Container House: 60 projects, prices, photos and tips

The construction of a container house is increasingly common, so it is always possible to find such a design in decorative patterns. Even in smaller towns, there is always this colorful house with stacked containers that catches anyone crossing the sidewalk.

Although this type of apartment is the dream of many, it is necessary to analyze some important things before deciding on a house in a container. Whether you are an area expert or a lover of this type of construction, be sure to read these tips:

What is the ideal reason for a container house?

There are two tank sizes, 6m and 12m long, both 2.5m wide. Therefore, it is ideal that the area of ​​the insertion of the apartment can be adapted to these measures. Remember that you must add legal areas such as distance, setbacks, and permeable space according to your city.

Another important point is the topography of the terrain. As in any work, the design is flatter, cheaper and faster, the container is no different. An area with multiple accesses and maneuvering space is essential for a job of this kind as the container is transported to the site with a crane.

Care for transport

In general, near the road is the electrical wiring where the truck and cranes are fitted with the container. Without this sufficient space for the displacement, it will be necessary to remove the wires, which involves cost and planning.

Legislation for a house in the container

All types of construction require the approval of City Hall, so you have a good specialist at your side to run an executive project that deals with all the bureaucratic issues involved in container construction.

Every city has a procedure for this approval, if in doubt, seek this professional help to continue with your project!

Recall that all buildings need the registration, and with the housing in the container is the same. The famous storage containers or caravans enter another level, in this case not tested!

What kind of container for a house?

There are different types of containers for each type of use. In terms of housing, High Cube and Standard have the biggest advantage due to their height and load limit.

If you choose a used container, check its origin and what has been transported, as toxic materials can harm the health of the residents in the future. If it is rusty, it is possible to apply sandpaper and paint treatment to leave it fresh for use.

Price of a container house

The value can vary from region to region and also from the provider. Problems like quality, size, type and coatings change the price considerably. But on average, the design varies from R.000 to R.000 reais.

Container construction care

The container is 100% steel, a heat-sensitive material in which the likelihood of a temperature drop or increase is enormous. Therefore, it is ideal to have a thermal coating so that the entire room is pleasant in summer and winter.

60 container house to inspire ideas

After these tips, take a look at our selection of 60 container designs that cover everything from architecture, decoration and plants. Maybe you are not inspired by this type of house, right?

1- Volume with different positions.

Container house: 60 projects, prices, photos and tips

2 – Mix of concrete and container.

Container house: 60 projects, prices, photos and tips 1

It is possible to mix two types in the same building. In the above project the proof of this mixture was successfully carried out!

3 – Container coated in wood.

Container house: 60 projects, prices, photos and tips 2
To make your construction more modern, work with the wooden floor. Note that in some areas the steel obviously gives the original air in the construction.

 4 – House in the container with two floors.

Container house: 60 projects, prices, photos and tips 3

5 – The steel plate can be painted to accentuate the facade.

The steel sheet can be painted to highlight the facade
In addition to other materials such as wood and glass, the painting also emphasizes the look of this facade.

6 – A contemporary construction with a strong concept.

A contemporary construction with a strong concept

The construction was designed by 12 containers, which have a different architecture due to their colors and volumes. The great thing is that each block has a different activity that can be used in your project.

 7 – Stacked in another way.

Stacked in a different way

8 – Linear container house.

Linear container house

9 – Work full and empty in architecture.

Work the full and empty in the architecture
In this case, design balconies and outdoor areas should be highlighted by a material other than steel. In the above design, the wood details reinforced these spaces.

10 – House container very sustainable.

Highly sustainable container house

11 – A young and modern residence.

A young and modern residence
The dorm receives a noble position in the construction. Its glass panels allow a spectacular view outside.

12 – Promote your style in construction.

Promote your building style

13 – On narrow terrain are also welcome.

On narrow grounds you are so welcome

14 – Container and metal structure.

Container and metal structure

15 – Make a contrast of colors.

Make a color contrast.
Paint containers in different colors to highlight the architecture. They draw attention to everyone who passes by on the street!

16 – Details of wood take rusticity to the house.

Wooden details bring rusticity to the house

17 – Covering a house in the container.

Covering a house in container
This cover has the hydraulic structure and a small recreational area for the residents. The private sun deck was designed not to disable this area of ​​the container.

18 – House of simple containers.

Single container house

19 – House container for the family.

Container house for the family

20 – The blocks mark the construction.

Blocks that highlight construction

21 – Create accesses and external circulations.

Create external accesses and circulations
Balconies and stairs can be positioned on the outside of the house. In this way, the accesses for everyday life are simpler and more functional.

22 – Container crossed.

Cross containers

23 – Paint containers in different colors.

Paint containers in different colors

24 – Attached by a metal structure.

Fixed by a metal structure
Since it is a construction in equilibrium, a metal construction was planned to hold the upper container. The solution for the façade was to highlight this structural detail with a red color.

25 – The big deck connects the terrain areas.

The large deck interconnects the terrain areas

26 – House container with lid.

Covered container house

 27 – The set conveys the overall style of the house.

The set conveys the whole style of the house
When designing a house, themes such as landscape design, façade, materials and colors come together in architecture. Do not forget to combine all these points so that they are harmonious in the end result.

28 – Create Balconies in Empty Areas.

Create balconies in empty areas

29 – The facade treatment gets a cool and friendly atmosphere.

The facade treatment gains on airy and jovial air

30 – Pull the container in!

An example of pull in container

 31 – Openings are important.

The openings are important
Every house needs translucent windows or doors for the entry and exit of light and air. Try to play with different shapes on the windows to achieve the differential touch of your facade. In the above case, the geometric details of the construction.

32 – Solar panels are part of the architecture.

Solar panels are part of the architecture

33 – Container house with garage.

Container house with garage

34 – The central courtyard connects the two sides of the house.

Central patio that connects the two sides of the house

35 – Container house on the beach.

Container house on the beach

 36 – Modern container house.

Modern container house

37 – Mix of colors and materials.

Mix colors and materials

38 – The cover protects the balcony area.

The cover protects the balcony

39 – Building construction.

Building style building

40 – The terrain helps to improve the architecture.

The terrain helps to enhance the architecture
The sloping terrain did not disturb the container construction. On the contrary, with high investments it was possible to build a stylish house where the floor helped to keep the whole construction.

41 – Container house with swimming pool.

Container house with swimming pool

42 – Container house with balcony.

Model container house with balcony

Projects and plans of the container house

43 – Ground floor of a simple container house.

Ground floor of a simple container house
Being a small standard-size container, the layout fits perfectly with the needs of a couple. The sofa becomes a bed, the kitchen has minimal dimensions and the partitions are provided with a masonry reinforcement.

 44 – Integrated environments for better operation.

Integrated environments for better operation
For a young single, try prioritizing the integration of environments. After all, privacy is everywhere in the house! Try to make it look like it’s a studio apartment, where spaces are thought to suit the everyday life of the resident.

 45 – Glass doors integrate the outside and inside of the building.

Glass doors are part of the internal and external environment integration
They are the perfect solution for those who have an outdoor area. Since the project has a balcony and a swimming pool, privacy should be taken into account.

 46 – Flexible furniture is the key to a better layout.

Flexible furniture for the environment
The bed has an opening system that adapts to the resident’s schedules. He can close the bed all day and gain more social space for other activities.

 47 – Linearity is its main feature.

Linearity is your best proposal
Workplace in a linear way, ie a single corridor connects all environments of the house.

Container house decoration

The decoration of a house in a container will depend very much on the taste and profile of the inhabitants. Everyone has their own style, be it industrial, modern, cozy, rustic, Scandinavian, etc. Finally, in this proposal, no decoration is to be considered.

Combining functionality and beauty is the main purpose of this decoration!

48 – A touch of color to underline the originality of the building.

A touch of color for the building

 49 – The industrial style comes with everything in the proposal.

Industrial style with everything in the proposal

 50 – Stripped and creative!

Stripped and creative

 51 – Get inspired in a tropical decor.

Inspire yourself in a tropical decor

 52 – Container house with masculine decoration.

Container house with male decoration

53 – Small but well-planned environments.

Small but very well planned environments

54 – Container house with contemporary decoration.

Container house with contemporary decoration

55 – A friendly decoration to show the profile of the resident.

A jovial decoration for the resident's profile

56 – Container partitions also appear in the residence.

Container partitions also appear inside the residence

57 – Container house with modern decoration.

Container house with modern decoration

58 – The decor has to be creative and original.

Creative and original decoration

59 – Mirror to bring the amplitude.

Mirrors to carry amplitude

60 – Prioritize your needs!

Prioritize your needs1904


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