How about reusing the shoe and boxes instead of throwing them away? If you like sustainable decoration, use it to make creative crafts that can help your everyday life and make the environment more enjoyable and organized.

There are many possible uses, from door decorations, door objects, organizers, drawers, ornaments for decoration, items for children’s parties, toys and more.

Craft models and photos with shoeboxes and cardboard

Before you start crafting, we encourage you to explore the references and ideas available as much as possible. In this post, we’re sharing cool cool ideas that can inspire you to make your own decorated box. Don’t forget to check out all the explanatory videos step by step.

For home & utilities

One of the most desirable options, the decorative items made with the shoebox are practical to make and will make your surroundings a lot more interesting. Here are some examples:

Photo 1 – Use the shoeboxes to make colored drawers with ribbon pullers.


Figure 2 – Wall decorations with box covers.


Figure 3 – In this example the box has been reused to house the sockets and extensions of phone chargers. With the holes in the box, only the wires on the outside are visible.


Image 4 – Fun shelf option with box cut out and hung on the wall with pink string.


Image 5 – In this example the shoebox was used as a support for various bracelets.

Referring to Fig.

Image 6 – Here the lid of the shoebox is covered with jute fiber and houses necklaces made of various costume jewelery.


Image 7 – Option to organize objects.


Figure 8 – How about the box to store your craft paraphernalia and tools?

Referring to Fig.

Image 9 – Use cardboard to hold a lens and enlarge internal objects.

Referring to Fig.

Photo 10 – Creative use of shoe boxes with contact paper to make a mosaic on the wall.


Figure 11 – Saving rolls with special holes for each band.


Image 12 – Example of a decorative box with a feminine touch.


Image 13 – The children’s shoe box has been adapted to store crayons and other school supplies.


Image 14 – Box models with a touch of fashionista decoration.


Picture 15 – Jewelry box with a shoebox with flowery paper.


Picture 16 – A simple solution as a trunk.


Figure 17 – Cut out shoe boxes to make space in drawers.


Picture 18 – Wall decorations made with box.


Picture 19 – Shoebox covers as decoration on the wall.


Photo 20 – Redesign the shoeboxes to make them more attractive.


Picture 21 – Decorate with a touch of nature.


Figure 22 – Another option to save tapes with holes to pull them.


Figure 23 – Set of boxes of different sizes for storing objects.


Figure 24 – Another practical example of storing sockets and extensions. The wires run through the holes to turn on the electronic devices.


Image 25 – How about painting the boxes with lively colors and using them as small niches?


Picture 26 – Combine the shoebox with toilet rolls to hold small items.


Picture 27 – Coated boxes to organize objects on shelves.


Picture 28 – Example of a decorated cardboard box.


Figure 29 – Another example of saving work tools.


Figure 30 – Boxes painted and adapted as niches in the wall.


For party decoration

Picture 31 – Decoration of shoe boxes with a Christmas theme.


Figure 32 – Boxes and cardboard to assemble the decoration of the haunted castle.


Picture 33 – Creative option for parties and to keep the kids entertained.


Picture 34 – Cut out of the box to put in a room of a young man.


Picture 35 – Box covered with glossy paper as a base for other decorative items on the party table.


Image 36 – Red decorative character made with box.


Picture 37 – Another possibility is to coat the box with newspaper clippings.


Picture 38 – Box as packaging to store the gummy bears and sweets.


Image 39 – Embellishment with a hare’s face made of box and felt.


Picture 40 – Boxes with collage mosaics.


Picture 41 – Decorative box painted with paper strips.


Figure 42 – Various examples of paper-lined boxes.


Crafts for the children’s world and children play

Picture 43 – Simple table football set with cardboard box that can be adapted to the shoe box.


Picture 44 – Toys imitate pinball machines.


Figure 45 – Toy mailbox with an adapted shoe box.


Picture 46 – Play with seeds in funny fittings on the lid of the box.


Picture 47 – House made of cardboard with the theme of the Minions.


Image 48 – A super toy for boys, based on a box.


Picture 49 – Playing with marbles and targets in a shoebox.


Picture 50 – Let the children’s creativity flow by painting the shoeboxes.


Figure 51 – An ornament on the theme of Fazendinha made with shoebox.


Picture 52 – Another table football game with a box of shoes and preachers.


Figure 53 – Path in the box for children to play with a ball.


Picture 54 – Create houses by painting the boxes with pen drawings.


Picture 55 – Toys with hanging balls fixed in the box.


Picture 56 – Playing with the little girl’s house in the shoebox.


Picture 57 – With childlike decoration of the zoo inside.


Picture 58 – A simple adaptation as a toy: a pizza oven.


Picture 59 – Fun and colorful little box with felt and collages.


Picture 60 – Dinosaur museum in a shoe box.


How to make crafts with shoeboxes

After we have presented several references and ideas for crafting with shoeboxes, is the ideal advisor

1. How to make a jewelry box with shoebox

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a beautiful jewelry box using a shoebox. The materials required are

  • 1 child-sized shoe box
  • Ruler;
  • Stiletto;
  • Glue stick;
  • Hot glue;
  • Brush;
  • Liquid white glue;
  • White Eve;
  • Sulfite leaf;
  • Pink pearls;
  • Mirror;
  • Fabric in desired color;

Watch the video below and follow the step-by-step instructions:

2. Chest made with shoebox

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to make a beautiful chest of shoebox. The materials required are:

  • Cardboard pieces;
  • Shoebox;
  • Material;
  • Hot glue gun;
  • Scissors;
  • Ruler;
  • Pen;
  • Magnetic buttons.

Take a look at all the explanatory details in the video:

3. How to line a shoebox with fabric

In this tutorial we have a very interesting alternative to other craft solutions. Here you will learn how to line a shoe box with fabric inside and out. Isn’t it too much? To make this composition it is necessary to have the materials:

  • Shoebox;
  • Cotton fabric;
  • Grosgrain tape;
  • Jewelry pendant;
  • Waxed wire;
  • Flowers for decoration;
  • Superglue;
  • Glue for fabric;
  • Chatons.

See in the video all the details that were explained visually:

4. How to make an organizer box with a shoebox

Another fine example, this organizer box is perfect for storing your items and putting them on the shelves. Take a look at the materials you will need for this craft:

  • Scissors or cutter;
  • Paper weight 180;
  • White glue;
  • Shoebox;
  • Fabric, contact paper or scrapbook;
  • Foam roller or brush.

Follow every detail in the video tutorial:

5. Drawer with shoe box



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