Lighting is one of the most important points in any decoration project and directly changes how the environment can be observed and which areas are highlighted. In a double room is no different, it is necessary to maintain the pleasant ambience with a touch of sophistication and delicacy.

An interesting approach to lighting couples is to use chandeliers with modern or classic features and materials. Not just gifts at the center of room lighting, they can play an additional role in lighting, be it around tables, desks, above bedside tables and etc.

When choosing the chandelier, pay attention to the manufacturer’s technical data, such as B. electrical parts, the weight of the ceiling, the need for plastering as some models require the plaster to hide part of the installation.

Models and photos of chandeliers for couples

There are actually a variety of chandelier models made from different materials and shapes, whether crystal, metal structure, chandelier, satin wire and others. To make your search for inspiration easier, we separate beautiful environments with different applied chandeliers so you can get a feel for how each setting can stay.

Picture 1 – I want to double with round crystal chandeliers.

The beauty of this model is that it blends in with all styles of decoration, both in a more rustic proposal (like in this project) and in a more modern style that we will see next.

Image 2 – The spherical shape is current and becomes a distinctive piece in the room.

See that the light shade of both the chandelier and the headboard is the same, this brings harmony to the environment.

Image 3 – The chandelier does not have to be the central lighting of the room.


For those who want to innovate in decor, you can bet on the chandeliers that fit on either side of the bed. And another cool thing is that it is crossed by a rail system.

Image 4 – The dome around the crystal chandelier appreciated the piece even more.


Image 5 – Do you want a funky model? Choose a bracket with wires and lamps of different heights.

Referring to Fig.

The whole room consists of classic elements and colors. In this example, the chandelier came in to get away from it a little and to highlight and personalize the surroundings.

Image 6 – Get inspiration from the bolder styles like these made from satin yarns.


Image 7 – Chandelier for bedside table.


Image 8 – Double room with black chandelier.

Referring to Fig.
If the room uses a decoration that is based on dark colors, it is necessary to go for a more open chandelier with a softer design without much elaboration, this way the light can expand in any setting.

Photo 9 – Chandeliers in the area with the long model highlighted.

Referring to Fig.

Figure 10 – The piece in crystal brings sophistication and elegance to the room.


Picture 11 – The chandelier in white chandelier gave personality to the double room.


The model, although classic, combined with the style of the room to be white. After all, it’s a simple piece that doesn’t attract much attention and is in harmony with the rest of the environment.

Picture 12 – This model has a metallic structure wrapped in the chandelier.


Image 13 – White or light models are essential for a clean room.


Image 14 – How about a brave and cheerful model?

A higher ceiling can favor simplicity, we can only use a few lamps to give your surroundings a distinctive style.

Image 15 – Candle-shaped chandelier.


Picture 16 – The greater the distance of the ceiling, the greater the magnificence of the chandelier in the area.

The chandelier is a key piece to make the setting romantic and delicate.

Image 17 – The beauty of this model is the even distribution of lighting.


Image 18 – The rustic decoration of the double room calls for an accessory that maintains the style.


Image 19 – Give a refined touch to a crystal chandelier.


Figure 20 – The chandelier with elongated rods is ideal for a very modern and contemporary design.


Picture 21 – The piece has already found its own place in the plaster lining.


Image 22 – The crystal gave the room a cleaner look.


Picture 23 – Double room with metallic sheen.


Picture 24 – Double room with a rustic look.


Image 25 – The chandelier has an excellent effect on the environment.

The decor of this room follows a funky line with a mix of white and black. In order not to escape the suggestion, a black chandelier model was chosen with black crystals, but with a dome around it, which further improved the piece.

Image 26 – With the elegant composition of the room, you couldn’t miss a beautiful crystal chandelier.

The crystal chandelier model is able to add more sophisticated decoration.

Image 27 – A pendant with visible wires and lamps at different heights was proposed for this room.

This room follows simple and economical proposals for a double room. In addition to a wrought iron cabinet without doors, the whole romantic touch was on the wall through neon love.

Image 28 – To keep the classic style of the room, add two washing machine type chandeliers, one on each side on the wall.

The washers were very common in decoration, but when inserted into the setting it represents delicacy that every double room should have.

Photo 29 – Emphasize the style of the room in the parts, accessories and materials.


Picture 30 – The chandelier with golden surfaces combined with the tones of the room decoration.

The chandelier and the more yellowish lighting combine with the bed, bed and bedding.

Image 31 – Even if the modern style dominated the room, the piece ensured that the visual brought more beauty to the final composition!


Figure 32 – The larger version can also earn its place on the bedside table.

Strengthen the lighting and chandelier by adding the part next to the mirror.

Picture 33 – In this room the chandelier is finished in stainless steel and crystal.


Image 34 – The reduced version of the chandelier can go on the bedside table.

Every stupid servant asks for a pendant lamp, whatever style you have, don’t forget to put this piece in that corner.

Image 35 – The chandelier with candle lamps has everything to do with the composition of this environment.


Figure 36 – This model combined with all interior styles.


Picture 37 – Classic never loses its place in the decoration.


Figure 38 – Play with the shapes and minimalist in the choice of accessories.


Figure 39 – The simple lamp is a versatile piece of decoration.


Picture 40 – How about innovations in the model? Be brave when decorating!


Picture 41 – Compose with the central chandelier and run the light along the plaster.


Figure 42 – The Provencal style makes the surroundings appear more delicate and romantic.


Picture 43 – This piece shows charm and beauty for the double room.


Picture 44 – With a larger bedside table, it is possible to make a double composition of chandeliers.

To give space to the room, install the chandelier in front of the mirror. In this way it is possible to venture into decoration without giving up a crystal chandelier.

Image 45 – The dome in the chandelier makes the room even cleaner.


Figure 46 – The square chandelier is a classic and elegant model for the bedroom.

For this double room decorated with classic colors, a bet was made on the crystal chandelier with white lamps.

Picture 47 – Another idea is to make a composition of two lamps under the bedside table.


Picture 48 – The dome can also be present in a double room.

The dome is another versatile piece that blends in with different environments in the home. In the bedroom, it’s jovial to hurt the environment a little.

Image 49 – A modern way to illuminate the room is the chandelier with the visible crystals.

The yellow wall took joy into the room, breaking the neutral tones and making way for a youthful and personality-like atmosphere.

Image 50 – The spherical shape with detail is modern and at the same time it gently takes the room into the room.


Image 51 – The rustic room climate is not lost on the chandelier made of natural materials.


Picture 52 – Here the trailers in every stupid villa get a modern version, which is surrounded by a metal net.


Figure 53 – Acrylic chandelier version is another model that inspires the double room.

In keeping with the materials and decorative elements, the chandelier for the bedroom is large and has elegant details in an ideal ratio.

Picture 54 – Another suggestion is to put two chandeliers in the room, one on each side of the bed.


Image 55 – The crystal chandelier is ideal for everyone who wants to turn it into an outstanding item.

In this setting with a romantic and elegant decoration, the lighting is provided by the crystal chandelier. The composition together with the wallpaper makes the item stand out even more.

Picture 56 – The shape of this chandelier gains a modern style and is cool for a young couple’s room.

Picture 56 – The shape of this chandelier gains a modern style and is cool for a young couple’s room.

Image 57 – The model of the black chandelier followed the harmony of the bedroom.


Image 58 – To have a romantic and delicate decoration, the chandelier can follow the Provencal style.


Image 59 – Geometric shapes are a trend in decoration and in this design the chandelier follows the suggestion.


Picture 60 – Here the model receives a reduced version in the wall, which helps to maintain the delicate touch in the room.




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