A lively sofa, eye-catching sideboard, lamps, and colorful furniture can transform a room with neutral tones. We have seen in other posts that colors have the ability to change an environment, but the question often arises of how to combine a colorful piece of furniture with the rest of the decoration. So the Easy Decor gave some tips so as not to overdo the dose of color and intensity!

The easiest way to combine colorful furniture is a base in neutral colors and a cell phone with highlight color. For example, bet on a key piece in the room, a color dresser will add personality to the room and just ensure that the rest of the environment has balanced colors, including the wall and sofa.

For those who enjoy handcraft, you can use the sanding and painting process to restore this old furniture. In addition to a new part, the furniture stays with your personality and becomes an exclusive piece!

Another suggestion is to mix two colors in the environment, an example is those who want colored furniture, either in parts or accessories. An alternative is playing with the keys – composed with candy colors or in stronger tones such as a bic blue and a pink rose. In the latter case, the mix of contrasting colors makes the atmosphere appear cheerful and lively.

Models and photos of colorful furniture

If you want to change the look of the house, go for the colorful furniture. Not only are they a trend in decoration, they combine with all styles, from the most deprived to the most modern. Take a look at some environments and learn how to use these tips in your home:

Colorful kitchen furniture

The current designs of modern kitchens don’t necessarily have to have sober colors with a clean look in the entire environment. The colors can be part of the project and bring more joy and vibrancy to the place. We can see the color in kitchen cabinets, cabinet doors, countertops, shelves and decorative objects like vases, chairs, niches and so on.

If you plan to use multiple colors in the kitchen, it is ideal to choose pastel colors that will not put too much strain on the surroundings. If you’re a fan of stronger colors like red, orange, and dark blue, try just one or two pieces of furniture depending on the size of the area.

Picture 1 – Kitchen cabinet with vivid color and at the same time a clean and modern environment.


Photo 2 – Modern and colorful cabinets for the kitchen.


Picture 3 – One way to distinguish the cabinet in the kitchen is to use colored doors.


Picture 4 – Kitchen cabinet with Tiffany blue color.


Picture 5 – Kitchen with orange worktop.

Referring to Fig.

A brightly colored countertop with a warm color in a kitchen with sober colors is an interesting idea to make the environment more lively.

Image 6 – Ride a kitchen with some colorful details.


This design used the colors in some closet details and at the bottom of the alcove with the light pink color.

Figure 7 – For those who own American cuisine, you can bet on high benches with their own color.


Colorful bedroom furniture

A colorful decor in the bedroom is an alternative to compose with the decor and make the atmosphere more cheerful. In addition to the furniture itself, you can use decorative objects in harmony with the color of the furniture.

Figure 8 – A colorful bedside table makes all the difference in the room.

Referring to Fig.

Image 9 – Rely on a differentiated and colorful chair that gives life to the room.

Referring to Fig.

Image 10 – Bet on a colorful crib for the baby room.


Image 11 – Children’s furniture for children’s rooms.


Colorful living room furniture

The rooms are environments that can receive colorful furniture. From sideboards, shelves, small tables, sofas and armchairs. Ideal for this minimalist room with white walls or neutral colors. Here are some examples:

Image 12 – The chest of drawers is a key piece in the room and the colorful models are on the rise.


An environment with obvious concrete industrial features is given a different face with brightly colored furniture.

Picture 13 – Put in a colored piece to bring the living touch to the living room.


In this proposal the small yellow round table was placed in the room, which has the gray tones as the predominant color.

Picture 14 – Clean living room with green dresser.


Picture 15 – Modern room with yellow armchairs.


Image 16 – Small furniture for the living room.


Image 17 – Another idea is to bet on a small piece of furniture to color your living room.


Figure 18 – The printed sofa is a charming and prominent item in the living room.


The sofas with printed fabrics are different and fun. They can perfectly pair with more feminine environments.

Colorful furniture for home office

We know that the home office should be a quiet and focused place. Even so, a touch of color can be interesting to break the formality. In addition to painting, worktops and chairs can also be colored.

Picture 19 – Play with shapes, drawings and have a fun wall in the home office.


Picture 20 – Home office with yellow chair.


Antique, Provencal, Retro and Vintage furniture

Renovating old furniture is practical and inexpensive. If you don’t have one of them at home, antique and thrift stores can be bought for a much more attractive price. Since this furniture is already showing some wear and tear, an alternative is to paint it a colored paint. You will see this step by step at the end of the post. You can choose to sand the furniture or not, which in the second case the less work.

Picture 21 – For those looking for something discreet, the furniture can choose candy colors.


More models, photos and ideas for colorful furniture

See nicer references that we separate for you to be inspired. At the end of the post, follow the videos of techniques and tutorials to reform your phone in style.

Image 22 – Inspired by a theme, the project won a Lego design in the project below.


Image 23 – What about this neon yellow partition?


Photo 24 – The shelves can be colored with a number of niches.


Image 25 – Do not be afraid to opt for a colored sofa, the tendency is to make the piece stand out in the environment.


Image 26 – Add a touch of color by opting for a composition of colored chairs.


Picture 27 – Play with shades of one color in the decoration of the surroundings.


Image 28 – Do you want to dare? Place a colorful piece of furniture with a distinctive design.


Image 29 – The benches are a very common object in residential projects, so an alternative is to step out of the neutral to stop them with a colored fabric.


Photo 30 – Assemble an overlapping and colorful version of the coffee tables.


Picture 31 – Colored furniture under the stairs.


Picture 32 – An alternative is to paint the inner parts of the niches.


Image 33 – Even with the colorful furniture, the color combination has not left the rest of the decor untouched.


Image 34 – Vintage kitchen with pink baby furniture.


Picture 35 – Yellow is a color that corresponds to the wood tone of the joinery.


Picture 36 – In addition to optimizing the room, the floating furniture stood out in the surrounding area because it was a different color from the rest.


Image 37 – Gray sofa with colored side table.


Image 38 – Bring color to some of the joinery details.


Picture 39 – Select only the shelf to color the surroundings.


Picture 40 – Furniture painted red.


Picture 41 – Corridor with colored cupboard.


Figure 42 – The versions with a signed design are full of colors and shades.


Picture 43 – One option is the color with only the door of the cabinet.


Picture 44 – Created colorful courage.


Figure 45 – Balcony with colored decoration.


Picture 46 – Female apartment with rose furniture.


Picture 47 – Sit on colored benches for a gourmet barbecue.


Picture 48 – Furniture with colored drawers.


Image 49 – Colored sanitary facilities represent style and personality.


Figure 50 – Blue sideboard with woody details.


Image 51 – Small cabinet with geometric shapes.


Illus. 52 – Color TV support.


Picture 53 – Check out the treats your dog can have and still adorn any area around the house.


Image 54 – Paint each part of your antique dining attachment to make it colorful.


Image 55-Get inspired in a colorful and happy environment.


Picture 56 – Metal cabinets are colored with a spray paint.


Picture 57 – Assemble a shelf with hydraulic lines, they can be colored, bringing the whole differential into the environment.


Picture 58 – Place colored niches to add lightness to the look of the closet.


Image 59 – Colorful dining table with neutral chairs.


Picture 60 – Niches in the color gradient.


Image 61 – Colored easel for home office desk.


Picture 62 – Or dare the color and abuse your favorite shades in the woodwork.


The metallic tone of the stainless steel goes well with the bright colors of the furniture: blue and pink.

Picture 63 – Beyond the colorful furniture, abuse the cheerful objects and decorations in the room.


How to paint a mobile step by step

1. Do it yourself, paint your old furniture

In this example you will learn how to paint your antique furniture step by step. An important tip is that the furniture is clean, sanded and, in this case, painted white with spray. The materials required are:

  • Cell phone, mobile phone;
  • Various colored sprays;
  • Plastic bags;
  • Masking tape;

The bags and tape are used to insulate parts of the furniture that you don’t want to paint or apply a different color. Check out the details in the video below:

2. How to paint furniture without sanding

This video explains in a practical way how it is possible to paint a piece of metal or wooden furniture without necessarily sanding it. In this case, the stone chip was applied in an old metal file before the ink. Check the details below:

3. How to paint lacquered furniture without sanding

Check out another video that explains how to use the rock beat as a base to paint a piece of lacquered furniture without the need for sanding and dirt.

4. How to renovate an antique furniture – bedside table

Would you like to learn how to stain antique furniture with paint? This walkthrough explains in a practical way how you can achieve this with a bright white color and blue color to give the bedside table an incredible finish:

5. How to dye a retro bedside table yellow

Watch this step by step as the bedside table was restored, painted white with water paint and then with the yellow paint. An important point that must be followed for a better result is to respect the manufacturer’s recommended drying time between coats. Further in the video:

6. How to color a dresser with geometric shapes

In this walkthrough, you’ll learn how to use masking tape and colored varnish to paint a geometric shape on the white dresser. Check below:

7. How to renovate furniture with paper contact



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