The toilet paper rolls are almost always forgotten and are lost when the paper runs out. It’s time to reuse this material to make your own craft!

While not very attractive, the rollers serve as a good foundation for making craft items and are much nicer when coated with paint, fabric, prints, and other materials. The craft options are diverse and many solutions fit. From the simplest packaging to more complex tags and mosaics. Everything can be done with the paper roll.

Models and photos of crafts with roll of toilet paper

We select the most beautiful references on the internet with handicrafts of this kind. Various decorative items, handicrafts for parties, Christmas decorations and much more for you. At the end of the post you will find the step-by-step videos and practical examples to familiarize yourself with the selection:

Decorative items with roll of toilet paper

The decorative items are diverse and the role can be part of a lamp, pots, pendants and other objects. See the selection below:

Image 1 – Colored lamp with rolls of toilet paper

Photo 2 – Nice basket with several rolls of toilet paper.

Picture 3 – Red hearts with toilet roll.

Picture 4 – Decorative and painted cups with toilet paper rolls.

Figure 5 – Colored paper roll vases for artificial plants.

Image 6 – Mosaic from several toilet paper rolls.

Image 7 – Decorative penduricalho with green wrapped paper rolls.

Image 8 – Oriental decoration with paper rolls.

Picture 9 – Penduricalho cut with rolls, painted and made with glossy.

Picture 10 – Another colorful mosaic made of paper rolls.

Image 11 – How about a lamp with drilled and colored rollers inside?

Image 12 – How about a simple decorative object with paper rolls?

Image 13 – How about the box of rolls to make your own art with painting?

Various items with roll of toilet paper

The possibilities for tinkering with toilet paper rolls are extensive. With creativity we can create differentiated and elegant solutions.

Image 14 – Suitcase holder made of rolled cardboard tubes.

Picture 15 – Use the box to assemble small pots.

Picture 16 – You can make a heart with a small fold in the material.

Image 17 – In this proposal the rollers were used to give a different shape outside of the pincushion.

Image 18 – A simple bracelet with a roll of paper and newspaper.

Image 19 – A creative option – a paper roll support support for cellular devices covered with fabric.

Picture 20 – A practical solution is to put paper rolls on objects and pens.

Fig. 21 – Cardboard or paper card holder with paper roll.

Craft with roll of toilet paper for parties

Children’s parties usually work with bright, colored, and disposable materials. In this case, the paper roll can be a good match for the proposal. They can be part of the decoration of the table, in pendulums, as packaging for souvenirs, packaging for cutlery and other options.

Here are some cool ideas to get inspired:

Picture 22 – How about writing the scrolls? Such simple cutouts fulfill this function.

Picture 23 – Paint the rolls and use them as packaging for parties at children’s parties.

Image 24 – A great option is to create fun packs for the party cutlery with paper rolls.

Picture 25 – Following the theme of the party, the rocket rolls of paper were reused.

Image 26 – The rolls are perfect as souvenir packages.

Image 27 – Rollers used as colorful figures for the party.

Picture 28 – Decoration to lay out the external chair with paper rolls and folds.

Image 29 – Fun and colorful squid made with paper roll.

Picture 30 – Rolls of paper used as a fantasy of mac and cheese

Image 31 – The napkin holders are simple and beautiful solutions that you can put on the dining table.

Picture 32 – Punched pots made with paper roll.

Picture 33 – Rolls coated with colored paper serve as toys for children to open.

Image 34 – Shiny tablecloth reminiscent of a crown to accommodate a plaquinha.

Image 35 – Heart-shaped pots for girls.

Picture 36 – Toy binoculars for girls.

Image 37 – Gilded and shiny gold bracelet and crown with paper scroll.

Picture 38 – Little colorful little monsters with a roll of paper and string.

Image 39 – Decorative articles for small parties.

Image 40 – How about the owl-shaped souvenir boxes?

Picture 41 – Embellishment as lighting with paper rolls.

Picture 42 – Party Fantasy with toilet paper rolls.

Picture 43 – Decoration for the party with rolls of striped and colored papers.

Picture 44 – Decoration with Halloween characters based on paper rolls.

Picture 45 – Record the identity of your favorite superheroes.

Image 46 – Napkin holder made of paper roll with a glossy coating.

Christmas decoration with roll of toilet paper

During the Christmas season, it is very common to decorate the tree and the Christmas table with simple and homemade items. This is a great opportunity to use those toilet rolls that you have stored. You can make small stars, snowflakes, trees, decorative balls and other objects in your Christmas decorations. Take a look at a few selected examples:

Image 47 – Small houses for owls made of paper rolls to hang on your Christmas tree.

Picture 48 – Funny little reindeer based on the roll of paper.

Image 49 – Kind of Christmas garland to hang on the wall or on the door.

Picture 50 – Christmas wreath with small artificial red berries.

Figure 51 – Napkin holder made of paper roll and covered with felt.

Image 52 – Small Christmas decorations made of paper rolls.

Picture 53 – Frame with an embossed tree made of paper rolls. They were painted white and received colored balls.

Image 54 – Christmas packaging with paper rolls.

Image 55 – The character Grinch made with a roll of paper.

Picture 56 – Christmas wreath with paper roll cutouts and red flowers.

Image 57 – Simple and elegant packaging for Christmas presents. Use the paper roll as a base.

Picture 58 – Small packages with colored ribbons and cards to give for Christmas.

Image 59 – Trailer for putting on a Christmas tree on a roll of paper.

Picture 60 – Another Christmas garland for the door with cutouts from paper rolls.

Image 61 – Simple cutlery with a green and red lacquered paper roll.

Picture 62 – Make a decorative reindeer with a paper roll.

Picture 63 – Snowflake with paper roll cutouts.

Picture 64 – Paper rolls cut and connected by a cord. They were covered in fabrics with Christmas prints.

Toys and decorative objects for children

How about a fun object for the nursery? Or even use it in the decoration of a party? Choose the characters and ideas that are most related to the child to inspire them to create. Take a look at some examples:

Picture 65 – Bee character based on a roll of paper.

Image 66 – Elves made with a roll of paper.

Picture 67 – Colored kittens made with a roll of paper.

Picture 68 – Characters with toilet roll.

Picture 69 – Hilarious green thrush made with a roll of paper.

Picture 70 – Pirate captain and parrot made with paper roll.

Picture 71 – Characters from the Batman series with a roll of paper.

Picture 72 – Colored fox with toilet paper roll.

Image 73 – Hare made with a roll of paper.

Picture 74 – Buildings that are put together with the Lego toy.

Figure 75 – Simple decorative element for children.

Figure 76 – Strollers to decorate the boy’s room.

Image 77 – A simple ladybug made with a roll of paper.

Picture 78 – Owls made for the girls with the role.

Picture 79 – Gentle teddy bear with toilet paper roll.

Image 80 – White kitten made with a roll of paper

Picture 81 – Cute childrens dolls from the Star Wars series.

Image 82 – Colorful character for boys.

Picture 83 – Scrolls with colorful little monsters made of felt and other materials.

How to make crafts with toilet paper roll step by step

Taking inspiration from the examples is ideal to know the techniques and see practical examples. We have separated some special videos for you so that you can explain every detail of the craft. See below:

1. Mosaic with roll of toilet paper

In this example, you will need rolls of paper, black PVA paint, a heat gun, scissors, a frame, and a soft brush. Check out the video below and see how you can make a simple craft with paper rolls:

2. Ideas of Christmas decorations

In this walkthrough, you will learn 5 easy solutions for making Christmas decorations with toilet paper rolls. The first is the star and ball with notes. The second craft is the 5-pointed star. The third option is a beautiful tree and finally we have the 3D star. Check below:

In this second video, you will learn how to make a trunk door using toilet rolls, milk cartons, and spray paint. Then you will learn how to make cutlery, a wreath, a flower with toilet paper, a butterfly ornament, and finally a snowflake ornament. Check it:

3. Boxes of toilet paper rolls

With a simple fold it is possible to make boxes with the paper rolls. See how easy it is to make one in the example below. Then the video shows you how to coat the box so that it stays perfect!



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