Contemporary houses

The residence in contemporary style is one with simple lines and shapes. Not only in the work of the facade, but also in the inner part of the house, it is thought differently. So the contemporary in architecture is something that brings the new, modern technology and a bit of minimalism with it.

Most of these designs have large windows and spacious interior areas, it is usually preferable with a high right foot to have that feeling of spaciousness. Consequently, all its environments are integrated, there are few brick walls in the social areas. For example, when a social environmental division takes place, the inner to the outer area is made by sliding glass doors, so that the visual connection of the garden exists.

The facade is a very important point to characterize this style. It is seen with large openings, volume sets and high quality materials. It is very common to see volumes with striking details, such as wood paneling or blown out of the façade, highlighted in soft colors. And you see, the big difference is that all the pages work that way either through some material or an opening.

The recreational area is considered a relaxing space, so the pools take on organic forms and receive items such as waterfalls or fireplaces. The gourmet room is equipped with stone benches and generally uses modern armchairs that harmonize with a large table and are always integrated into the living room or kitchen.

If you want to look at this trend of contemporary house style, you should take a look at our gallery and be surprised about the effect in the house. Let yourself be inspired by our ideas:

1 – Modern house with wood paneling

Image (1)

2 – Modern house with entrance hall in concrete

Image (2)

3 – Semi-buried contemporary house

Image (3)

4 – Modern house with wooden block

Image (4)

 5 – Contemporary house with volume on the facade

Image (5)

 6 – Modern house with swiveling glass door

Image (6)

7 – Modern house with high ceilings in the lobby

Image (7)

8 – Modern house with outdoor pool

figure 8)

 9 – Contemporary house with breeze on the facade

Image (9)

10 – Modern house with sliding doors on the facade

Image (10)

11 – Modern house with balcony

Image (11)

12 – Modern house with fireplace in the pool

Image (12)

13 – Modern house with facade in balance

Image (13)

14 – Zeitgenössisches Haus des Erdgeschosses

Image (14)

15 – Modernes Haus mit Steinfassade

Image (15)

16 – Modernes Haus mit Balkon

Image (16)

17 – Modernes Haus mit Glasfassade

Image (17)

18 – Modernes Haus mit weißen Blöcken an der Fassade

Image (18)


19 – Modernes Haus mit Betonblock an der Fassade

Image (19)

20 – Modernes Haus mit Kamin im Wohnzimmer

Image (20)

21 – Ganzes zeitgenössisches Glashaus

Image (21)

22 – Modernes Haus mit Betonblock

Image (22)

23 – Modernes Haus mit schmalem Pool

Image (23)

24 – Modernes Haus mit Veranda, die das Fenster umgeht

Image (24)

25 – Modernes Haus mit leerer Fassade

Image (25)

26 – Modernes Haus mit Metallstruktur

Image (26)

27 – Modernes Haus mit Leiter, die an Stahldrähten aufgehängt sind

Image (27)

28 – Modernes Haus mit Pilotis

Image (28)

29 – Modernes Haus mit Wohnzimmer mit hohen Decken

Image (29)

30 – Modernes Haus mit Steinblock an der Fassade

Image (30)

31 – Modernes Haus mit zwei Etagen

Image (31)

32 – Modernes Haus mit Pergola-Holz-Abdeckung

Image (32)

33 – Modernes Haus mit Dachpool

Image (33)

34 – Modernes Haus mit Treppenstufen an der Wand befestigt

Image (34)

35 – Modernes Haus mit integrierten Umgebungen

Image (35)

36 – Modernes Haus mit großem Pool

Image (36)

 37 – Modernes Haus mit hängender Abdeckung

Image (37)

38 – Modernes Haus mit Schiebefenstern

Image (38)

39 – Modernes Haus mit doppelter Deckenhöhe

Image (39)

40 – Modernes Haus mit Holzfassade

Image (40)41 – Modernes Haus mit Kamin an der Küchentheke

Image (41)

42 – Modernes Haus mit externem Gourmetbereich

Image (42)

43 – Modernes Haus mit Holzbrise

Image (43)

44 – Modernes Haus mit Meerblick

Image (44)

45 – Modernes Haus mit Glastüren

Image (45)

46 – Modernes Haus mit Glastrennwänden

Image (46)

47 – Modernes Haus mit Cortenstahl

Image (47)

48 – Modernes Haus mit weißer Dekoration

Image (48)49 – Modern house with bathtub in the room

Image (49)

50 – Modern house with wood paneling and concrete in the living room

Image (50)



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