With Christmas celebrations approaching, the special decoration of this party appears in all kinds of space, at home, at work, in shops and even in public places with industrialized or artisanal ornaments, the most important is being able to make special decoration to suit everyone People who see it convey the values ​​of Christmas. Today we are the handmade Christmas ornaments talk

Today we’re separating 60 ideas to inspire you in Christmas decorations, but with a completely DIY or handmade footprint!

Then you are going to sort all of your stuff and check out these very important tips before you start:

  • Office Supplies : Discover stationery items that can compose various Christmas items like colored papers, adhesive tapes, inks and glitter for fun and super cheap decor.
  • Explore the manual arts : knitting, crocheting, embroidery … Work with fabrics such as felt, satin ribbons
  • Sustainable craft : The recycling and recovery of elements and objects are among the most researched waves of contemporary craft.
  • Repackaging the old and the traditional : The funniest thing is to work with the established references, the classics such as trees, round ornaments, garlands, bells, lights … Everything can be done in a more modern tone and with your favorite style!

60 ideas for handmade Christmas ornaments should be inspired step by step

Well, let’s get together: we’re separating the best ideas from handmade Christmas ornaments so you can get some inspiration before making yours. Take a look at the individual examples step by step

Image 1 – Fabric poster of Christmas tree with texture and relief.

Christmas tree fabric poster
A Christmas tree can be expensive and take up a lot of space, especially if your home is small. How about unleashing creativity and building an alternate tree to hang on the wall? A fabric base can be a great choice.

Image 2 – Chain of stars with countdown to the time to celebrate.

Countdown Stars Chain
Stars are recurring elements in Christmas decorations and can be made from a variety of materials, from paper to small wooden boxes. For an even more special touch, do a countdown!

Figure 3 – Wires for modeling and laying on the tree.

Wires decorated for modeling

Wires are very versatile and you can use them to make many types of drawings. Use the imagination to create a different and creative tree canopy!

Figure 4 – Whimsical tree decorations.

Quirky tree ornaments
To get out of a traditional decor and create something with your face, invest in paints and other materials to customize ornaments you already have at home!

Picture 5 – How to make mini Christmas trees with colored string.

Christmas mini-trees with colorful string

Here is a complete tutorial on how to make this type of tree! Think about how you find it more interesting, with more or less string in the structure:

Craft Christmas ornaments: 60 ideas with photos and how to do

Image 6 – Hanging stockings: festive and personalized.

Personalized socks for hanging

The stockings that hang in the fireplace may not be part of the Christmas tradition in Brazil, but mainly in the United States, they are items that cannot be lacking in decoration!

Image 7 – Fake Christmas lights.

Christmas fake lighting
The colorful blinkers are nice and add more color to the decor, but an alternative to these little lights is your paper sizes with lots of brightness!

Picture 8 – Pinhas full of colors and shimmer to decorate the house.

Colored pinecones to decorate the house.

Pine cones, pine fruits, the most famous trees of Christmas, can be found in several places and make a super different and inexpensive decoration. Collect in parks and give them a new and special glow!

Image 9 – Tree without leaves and various EVA ornaments.

Handmade Christmas ornament in EVA
In recent years, with minimalist decoration trends and inspiration in Scandinavia, Christmas trees are getting new shapes, sizes and even branches can be used to make a different Christmas decoration. Complement with simple, easy-to-make embellishments with stationery.

Picture 10 – Handmade Christmas ornament for table: ring for napkin with tree format.

Ring for napkin in tree format

In an elegant and well-crafted table, the napkin holders give the decor, even more in the Christmas style, a finishing touch.

Image 11 – Garland with colorful straws.

Garland with colorful straws
Use traditional shapes with new materials, like this garland, to innovate in Christmas decorations! To do this, use a rounded base a few inches wide made of cardboard or paraná paper and fit straws to the completion of the wheel.

Figure 12 – Christmas decorations personalized for the tree.

Personalized Christmas tree ornaments

Picture 13 – To do with children: decorate Christmas tree paper with the memories of the year.

Handmade paper christmas tree
As already mentioned, the Christmas decor enchants most people, especially children, who want to prepare everything for the arrival of Santa Claus. Enjoy the wave of handcrafted trees and alternatives to ride along with the little ones and decorate with the best times of the year!

Picture 14 – Decorating the table with the decorations left over from the decoration of the tree.

Decorate the table with ornaments left over from the tree.

Tree decorations left? Use to decorate another place in the house or even to decorate the Christmas dinner table!

Figure 15 – Handmade Christmas tree ball: the closed paper umbrella turns into a Christmas tree to decorate the cupcakes.

Handcrafted cupcake for cupcakes
Stick umbrellas are very popular for decorating drinks with a more tropical face, but they are also easy to toppers for your candy and in the right color in the Christmas mood.

Picture 16 – Christmas ornament: Christmas mason jars.

Mason Jars Christmas
The darlings of the moment in decoration couldn’t miss! Glass jars are great containers for various types of decoration and even packaging for a Christmas keepsake.

Picture 17 – Christmas with cheerful colors and relaxed at the table.

Colorful handmade Christmas decoration
Christmas decorations have a traditional pattern with shapes and colors that appear all the time, but if you are a little more creative you can create new patterns and traditions for your party.

Picture 18 – Time to draw and paint.

Handmade option: draw and color

Another example of how Christmas decorations can be simple, easy, cheap and super creative!

Image 19 – Pendant decoration with colored straws and a model to follow!

Pendant decoration with colorful straws
The pendant decoration is also in fashion lately and is one of the funniest and easiest: use straws and string to create a mobile with straight lines. And if you want a more sophisticated touch, paint with a metallic spray! Nobody will realize how easy it was! See this picture from Step by Step 1 and Step by Step 2 to do something similar.

Image 20 – Another artificial blinker to make the decor more fun and spontaneous.

Fake hand held flasher

Picture 21 – Christmas bells scattered around the house.

Christmas bells scattered around the house
The bells are another Christmas sensation! They can be bought in bulk and scattered around every corner of the house, creating simpler dots of decor.

Picture 22 – Do it yourself decoration: The Christmas figures.

Christmas characters as handmade ornaments
Another idea with the little ones: decorate pots and create completely new characters for this time of year. Don’t forget to pack them well!

Image 23 – Craft Christmas decorations: musical Christmas socks.

Christmas Stockings Musical
Another example of stockings hanging and customized.

Picture 24 – Small trees that are scattered around the house and are waiting for many presents.

Arvorezin has to spread by the house
For those who prefer a more subtle decoration or have a smaller house, Christmas mini-trees placed on tables provide the decoration and even several places for Santa to fill with presents!

Image 25 – Different gift boxes.

Different gift box
In posts about souvenirs and gifts, we always talk about different packages and with the theme of the party. Christmas cannot be any different, apart from the theme papers, think of boxes with special formats.

Picture 26 – Alternative garlands.

Christmas alternative garland
How about other party decorations to point out the Christmas decorations?

Picture 27 – Decorating with cookie cutters.

Decorating with cookie cutters

Picture 28 – A Christmas reminder so as not to become empty.

A Christmas souvenir not to go blank.
Like the umbrellas that rotate the tree, you can mount something like toothpicks and paper mache!

Image 29 – Cardboard Santa hat with pompom on top.

Cardboard Santa's Hat
To make a Christmas hat for your guests for Christmas, make a cone with red paper of larger weight and decorate it in white pieces.

Picture 30 – Tropical ornaments for the tree.

Tropical tree ornaments
Christmas decorations always refer to items like snow and reindeer with scarves and hats to protect themselves from the cold, but that is a far cry from the Christmas season here in Brazil. If you want to get out of these clichés, think of tropical elements to decorate your house and tree.

Image 31 – Reindeer piñatas.

Renas piñatas
A reindeer-shaped piñata can make things even more exciting and still be fun for kids and adults alike.

Image 32 – Mobile for Christmas cards and special moments of the year.

Mobile for Christmas cards

Image 33 – Packaging in a Christmas mood in different colors.

Packaging in the Christmas atmosphere

Picture 34 – Artistic wall decoration, inspired by nature.

Craft Wall Decor
Green and red are colors in nature and the inspiration for many traditional Christmas elements comes from her, like the pine and the typical red fruits of this time. To save and get back to the roots of tradition, collect twigs and plants and use pearls instead of berries (so they don’t spoil and you can still eat them).

Fig. 35 – Step by step: Printed paper cords to hang on the tree.

Paper stamped paper ties
Another essential element of tree decoration that can be made with ribbon or with paper, like in this step-by-step picture!

Picture 36 – Different and super easy to do with acetate and lacquer.

Different and super easy to make trees
To make the job easier, use a thread cone as a template.

Picture 37 – Christmas decoration balls on the wall.

Christmas decoration balls

Image 38 – Elastic and pearls as a napkin holder.

Elastic and beads as napkin holder
Another example of a simple napkin holder that leaves the table very elegantly. The most interesting of the neutral or transparent color beads is that they can be used at other times of the year too!

Picture 39 – Christmas tinsel in the bowls for a special toast.

Christmas tinsel in bowls

Image 40 – Felt Santa in the shape of a cone.

Felt Santa in cone shape

Image 41 – Photo mobile to celebrate the most beautiful moments in the year of your beloved companions.

Photographic mobile for handmade Christmas decoration
After all, all family members deserve a retrospective of the year!

Picture 42 – Composition with embroidery in the frame in the form of a Christmas tree.

Composition with embroidery on a rack
Create a super creative composition for the embroiderers by sewing together different Christmas embroideries behind the scenes!

Image 43 – Final packaging with paper mistletoe.

Packaging with paper mistletoe
Mistletoe is one of the typical Christmas plants and can leave the packaging neutral with a Christmassy and special touch.

Picture 44 – Handmade Christmas ornament for door: garlands with artificial leaves.

Garlands with artificial leaves

Image 45 – Socks with a glamorous touch.

Sock with a touch glam

Figure 46 – Candlesticks to reduce the lighting of the area.

Candlesticks to reduce ambient illumination
Don’t you have sconces at home to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere for dinner? Use empty bottles!

Figure 47 – Ornaments with bubbles style globe from mirrors.

Mirror globe style polka dots

Picture 48 – Christmas decoration with lots of balls.

Many polka dots for Christmas decoration
Pearls can be great allies when it comes to making homemade Christmas decorations!

Picture 49 – Capriche at dinner and their presentation.

Capriche in the decoration of the Christmas supper
A menu leaves dinner with a professional face!

Image 50 – Different Christmas trees for those who have the party spirit.

Different Christmas tree for those who like parties and lots of animation
For those who love a shop selling decorative items and mixing colors, textures and materials, here is a super fun Christmas tree that will delight your guests with creativity.

Picture 51 – Decoration of the table for Christmas: chain of leaves.

Chain of leaves to decorate the Christmas table
This chain of leaves for the table can be made with natural leaves or with fabrics that imitate leather. The tip for anyone who uses natural leaves is to pick and drive the chain on Christmas Day so it doesn’t dry out too quickly.

Image 52 – Tree decorations with twisted cord.

Use the twist of twine to make the craft

Picture 53 – Goblins souvenir candy from the Santa Claus factory.

Duende-shaped candy souvenirs
Santa Claus may not always bring the expected gift, but a keepsake can make guests happier.

Picture 54 – Doing Pine Owl at Home.

Pine Owl to do it yourself at home
Still reusing the pine cones found in the squares and parks! Call the kids to meet the new characters in this celebration! To make these owls super beautiful, stick with it step by step:

Craft Christmas ornaments: 60 ideas with photos and how to do

Figure 55 – Decorative wires on the bubbles.

Practical craft decoration: wire to hold the bladders

Image 56 – Top of Tunes in the cupcake.

Beautiful cupcake tinsel tops: a practical and handcrafted decoration solution

Image 57 – Easy and quick to do Christmas tree with mold.

Use a template to make a handcrafted Christmas tree
Put together Christmas trees on paper for a jet decor and decorate as you like! We part with mold step by step to make it even easier. Here is how to make this craft step by step, O shape 1, it’s shape 2 in pictures.

Picture 58 – Embellishment with glass bottles.

Make a handmade Christmas ornament with glass bead

Image 59 – Canudos festive to celebrate the holidays of the end of the year.

Holiday canudos to celebrate

Picture 60 – Garlands with balls and pompons made of wool.

Garlands with decoration balls
Christmas chains are super typical and can give all sorts of effects in the house, from the most colorful, with the most varied of ornaments to the most elegant. Wool pompoms can help in any climates you want, just choose the right color. Do not know how? Check out this step-by-step picture for now!



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