Crochet powder: 60 models, photos and easy step by step

For those who look, crochet powder is just another kid’s toy. But for premature babies, they go far beyond that. And you know why Crochet powders are used to soothe and soothe premature babies so that they feel back in the womb. Learn more about crochet octopus:

When handling the tentacles of the octopus, the baby feels the same as if it were touching the umbilical cord. The idea to bring crocheted dusts to neonatal intensive care units came from the Octo project in Denmark in 2013. The volunteer group sews the octopuses and donates to the premature babies from 16 hospitals across the country.

The medical team at Aarhus University Hospital, the first recipient of the project, saw a significant improvement in the respiratory and cardiac systems of infants and an increased level of oxygen in the blood. The friendship and complicity between octopuses and toddlers led to the project expanding into another 15 countries around the world and even reaching Brazil.

But not only for premature babies, but also for babies who are born at the right time, crochet powder can also be nice gift options. After all, ensuring a little more peace, security and protection doesn’t hurt anyone, right?

However, to be safe for babies, crochet hooks must be made with 100% cotton yarn and the tentacles must not be more than 22 cm long. The stitches should also not be wide open to prevent the baby from holding his little fingers. Another important detail is to sterilize the octopus before giving it to the baby.

The hospital itself is responsible for hygiene when making donations. But when it comes to giving someone a gift or selling the octopus, it is important to sterilize the octopus by washing it in hot water of at least 60º. All of these guidelines are important to ensure the safe use of squid by babies and to ensure that they can make the most of this experience.

If you are not familiar with crocheting, you can buy the octopus. The average price of a crocheted octopus on sites like Elo7 is $ 30. Now if you know crochet can make the octopus yourself and in this chain of good spreading crochet dusts out there. See step-by-step detailed instructions for crocheting of squid on. Whether you made it or bought it, just enjoy this beautiful job and spread this cuteness to anyone who needs it. And if you want you can see crochet ideas with carpets, sousplat, paper box, bathroom game and more.

Step by step how to crochet octopus (recipe made by Crochet Art website):

Necessary materials

  • 2.5 mm needle
  • Maxcolor baroque wire number 4 in the color you prefer
  • Black Baroque Wire (details of the little face)


Start with the magic ring

First career

Go 1 or 2 lines up to start
8 lows and close with very low

Second career

Climb 2 chains + 1 deep at the same base point
Continue with 2 low points (1 increase) at each point of the base
Closes with a very low point

Third career

2 starts with low points (1 increase) and followed by insertion of 1 and 1 low point increase; (1 gain, low 1, 1 increase …)

Fourth career

2 starts with low points (1 increase) and followed by insertion of 2 low points (one in each base point) and 1 increase; (1 gain, 2 points, 1 increase …)

Fifth career

Starts with 1 increase and intercalates with 3 lows (one in each base point) and 1 increase; (1 increase, 3 points, 1 increase …)

Sixth career

1 base point for each base
(until completion of 8 lines, without bumps and without decreases)

ninth career

makes 8 lows and a decrease in the ninth and tenth points makes
another 8 lows and the ninth and tenth points makes another decrease
Repeat the process until you have finished your career
(do this for 3 more lines: lines 10, 11 and 12).

Career 13

6 points and a decrease in the seventh and eighth points
Repeat until you have finished your career
(do two more rows: rows 14 and 15)

career 16

4 lows and decreases in the sixth and seventh
(another career: career 17)

In the end we will have:

17 rows as a whole (head -9cm with + height)
+18 points to the head opening (not less than 16 points) or slightly more


50 chains
3 points on each chain

In the last 12 points:

Make 2 depths at each of the 6 points
1 deep in the last 6 points and close very deep after the base point of the head;

Jump a chain, make 1 low and go up the 50 chains to repeat the previous process and do the second tentacle until the 8 tentacles of the powder are done.

And to avoid any doubts about how to make the crocheted squid, watch the video below that is taught step by step by Simone:

Crochet octopus – step by step with Professor Simone

Now see 60 modern and current crochet octopus patterns

Check out a selection of super cute crochet powder pictures now to bewitch more of this suggestion.

Figure 1 – Crochet octopus to hang in the room.

Crochet octopus to leave hanging in the room

Figure 2 – Häkelpullover full of charm and style, to the hat.

Crochet octopus full of charm and style

Figure 3 – If one was already good, imagine three to?

Three crochet octopuses

Image 4 – Did you like the idea so much that you take it with you? Take a dust-proof cups protection.

Make an octopus cup protector

Figure 5 – For a modern baby; That can cause accidents attention to small parts such as buttons.

Crochet Octopus for a Modern Baby

Picture 6 – Squid rainbow.

Rainbow crochet octopus

Picture 7 – Very realistic crochet powder.

Very realistic crochet powder

Image 8 – Blue crochet powder on the outside and green on the inside.

Blue crochet powder on the outside and green on the inside

Image 9 – Crochet yarn mixed in soft colors.

Crochet powder blended in soft colors

Figure 10 – Fofura in two doses: a couple of octopus, which is pure charm.

Double-dose flip: pair of octopuses that is pure charm

Picture 11 – With this little picture he is ready to go anywhere.

Crochet powder with gravy

Picture 12 – Lacino in the head and pink body.

Crochet powder with bow on the head

Image 13 – This larger version only serves as a decorative piece; remember the recommendation for the use of infants.

Baby Crochet Octopus

Figure 14 – It is also okay if he turns a pin door.

Push pin crochet powder

Image 15 – The smiley face of this crocheted octopus leaves every room happier.

Smiley Crochet Octopus

Image 16 – Penduricalho made of crocheted octopus.

Penduricalho made with crochet octopus

Image 17 – Mini crochet octopus to take away.

Mini crochet octopus to take away

Picture 18 – And a purple version of the crochet octopus? Do you like the idea?

Purple crochet octopus

Picture 19 – Mini baby powder as a present … Babies!

Mini crochet powder

Figure 20 – By default, small eyes and mouth are usually black.

Little eyes and mouth in black color for crochet powder

Figure 21 – Green details on pink crochet octopus.

Green details on pink crochet octopus

Picture 22 – Tentacles of all types and sizes, but if they are premature babies, you should remember that they should not be more than 22 centimeters in size.

Crochet octopus with tentacles

Image 23 – Blue and Red: The colors of the famous superhero from which the crocheted squid was made.

Blue and red on crochet octopus

Picture 24 – Crochet powder in pastel shades.

Pastel Crochet Octopus

Picture 25 – An idea to decorate the baby room with a lot of color: Hang colorful squid on the ceiling.

Crochet octopus to decorate the baby's room

Picture 26 – To hold the squid, a blue whale.

Octopus and crochet whale

Image 27 – The eyes of this octopus were also made in crochet.

Eyes of crochet octopus in the same material

Picture 28 – Colorful crochet powder for brightening the house.

Colorful crochet powder to brighten the house

Picture 29 – smile!

Smiling crochet powder

Figure 30 – An octopus for every taste.

Happy Crochet Octopus

Figure 31 – One squid and two different tentacles.

Crochet octopus with two types of tentacles

Picture 32 – Don’t be displaced! Make a mini octopus for yourself and use it as a keychain.

Mini octopus as a keychain

Image 33 – The wide range of lines allows you to make or crochet powder in any color you want.

Make a crochet octopus in the color you want

Image 34 – A crochet octopus sleeper? Yes, and look how cute!

Sleeping Crochet Octopus

Picture 35 – A small star adorns the head of each crochet octopus.

Starlet on each head of crochet octopus

Image 36 – A crocheted octopus full of energy! This is orange.

Powerful crochet octopus

Picture 37 – A very delicate female version.

Female crochet octopus

Picture 38 – Rouge powder.

Blush powders

Picture 39 – Crochet powder in different shades of blue.

Crochet powder in different shades of blue

Image 40 – Colored spots under each octopus tentacle imitate the actual shape of the animal.

Colored polka dots under each octopus tentacle imitate the real shape of the animal

Picture 41 – Various crocheted powders.

Different crochet powders

Image 42 – Colored crochet powder that fits in the palm of your hand.

Colorful crochet octopus

Image 43 – Crocheted octopus mixed with tentacles in two colors.

Crochet octopus mixed with tentacles of two colors

Figure 44 – Tentacles with firmer filler allow the octopus to stand upright.

Tentacles with firmer filling in crochet octopus

Image 45 – Starlets form the eyes of this super colorful octopus.

Estrelinhas form the eyes of this super colorful octopus

Image 46 – An option for those who like very realistic and original pieces.

An option for those who like very realistic and original pieces

Image 47 – Crochet squid with a white flower on its head.

Colorful crochet octopus with a white flower on the head

Picture 48 – Hat and mustache powder.

Hat and mustache powders

Picture 49 – Very nice, this little squid smiles.

Very beautiful, this mini-powder all smiling

Picture 50 – Faces and mouths: mini squids with different facial expressions.

Faces and mouths: mini octopuses with different facial expressions

Picture 51 – A hook on the top and you can hang the crocheted octopus wherever you want.

Green Crochet Octopus

Image 52 – Crochet octopus with a tentacle of any color.

Crochet octopus with a tentacle of each color

Figure 53 – Small and very simple, but just as charming!

Small and very simple, but equally charming

Picture 54 – An octopus for every style.

An octopus for each style

Picture 55 – Red and white crochet powder.

Red and white crochet powder

Image 56 – Transform the decoration into a real sea bed: octopus, seahorse and starfish.

Sea bottom crochet octopus

Picture 57 – A pair of mini crochet squids.

Mini crochet octopus couple

Picture 58 – Pink crochet powder.

Pink tone crochet powder

Picture 59 – Branquíssimo!

White crochet octopus

Picture 60 – A sleepy squid: eyes half closed, half open

Sleepy crochet powder



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