On crocheted bedspreads you will surely remind you of a more handmade style of blanket or blanket and even your grandmother, who spends hours with a crochet in hand, elevates and elevates as the hours go by!

The crocheted blanket is one of those that never go out of style, because the craftsmanship is constantly being renewed in its combinations, dots and everyday objects and is very well integrated into new and modern styles. After all, they are doubly useful: to warm us up and make the house more stylish and cozy.

So today we brought a post with just the more interesting crochet blankets for almost all styles, from the most rustic to those who like a more modern tone.

For those who already know how to crochet, it’s time to get rid of the fear of bigger projects and use this craft to decorate your home! For those who are completely new to the game, we have put together some tips for you so that you can naturally choose your graphic, line, needle and quilting style from our traditional photo gallery of many different designs with graphics and tutorials.

Disconnect your cord and crochet hook and join us in this super special post!

First step: choosing the type of crochet and patterns

Crochet quilt: ideas with photos and easy step-by-step

You will see in our picture gallery that in the case of comforters, there are various shapes, types of lines, stitches and patterns that can be made. Not all crochet work is as versatile as clothing, for example.

This is a benefit as it increases the type of materials and graphics you can use in creating your ceiling.

With so many options, choosing colors and patterns can actually be a problem!

Step two: how to choose the ideal line for your work?

Crochet seams are made from wool, cotton, or acrylic threads twisted together, with the amount of thread directly affecting the thickness of the cord and its uses.

For the thicker lines, crocheting doesn’t get as complex as it is limited to simple and easy points. This does not mean that your job is easy and boring! With the right model, crocheting with the starting points is a special attraction!

With thinner lines, the possibilities of stitches and designs increase, but also the effort and man-hours that have to be done. Each type of line has its advantages and disadvantages.

Step three: the right needle for your line

By choosing the thread you can find your perfect needle. It is interesting to choose the first line as most manufacturers indicate the needle size for each line on the back of their packaging. It is always good to have these indications because some lines simply cannot be passed from side to side with a very thin or very thick needle.

The right needle makes your job more comfortable and affects the type of stitch you can make: the thicker needles leave the point more open, while the thinner needles leave the narrowest point, great for those who want to be pretty detailed!

Step four: whole quilt X patchwork

Patchwork quilts became famous for a good reason: they are easier to make because they allow your artisan to produce in all kinds of places and can be easily carried from one place to another. Because? It is that the rag rugs are made in a pitch from small or medium squares that are sewn together at the end.

Oh, and it doesn’t just work with crochet, surely you’ve seen other models with patchwork of fabric in the famous patchwork style!

The entire duvet is more difficult to transport because it is all of the work without any division. This does not affect their beauty. They look lovely too, but they may require some kind of strength to hold everything up, especially if it’s a double blanket!

Now yes! Start your crochet quilt:

With all of these first steps, it’s time to start your crochet blanket ! We separated a super-explanatory video lesson with a model of crocheted quilt patchwork so you can learn step by step, from first draft to time, to collect all the squares and lay the blanket on the bed!

Gallery of 50 photos of crocheted bedspreads to change the face of your craft

After these initial tips, check out the picture gallery with only quilts made with crochet , so you can get inspired and start planning your next craft!

Figure 1 – Several patterns sewn together in the same row.

Multiple patterns on the same line

Image 2 – crocheted duvet in one point with thick cord.

Single stitch quilt with thick twine

Figure 3 – Quilt the cord with flowers of multiple colors to suit a more colorful setting.

Bedspread with flowers

Image 4 – Quilt with thick cord and different directions and textures.

Thick Barbette on Quilt with Various Directions and Textures

Figure 5 – Colorful squares put together on a dark background for a more contemporary style.

Colorful squares together on a dark background
Be inspired by this model with graphics!

Image 6 – Quilt with dark cord for a more traditional and sober air for your room.

Quilt with dark string

Image 7 – The most colorful duvets also give the environment a more romantic atmosphere!

Colorful bedspreads for a more romantic mood

Picture 8 – They are great for making a nicer drawing for your bedding.

They are great for a more beautiful design for your bed

Photo 9 – They even work for those who want to give the room a darker air! Here is a graphic for you to use to spread skulls for your craft!

Dark style for the bedroom

Get inspiration from this chart model:

Crochet quilt: ideas with photos and easy step-by-step

Picture 10 – Colored lines to give life to the gray work with a simple point.

Colorful lines to bring more life to the crochet quilt

Image 11 – Variations of the blue pool for those who love the sea.

Crochet bedspread blue swimming pool for those who love the sea

Image 12 – Pattern with colored lines on a large job.

Pattern with colored lines

Figure 13 – Flowers sewn in small squares on a bedspread the size of your bed.

Flowers in small squares stitched

Image 14 – Unique color to bet on the feel of the texture of the points.

Unique color to bet on texture

Image 15 – Colorful pastilles for a circus style.

Crochet quilt with colorful lozenges

Picture 16 – Half blanket just to decorate the bed.

Half crochet quilt to decorate the bed

Picture 17 – Super delicate stitches and drawings in this cast ceiling.

Super delicate stitches and designs in this leaky quilt

Image 18 – Cushions or pillows to match your bedspread.

Matching pillows or pillows with your bedspread

Picture 19 – Another model with small flowers.

Another model with flowers

Picture 20 – Maximanta to do at home with their own hands!

Maximanta to do at home

Image 21 – Work in crochet to decorate the center of the bed.

Crochet work to decorate the center of the bed!

Image 22 – Quilt in your favorite color and very warm protected from the cold.

Pretty warm crochet quilt in your favorite color

Image 23 – Another colorful geometric pattern: hexagons with graphics for you at home.

Colorful hexagons on the crochet quilt

And now check out the diagram template:

Crochet Quilt Graphic

Figure 24 – Patterns with white spaces work very well with a colored sheet underneath

Patterns poured on crochet bedspread in bed with colored sheet

Image 25 – Colorful bedspread to match the decoration of the bedroom with that of the cot.

Colorful quilt in matching with bedroom decor

Picture 26 – In addition to giving the look of a handmade product, the crocheted blanket can add cozier to your surroundings.

Cozier setting with the crochet quilt

Image 27 – Half a blanket to decorate your bed.

Half quilt to decorate the bed

Picture 28 – Lace pattern for laying in bed.

Pattern of lace to put on the bed

Picture 29 – Triangles halfway!

Half Triangle on Crochet Quilt

Image 30 – Thick Barbed to add structure to your carpet.

Thick barbell for more texture on your rug

Picture 31 – Colored quilted castings also work with neutral leaves in the background!

Colored quilts cast

Figure 32 – Mixed or colored lines for you to choose the one you want.

Full or merged color lines

Figure 33 – Different types of strings in different textures to add personality to your top.

Different types of quilt string

Image 34 – Finishing with fringes!

Crochet quilt with fringes

Image 35 – The crochet blanket is also ideal for a rustic setting.

Crochet bed spread for a rustic environment

Image 36 – Show your chevron style with graphics and video.

Crochet quilt: ideas with photos and easy step-by-step

Look at the diagram:

Crochet quilt: ideas with photos and easy step-by-step 1

Video in English but to see how the plot point is done:

Image 37 – Extra thin line for bridal tip.

Crochet quilt: ideas with photos and easy step-by-step 2

Picture 38 – Large stripes of color.

Crochet quilt: ideas with photos and easy step-by-step 3

Picture 39 – Half blanket made of colored squares in knitting or crochet.

Crochet quilt: ideas with photos and easy step-by-step 4

Image 40 – Half quilt for flower lovers.

Crochet quilt: ideas with photos and easy step-by-step 5

Picture 41 – To only cover half of the bed with thick string.

Crochet quilt: ideas with photos and easy step-by-step 6

Picture 42 – Income for a country idea style too! With a good graphic model.

Crochet quilt: ideas with photos and easy step-by-step 7
And you can check this diagram with similar model.

Photo 43 – Bedspread to sleep warm and then furnish the bed with style.

Quilt cover and bed cover

Picture 44 – Super colorful squares to highlight the bed in the room decoration.

Super colorful squares

Image 45 – Gray base to match the space and colored balls to lift the astral!

Matching gray base with bedroom

Figure 46 – Another Quilt Style Income.

Crochet bedspread in lace style

Figure 47 – Crochet bedspreads combine very well with a minimalist and contemporary style.

Minimal crochet bedspread

Picture 48 – Laced delicacy in the bedroom.

Delicacy laced in the bedroom

Picture 49 – Super colorful in squares with flowers.

Colorful crochet bedspread

Image 50 – Set with pillowcases

Pillow covers set

Step-by-step tutorials to spice up your crochet blanket

In some models of the duvet we see the use of motifs, mostly in a square format. The reasons are used in several parts and here is where you can learn how to do them:

01. Crochet a square motif

02. Mini crochet motif insert

03. Hexagonal motif in crochet

04. Square motif in crochet and how to make the union



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