When planning a wedding, the to-do list never seems to end! And among some items is the church decoration for wedding . After all, the place where the couple will finally unite, the long-awaited “yes” in front of friends and family, must have a decoration that is more than just something special and borders on perfection!
In today’s post we are separating some inspirational pictures for you to support and valuable tips to meet all the details of this long awaited and important moment. Not to forget:

  • Walking to the “Yes” : Decorating the way the groom, godparents, bridesmaids, and ultimately the bride pass by is one of the main points of a church wedding.
  • Low lighting for a more romantic and cozy atmosphere : The best part about working with enclosed spaces is planning all the details, including how light falls at each point in the room. In weddings it is ideal to get low and cozy lighting with yellowish light. Then you bet on candles and floor lamps and chandeliers.
  • Wedding colors: The predominant wedding decoration colors are white and gold, but don’t be afraid to add a few more colors to this mix, especially with flowers and plants!

60 inspiring pictures of church decor for wedding

Let’s go the pictures? Check out the internet’s best gallery of pictures of church decorations for the wedding and use these inspirations to your advantage. See also tips for simple wedding decoration.

Luxury church decoration for wedding

Image 1 – Flower path in a large church as a separation for the path of the bride and groom and the guests.

Luxury church decoration for wedding
One way to avoid the way in which only the carers, godparents and godmothers happen is a separation with decorative elements of the banks, where the guests are well demarcated. How about a kind of hedge or a well-flowing marking of these spaces?

Image 2 – Flowers and points of light in the way of the bride and groom.

Flowers and light spots on the bride and groom path
In a large church there can be more than one hallway between the pews. One way to mark what will be the main thing is to work in the decoration capichar and even work with lights, it will highlight the place even for those who are wide.

Figure 3 – Altar decorated with bouquets of flowers and light tones.

Altar with bouquets of flowers

Working with mostly flowering plants in churches bring a touch of nature and give more attention to some specific points, like the altar, as they are not used much in normal masses.

Picture 4 – The walls of the altar decorated with flowers and bushes.

Flowers and shrubs on the walls of the altar
Get even more elements of nature, don’t be afraid to venture a little!

Image 5 – Another breakdown of the bride and groom path.

Division of bride and groom path with flowers

Picture 6 – Flowers for a colorful and different touch in the church.

Use flowers to add a colorful touch to the church
The flowers used in the decorations of the church can even be white, but the cool thing to decorate with them is to enjoy their shapes and colors to give a different air to the place.

Image 7 – Entrance with hanging candles to promote the warm and cozy atmosphere of the church.

Entrance with hanging candles

The decoration of the church for the wedding means not only the inside, but also the outside, especially near the doors of the place.

Image 8 – Decoration of the altar with light fabric and candles in light colors of your choice.

Altar decoration with light fabric
To add a touch of lightness to the environment, another element that is used a lot and that adds a lot to the desired climate is a light weight fabric and light color.

Image 9 – Flowers and candles for an intimate and romantic mood.

Flowers and candles for a romantic mood

Image 10 – Glass reflects the ceiling painting on the way of the bride and groom.

Glass reflecting the ceiling painting
The oldest and most traditional churches have special paintings on the altar and can add a lot to your decoration. Think about how you can incorporate them!

Image 11 – Specific points with leaves, flowers and candlesticks.

Leaves, flowers and candlesticks

Candles in the church decoration

Details of the decoration in the church
If the surroundings of your church are darker and the lighting is getting heavier, rely on bright flowers to balance the space and give it a greater freshness.

Picture 12 – Large bouquets of flowers at the foot of the altar.

Great bouquets at the foot of the altar

Picture 13 – Another green fence in the central part of the church.

Green fence in the central area of ​​the church

Image 14 – Bodenweg and large, raised bouquets of flowers.

Path decorated at ground level
A good strategy is to decorate in several levels or levels.

Different, creative and colorful church decor for the wedding

Image 15 – Leaves in garland format for a rustic touch and attentive to traditions.

Leaves in garland format
Garlands are widespread at Christmas and have a meaning that also makes sense at weddings: health and wealth!

Picture 16 – Enjoy the high ceilings to make a different decoration on the ceiling.

Different decoration with high ceilings
Another way to be creative is to think of all the options for decorating the environment: the blanket is included in the package!

Image 17 – Highlight for colored ribbons and large candlesticks on the way to the altar.

Highlight for colorful ribbons

Satin ribbons are extremely inexpensive and make a simple decoration that can be made quickly.

Image 18 – White wedding: keep the classic color and minimalist decoration.

White wedding: highlight for light color
Beautiful church decoration with focus on the white

Image 19 – Lencinhos for those who always shout at weddings!

Litter for those who weep in marriage
Every marriage has its weeping, be it family or friends. Prepare and make fun of them!

Picture 20 – Dry branches and a light path to the altar.

Dry branches and a path of light for the altar

Image 21 – Glitter and candles scattered along the way.

Glitter and scattered candles
For a touch of magic and glam, how about investing in some glitter pots?

Image 22 – Minimalist and natural wedding: Use your creativity to decorate easily and inexpensively with your favorite plants.

Minimalist and natural wedding
This idea works especially in churches with fewer decorations. A way to personalize the environment.

Picture 23 – Family history.

Family History in Decorating: A Creative Option
Since marriage is a ceremony that brings a good part of the family together, how about a little homage to the ancestors of the groom and bride?

Photo 24 – The perfect wedding for book lovers: Pages from your favorite books will lead you to the altar.

Perfect Wedding for Book Lovers
Another very charming way to highlight the main aisle. There is no more perfect environment for book lovers.

Image 25 – Decoration for a simple church: crepe paper flowers.

Simple church decoration
If the price of natural flowers goes beyond the prescribed budget, think about alternative and cheaper options to replace. The plastic flowers work and the crepe paper gives the room a relaxed air.

Image 26 – Another alternative decoration: ribbons!

Another alternative decoration with ribbons

Picture 27 – Paper lanterns for a pleasant and simple environment.

Paper lanterns for a pleasant environment
The paper lanterns, which are very popular in oriental shops, are very easy to assemble, inexpensive and bring a more modern feel to the classic ambience of the church.

Picture 28 – Lots of lights in the decoration of a Protestant church.

Lights in the decoration of evangelical church
Marking out the altar, candles, or flashing lights can be a very suitable form of decoration for an environment with less decorative elements.

Picture 29 – The couple’s initials in the decoration.

The couple's initials in decoration
Another detail that can be done by hand and relates to the invitation. The couple’s initials are easy to compose in the decoration and still function as a mark of the church.

Simple wedding church decoration

Picture 30 – Outside decoration in the church with leaves and ribbons.

Sheets and ribbons for simple external decoration
Another way to decorate the entrance of the church.

Picture 31 – Detail in the decoration with rope.

Rope decoration detail
Detail in the decoration with ropes
The rope is another element that can be used in a simple and inexpensive decoration.

Image 32 – Bet on artificial leaves to save the unexpected and money!

Spare unforeseen with artificial leaves in the decoration

Picture 33 – Natural detail also on the chandeliers.

Natural detail in chandeliers

Image 34 – Select flowers and herbs that have a special meaning for you and still perfume the environment.

Flowers and herbs
Thinking about herbs for decorating is another trump card to put up your sleeve. Besides being cheaper, it is a decoration that can be made at home and very quickly.

Picture 35 – Candles on the floor to delimit rooms.

Candles on the floor to delimit spaces

Picture 36 – Decoration of the pews with tulle imitating the bride’s veil.

Decoration with tulle imitating the veil of the bride
One of the most striking elements of a wedding is the wedding dress. And the decor can be based entirely on its order and colors.

Picture 37 – Natural arch for the beloved to keep their marriage vows.

Natural arch in church decoration
The arches give weddings a very romantic and intimate atmosphere, especially when placed in a church. They can be used in all styles, from flowers, leaves to exposed metal armor.

Picture 38 – Another example of flowers that share the environment.

Church Decor for Wedding: 60 Creative Ideas to Be Inspired

Image 39 – Be aware of the elements of the tradition that you will be following.

Church Decor for Wedding: 60 Creative Ideas Get Inspired 1
According to the wedding tradition that you will follow, some elements are required and cannot be forgotten. Separate a special room for them so there is no rush.

Picture 40 – Flowers of various sizes on the decoration of the pews.

Church Decor for Wedding: 60 Creative Ideas Get Inspired 2

Picture 41 – Think of the different types of plants that can make up the environment.

Church Decorating for Marriage: 60 Creative Ideas Be Inspired 3
White roses are traditional weddings, but any type of plant can create a special decoration for the chosen space, even an unusual type for this purpose, like the palm trees used in this picture.

Picture 42 – Decoration with flowers on the cross for an evangelical church.

Church Decorating for Marriage: 60 Creative Ideas Be Inspired 4

Picture 43 – Few elements to use the architecture of the chosen church.

Church Decor for Wedding: 60 Creative Ideas Be Inspired 5
Church decoration is an important wedding planning point, but when choosing a church with eye-catching interior decoration, let it be the protagonist of your plans.

Picture 44 – Your favorite flowers on the altar.

Church Decor for Wedding: 60 Creative Ideas Be Inspired 6

Image 45 – Mason jar as a container for flowers.

Church Decorating for Marriage: 60 Creative Ideas Be Inspired 7
In a more intimate, rustic and DIY atmosphere, mason jars are always welcome and add a unique touch to the decor.

Figure 46 – Structure for candle imbued with the vitality of nature.

Church Decor for Wedding: 60 Creative Ideas to Be Inspired 8

Picture 47 – Another corridor with flowers and fabrics.

Church Decor for Wedding: 60 Creative Ideas to Be Inspired 9

Image 48 – Lights in different sizes for an illuminated walk.

Church Decor for Wedding: 60 Creative Ideas to Be Inspired 10
In addition to candle lights, lights are great for intimate moods with low, punctual lights.

Small church decoration for wedding

Image 49 – Enjoy the archway from the church door to the main decor.

Church Decor for Wedding: 60 Creative Ideas to Be Inspired 11
Church Decorating for Marriage: 60 Creative Ideas to Be Inspired 12
As we said before, the exterior decoration is very important and should speak and even be a preview of the interior of the church.

Picture 50 – Mark the entrance of the bride.

Church Decorating for Marriage: 60 Creative Ideas to Be Inspired 13

Picture 51 – Decoration with flowers on the mezzanine.

Church Decorating for Marriage: 60 Creative Ideas to Be Inspired 14

Picture 52 – Follow the color palette of the church.

Follow the church color palette
To think about the establishment, there is nothing better than starting from the existing church.

Picture 53 – Decoration of a small church with few elements.

Decorating a small church with few elements

Picture 54 – Cupolas and terrariums in wedding decorations.

Domes and terrariums in decoration
Nowadays, the decorations with natural elements at parties are always higher. It couldn’t be otherwise with wedding ceremonies.

Picture 55 – Work with the different climates lighting can offer you.

Work with the different climates that lighting can provide
Control points and light levels for a romantic, intimate or fun mood.

Picture 56 – Many natural impressions also work in reduced rooms.

Many touches of nature in the decoration

Picture 57 – Flowers on the altar.

Decoration of flowers on the altar

Image 58 – For a small church: reduce decors and give the room a feeling of spaciousness.

Small church decoration for wedding
Reducing the number of decorative elements does not mean that there is no decoration, and in some rooms it can affect the feeling of the amplitude of the environment.

Picture 59 – Flower arch at the entrance and exit of the room.

Flower arch at the entrance and exit of space

Picture 60 – Follow the architectural lines in the decoration of the church.

Follow the lines of architecture in the decoration of the church
For churches with a large right foot or with mostly vertical decorations, these lines give the room a sense of grandeur.



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