Working with SD wood to make crafts can be a great alternative, in addition to being versatile, the material has good durability and strength. The wood can be used to make small, medium, or large objects (that support weight and pressure). There are a variety of options in this type of craft.

Building your own woodcraft can be more of a chore if you need special tools. In most cases, the wood is purchased in the format you want to add textures, paintings and other decorative features.

Woodcraft ideas, models and photos

So that you make the right choice, we separate the best references from various types of woodworking, from accessories to furniture. Don’t forget to watch the step-by-step videos at the bottom of the post for tips, techniques, and practical steps.

Decorative wooden objects

The decorative objects are very common in the craft with wood. They can fulfill aesthetic and practical functions in the surroundings. For this reason we’ve separated some creative references for you:

Figure 1 – Colored vases with geometric details in wood

Image 2 – Half-moon shaped entrance mat made from pieces of wood.

Figure 3 – A piece of trunk used as the base of the clock.

Figure 4 – Wooden supports for metal vases in copper color.

Image 5 – Cabideiro with wood positioned in the diagonal booty by rope.

Picture 6 – o’clock for those who love pictures.

Image 7 – A nice holder for cylindrical candles.

Image 8 – An easy way to make a beautiful lamp.

Image 9 – Various portraits with wood and straw.

Image 10 – Brush holder with a hole in a piece of wood.

Image 11 – Wooden calendar.

Image 12 – Wooden pots with shapes and colors of fruits.

Image 13 – Decoration with colored branches and balls.

Figure 14 – Support to assist the mobile phone while charging.

Image 15 – Round clock made of light wood.

Image 16 – Candlesticks that together form a heart.

Picture 17 – Decorated logs.

Image 18 – Wooden lamp with glass.

Image 19 – Paint the old box to save your materials.

Picture 20 – Heart made from small cylindrical pieces of wood.

Picture 21 – Vases and wooden objects.

Figure 22 – Painted wooden spherical picture frame.

Picture 23 – clock with square wood.

Figure 24 – Wooden bracket for securing the tablet.

Picture 25 – Door objects and brushes.

Image 26 – Simple wooden lamp with a straw.

Picture 27 – Use this wooden box and paint it to give a different face.

Picture 28 – Paint the wood and give the object a different face.

Picture 29 – Wooden pencil holder with several matching holes.

Wooden accessories

Another option is to make wooden accessories that can be used on a daily basis, such as key rings, earrings, necklaces and others. Below you will find some references from wooden accessories

Picture 30 – Ring with wood and drawing of the score.

Image 31 – Necklace with message on wood.

Image 32 – Different wooden key rings.

Image 33 – Rectangular wooden key ring with a romantic message.

Image 34 – Metal necklace with a geometric piece of wood.

Image 35 – Colored wooden bracelet.

Picture 36 – Wooden bracelets have won the colorful fabric.

Picture 37 – Pendant for chains made of wood.

Picture 38 – Pendant made of stones, based on wooden branches.

Image 39 – Round wooden key rings with paintings of trees and leaves.

Image 40 – Geometric wooden earrings.

Picture 41 – Necklaces of two different colors made of wood.

Picture 42 – Metal ring with round pieces of wood.

Figure 43 – Necklace with hexagonal wood and message.

Figure 44 – Colored key rings with leather and leather tassels.

Image 45 – Necklace with fabric and wooden balls.

Picture 46 – Funny brooches made of wood.

Wood crafts for Christmas

Christmas is always a great opportunity to make your creations and use wood to decorate the surroundings. Here are some creative ways to get inspiration:

Picture 47 – Use a wooden board to leave your Christmas message.

Image 48 – Various wooden Christmas cards.

Image 49 – A wooden star to hang on the tree

Figure 50 – Create plaques to leave your Christmas message.

Image 51 – For the party: enter the name of the birthday child in wooden letters.

Figure 52 – Little angels made of wood.

Figure 53 – Christmas tree made for the wall with pieces of wood.

Wood crafts for the kitchen

The kitchen is another setting that can receive functional woodworking. Check out some interesting references:

Figure 54 – Wonderful wooden coasters.

Picture 55 – Use twigs to make objects like the rolling pin.

Picture 56 – Small wooden supports with a hole to leave the eggs on the table.

Image 57 – Wooden spoon with personalized messages.

Image 58 – Hanging napkin holder

Image 59 – Custom wooden shelf for kitchen objects

Picture 60 – Pan rest made from round pieces of wood.

Photo 61 – Support for pans or dishes made with a piece of wood.

Picture 62 – Shelves with a piece of crescent trunk.

Image 63 – Extensive board with an exclusive format.

Figure 64 – Bottle holder with cork stopper.

Picture 65 – Stylized and colored wooden spoons.

Image 66 – Example of knife made for jelly with wood.

Picture 67 – Plank for the kitchen with illustration of a tree.

Image 68 – Another wooden shelf for kitchen objects.

Picture 69 – Wooden squares for laying eggs.

Picture 70 – Wooden roller coaster.

Image 71 – Custom wooden spoons and utensils with illustrations. A nice reference.

Picture 72 – Support for bottles of wine on the wall.

Picture 73 – Decorative objects with wooden drawings on the wall.

Picture 74 – Wooden squares and colored coasters.

Wood crafts for the wall

The wall can hold many items, including the decorations you can make with wood. Check out creative examples for inspiration:

Picture 75 – Wooden frame with art on string in the middle.

Picture 76 – Instead of the wallpaper we have provided holes in wood that are reminiscent of buildings and buildings.

Picture 77 – Wooden stand for attaching a vase to the wall.

Picture 78 – Embellishment of wood with format of the heart to put in the wall.

Image 79 – How about leaving hanging branches with the desired format?

Picture 80 – Decorative panel with flowers.

Picture 81 – Embellishment to put in the lobby with message.

Picture 82 – Decoration for the Republic of Girls.

Picture 83 – Decorative wooden object with pen and nails.

Picture 84 – Custom sized shelves with square space for a picture frame.

Image 85 – Different wooden stand for restaurants where the customer is asked to leave the switch.

Picture 86 – Murals for taking pictures.

Picture 87 – Piece of wood with message and drawings.

Picture 88 – Decorative object with wooden cubes in different natural tones.

Picture 89 – Wall to hang pictures with twigs and string.

Pic 90 – Differential support for flower pot.

Fig. 91 – Decorative frame with thread arrows.

Image 92 – Support to put keys, magazines and letters in the corner of the house.

Picture 93 – Heart with wooden boards and lighting.

Picture 94 – Wooden stand for placing the residence number and small plants.

Picture 95 – A wall decorated with old and colored woods.

Picture 96 – In the back yard the fine branches take on the shape of a shrimp.

Picture 97 – Shelf with antique wood and colored lacquer for installation in the outside world.

Image 98 – Decorative frame with pineapple-shaped cords that are fixed with nails.

Image 99 – Wooden stand / wall for hanging papers with ideas and references.

Figure 100 – Round mirror with frame of branches.

Picture 101 – Wooden stand for placing objects, in this case round stickers with people’s birthdays were used.

Picture 102 – Wooden owls to decorate the outside.

Picture 103 – Simple shelf for fixing in the wall made with part of the box.

Picture 104 – Photo wallpaper made of wood.

Picture 105 – Decorative piece of wood with a heart shape.

Figure 106 – Support with boxes to put a garden in suspension.

Picture 107 – Wooden stand on the wall for storing objects and leaving messages.

Wooden furniture

Image 108 – Wooden shelves in hexagonal format.

Image 109 – A small wooden ladder at home can always help.

Picture 110 – Support for bags and coats made of wood.

Picture 111 – In this proposal, thick wood was used as shelves in the gap between the walls.

Image 112 – Vase holder with wood.

Image 113 – Triangular wooden shelves.

Image 114 – Support for bags with painted wooden balls.

Image 115 – Support for wooden shawls and scarves with predators.

Image 116 – Table with different designs in wood.

Image 117 – Simple magazine door with wood.

Image 118 – A practical solution: a wooden jewelry box.

Image 119 – Luminaire with lamps in wooden and glass pots.

Image 120 – Towel rails in the bathroom made of wood and metal.

Image 121 – Simple wooden shelf.

Figure 122 – Beautiful key holder for the wall with matching lanyards.

Picture 123 – Cloakroom with wooden branches.

Figure 124 – Models of triangular shelves for the wall.

Picture 125 – Differential wooden shelf attached with rope.

Image 126 – Simple wooden coat hangers.

Image 126 – Simple wooden stand for hanging up costume jewelry.

Fig. 127 – Differential rack for magazines with diagonal positioning.


Image 128 – Wooden niches with decorative objects.

Picture 129 – Wooden sideboard attached to the wall with diagonal feet.


There are many options for woodworking, see below for more creative ideas to get inspiration:

Image 130 – How about making a romantic sign with wood?

Image 131 – Cut out small pieces of wood and build your own dominoes.

Figure 132 – Example of supporting rations of birds.

Figure 133 – Wooden boys’ carriage.

Image 134 – Toilet paper support in wooden bathroom.

How to do woodworking step by step

After you have been inspired by pictures and ideas to create your own crafts, it is ideal to review techniques, tips and step by step in the video. We split up the best videos that cover the topic. Check below:

1. How to make a texture in a wooden box

Here’s how to apply a texture and stencil on a simple wooden box. The materials required are:

  • 1 MDF container;
  • White PVA ink;
  • White texture;
  • Soft brush;
  • Superglue;
  • Rhinestone sticker.

See further in the following video:

2. How to do photo transfer to MDF

Take a step-by-step look at a photo transfer to wood and design your pieces with illustrations or photos:

3. Technique for painting the wood without leaving the brush marks

This technique is extremely useful for anyone who wants to tinker with wood. When it comes to applying an ink, it is important to know how not to leave the brush strokes. See further in the following video:

4. Technique to learn how to make craquelure in MDF

In this video you will learn how to make MDF wood interesting. There are 3 examples with small, medium and large cracks. Check below:

5. How to make a container for pets

In this video, you will know how to make a box with pictures of small things like a pet’s front door. You will need:

  • 1 MDF box;
  • Crackle kit light blue light;
  • Deep white and deep blue color;
  • Soft brush;
  • Light varnish;
  • Paper napkin;
  • Colagel.

6. How to turn a fair trade into a cell phone

Now you will learn step by step how to turn furniture boxes into furniture and insert them into the forest:

  • Hammer and nails;
  • Sandpaper 60 or 80 for use in larger areas of the box;
  • 100 sandpaper for details like corners and grippers;
  • Damp cloth to wipe the cardboard before painting;
  • 5 cm brush;
  • Powder for filling ink;
  • Paint for wood – can be water-based enamel.

See further in Part 1 of the following video:

See part 2 of the video:

7. How to make a bedside table / wooden furniture to support vases and lamps.

8. How to make a simple wooden stand to put magazines and newspapers.

9. How to make a center piece box to place pots and other objects



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