive solution to decorate the house?

Well, today we are approaching this topic and showing you different perspectives on reusing the material. Check out our inspirations and tutorials.

Craft models and photos with CD and DVD

The most important thing before you start making your own craft is to take inspiration from various references in order to get into the choice. There are many options that can be made with old CDs. To make this task easier, we have selected only the best references. After reviewing them all, check out the videos of tutorials and techniques:

Decoration with CD craft

CDs and DVDs can be part of many decorative items for the interior of your home. Whether as a craft base or as a highlight, your materials can be useful for many occasions. Separate some references where the CD is used to decorate the house, check below:

Picture 1 – Mobile with floral design and stones.

Image 2 – Mural of CDs hanging on the wall.

Image 3 – Suggestion for making CDs as a candle holder.

Each stand uses 4 CDs, one at the base and another 3 diagonally around the candle holder. The candlelight reflects on the CDs and creates a unique visual effect.

Picture 4 – Art that reminds colorful antenna with CDs.

Image 5 – Mural of photos with CDs.

Picture 6 – To hang in the tree: owl made on CD.

Image 7 – An important tip is to use colors and prints to give the CDs a different look.

Figure 8 – Decorative items with CDs and colored strings.

Image 9 – How about a clock based on an old CD? See this lovely craft solution:

The CD was completely painted with graphite paint and given a stamp. We almost don’t know it’s a CD.

Picture 10 – Mural of several CDs with colored strings.

Image 11 – Cut the CDs and paste their pieces like a glass stained glass.

The stained glass with CD pieces can be customized and used in various handicrafts, in door pictures, murals, boxes, etc.

Image 12 – Colored and painted CDs to decorate the exterior.

Image 13 – Example of painting and collage that we can use on a CD to make it more colorful.

Image 14 – Colored art with CD pieces.

Picture 15 – Detail from a mural with CDs and colored sewing cords.

Picture 16 – Simple stained glass with CDs.

Image 17 – Super-colored mobile phone with a round base made of CD.

Image 18 – One option is to cut part of the CD to capture a curtain.

Picture 19 – Decorative objects made of CD and colored fabrics.

Image 20 – Mobile with several CDs.

Picture 21 – Photo wallpaper with CDs.

Picture 22 – Mobile female child.

Image 23 – Luminaire with CD pieces in geometrical format.

Picture 24 – Make a mural with your favorite albums.

Picture 25 – Craft with CD and fabric acrylic.

Picture 26 – Mobile made of colored fabric.

Picture 27 – Picture in the room with light pieces from several CDs.

Picture 28 – Beautiful hummingbird with CD pieces that have been carefully cut.

Picture 29 – Decorate the back yard gate with punched and colored CDs.

Picture 30 – asd

Picture 31 – Mural with CDs that are attached with metal rings.

Photo 32 – Craft with CDs, EVA and PET bottle.

Picture 33 – Mobile with pieces from several CDs.

Picture 34 – Crafting with connected CDs.

Picture 35 – CD with colored fabrics.

Kitchen CD crafts

CDs can also be part of the craft to decorate the kitchen or add functionality. See some references below:

Picture 36 – Decorations with CD and glue in the “Donuts” format.

Picture 37 – To decorate parties – a support made of cookies with CD.

Image 38 – CD holder with colored and flowery prints.

Picture 39 – CDs with colored embroidery.

Photo 40 – Colored holders for tea towels on the wall.

Picture 41 – Colored coasters with CDs.

CD crafts for Christmas decoration

Christmas is a great opportunity to use and recycle materials and old items. Enjoy the brilliance of the CDs to make items for your tree or leave them colored to decorate the house. Inspire yourself on the following photos:

Figure 42 – Differential decoration for the doorknob as a stylized CD.

Figure 43 – Another example that follows the same purpose.

Image 44 – Simple garland frame to hang on the wall.

Image 45 – Globe with glued CD pieces.

Picture 46 – Christmas decoration with CDs.

Picture 47 – Large Christmas tree with CDs.

Jokes about CD crafts

In addition to traditional decoration, we can create objects with a child theme. The CD can also be used as a base for small toys. If you have children at home, this is another way to reuse the material. Check out some interesting references below:

Picture 48 – Base made with CD to hold bubbles.

Screenshot 49 – Pedestrians using old CDs are a fun option for kids.

Picture 50 – Toys for children.

Picture 51 – Fish-shaped game.

Image 52 – Create your own planets and make them bright with CD pieces.

Image 53 – Enjoy the round format of the CD acrylic to make characters.

Picture 54 – Colorful fish from CD and EVA.

Picture 55 – Simple peacock doll made of EVA and CD.

Picture 56 – Rotating toys for the little ones.

Image 57 – CD as support for the bubble on the table.

Accessories made with CD

It’s not just decorative items that can be made with CDs. It is possible to create feminine accessories such as earrings, necklaces and other items from parts of the material. Here are some solutions:

Image 58 – Metal necklace with triangular CD pieces.

Picture 59 – Earring with CD pieces.

Picture 60 – Bracelet with small CD pieces.

How to do craft with CD step by step

After a lot of searches and inspiring references, it is ideal to look for tutorials that show step by step the techniques and the main craft with CD. We have separated some videos that you should watch:

1. How to make a Christmas wreath with CD

The Christmas wreath is part of the furnishings in many apartments and houses. An alternative to reusing CDs is to twist them into a spiral in the shape of the piece. See the video below how this was done:

2. MDF box with old CD picture frame

This is a nice option in which to cut CDs and are part of decorating a box in MDF. In the end, the box looks like stained glass and uses the brightness of the CDs. Look below how to make this box:

3. How to take light movie from CDs and DVDs

Coating the CD is not always desirable in all trades. So it is good to know how to remove the glossy layer and keep only the transparent acrylic. The video below shows you exactly how to remove this film:

4. Comics for CD decoration

See this creative solution for hanging it on the wall – a frame with CDs wrapped in fabric. Create your own custom design to leave the wall with your face. Check out the complete video solution:

5. How to make a picture frame with pieces of a CD

In this step by step you will know how to use CD pieces in a black painted MDF picture frame. See how easy:

6. Learn how to create a multi-CD photo frame

This walkthrough tutorial will show you how to use CDs to create a beautiful custom frame. You will need:

  1. 8 old CDs;
  2. 8 photos revealed;
  3. Scissors;
  4. Superglue;
  5. Pen;
  6. 1 piece of tape;
  7. 1 round pot for mold;

Watch the video further:

7. See how to make a souvenir for a kids party with CDs

Have you thought about making a fun product for the kids? Watch this video to make a party souvenir with CD and EVA:

8. Creating coasters with old CDs without film

Coasters are practical solutions that are easy to do with CDs. The round shape is perfect and the part can always be used. One advantage is that you can customize the cup holder with your own print. You will need:

  1. 1 CD without film;
  2. Craft napkins;
  3. Brush;
  4. Colagel;
  5. White glue;
  6. Scissors;
  7. Spray paint;
  8. Decoupage paper of your choice;
  9. Hard paper with a white side;

Further in the video:

9. How to make a bike with CDs

Would you like to decorate differently? In this suggestion, you will know how to make a bicycle with CDs. It serves as an ornament and as a vase for a small plant. See the materials you will need:

  1. 1 brush;
  2. 3 old CDs;
  3. 1 margarine pot;
  4. 1 white ink plus 2 inks with colors of your choice;
  5. 7 popsicle sticks;
  6. 1 styrofoam cup;
  7. Ribbons, bows and flowers for decoration;

See further in the following video:

10. How to make CD or keyboard mobiles

Here in the post, we have some examples of different cell phones to use to decorate your home. See below step by step to make yours you will need:

  1. Satin ribbons;
  2. Nylon or fine thread yarn;
  3. Pedrarias in general – chaton, pearls, pearls and etc.;
  4. Scissors;
  5. Hot glue gun;
  6. Satin roses;
  7. Fringe tassel;



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