Crochet tea towel holder: 60 models, photos and easy step by step

If after drying the dishes, your house’s tea towel is half lost and you don’t know where to go, then it’s time for you to invest in a kitchen door. There are different models that are made from a wide variety of materials. But today’s suggestion is the crochet dish door.

This handicraft, so traditional in Brazilian homes, can be used with great success in the production of tea towels. For those who master the technique, this can be a good option for hours of relaxation and even earn extra income as you can sell the pieces produced.

For those who don’t have that much with the needles and lines, you can choose to buy one. On the internet, on websites like Elo7, the price of a crocheted tea towel varies greatly depending on the model. The simplest cost an average of $ 15. The more elaborate models can cost up to $ 50.

In addition to the dish towel holder itself, you can also choose a crocheted kitchen set. In this case, a bag holder, an oven glove, a flushing rail and a gas extractor hood are usually included.

The tea towel holders are a good choice for those who want to decorate with functionality. And since crochet is a technique that allows many variations, you can crochet for owl tea towel, flower pot tea towel door, dress tea towel door, butterfly tea towel door and up to a crochet tea towel with CD. If you want, you can find other crochet ideas on this website such as: bath game, carpets, quilt, sousplat and towel.

Check out some simple step-by-step how to crochet front door. Separate threads, needles and let go of creativity to produce beautiful pieces:

Step by step how to chop simple dishes tray door

Crochet cloth towel door – easy step by step

The dress model is one of the favorites of the buyer and the buyer. It is easy to do and delicately decorates the kitchen. In this video from the JNY Crochê channel, you will learn how to make this model so simple and straightforward.

Owl crochet tea towel holder – easy step by step

The owls are a hit everywhere in the house. You can decorate with them from the kitchen to the bathroom. Of course, the plate shelves would not be left out. Watch this video tutorial for Crochet for Everyone and learn how to make an owl door model.

Flower Pot Crochet tea towel holder – easy step by step

If you love flowers and want to decorate the kitchen with them, you can get inspiration from this model. The JNY Croché Channel teaches you how to crochet a yellow flower dish. You will love this idea.

Butterfly Crochet Dish towel holder – easy step by step

The Butterfly Dish Cloth model is one of the most delicate crochet products. Usually the thread used is thinner to improve the details of the butterfly. Check out the step by step and try it in your kitchen.

Crochet cloth holder with CD – easy step by step

Jump into the sustainable wave and make a crochet bowl with this scratched CD that you no longer use. This step by step Mara Crochê Canal will teach you this simple model in a simple way.

60 perfect crochet tea towel ideas

Did you like the tips? Then you cannot miss the selection of images below. There are 60 different crochet tea towel inspirations for you to decorate your kitchen:

Figure 1 – Porta Croton plate in diamond format with flower in the middle.

Flower plate holder in rhombus format with flower in center

Figure 2 – Kitchen set: tea towel holder with napkin holder in the same piece.

crochet dish towel holder with napkin holder in same piece

Image 3 – Two pieces in one: cloth and crocheted tea towel in the same piece.

Cloth and crochet dish cloth in same piece

Picture 4 – Even if you already have a holder, you can use a crochet tea towel door to decorate the room.

Crochet plate cloth door in cloth / drawer holder

Figure 5 – Instead of one, three door towels; Detail that the cloth fits the next stand.

Three crochet dish cloths

Image 6 – Simple but very charming crochet cloth door.

Simple crochet dish cloth holder

Figure 7 – Colorful flowers on the fabric door embellish the kitchen.

Colorful door flowers crochet dish cloth embellish the kitchen

Image 8 – crochet tea towel holder made with CD; the middle circle received application of flowers.

Crocheted crockery dish holder made with CD

Image 9 – A small dish bowl with a tea towel that follows the same tone.

Small crochet dish cloth holder

Image 10 – Crochet dress holds the tea towel gently.

Knotted crochet dish towel door

Image 11 – Crocus flower plate holder with purple flower with barred ring.

Purple Flower Crochet Dish Cloth Holder

Picture 12 – And how about decorating the kitchen with a rabbit? The tip is for Easter.

Crochet Bunny Dish Cloth Holder

Image 13 – A bowl with grapes as a tea towel holder: simple idea, nice and functional.

Bowl of grapes as dish cloth holder

Image 14 – Here it is suggested to use a tree trunk as the main support for the door of the tea towel.

Trunk as main support

Image 15 – The delicacy that lives in the details: the flower of this door crochet cloth won a pearl in order to improve the piece even further.

Crocheted crockery dish with flower and petal

Image 16 – Crochet dish holder decorated with red peppers.

Crochet plate cloth holder with red peppers

Picture 17 – The idea of ​​this door is to use the handle of the stove as a support

Oven Handle as Bracket on Crochet Dish Cloth Holder

Figure 18 – Crochet towel holder attached to the towel itself.

Crochet cloth holder fixed on the cloth itself

Image 19 – Crochet small dish holder.

Crocheted crockery dish-shaped door

Picture 20 – White daisies decorate this crochet cloth with two doors.

White daisies on the crochet dish cloth door

Picture 21 – If you want to invest in a kitchen, remember to harmonize the color of the pieces.

Match the color of the pieces in the kitchen

Figure 22 – Crochet plate cloth holder with wooden button.

Crocheted crocheted crockery dish door

Figure 23 – Three doors decorated with white daisies with mini tea towels.

Mini crochet dish towel holder

Figure 24 – Owl crochet tea towel holder made with CD.

Owl Crochet Dish Cloth Holder

Image 25 – In this model, the orange cloth holder matches a green tea towel; The idea is to use strong and complementary colors to make a cheerful kitchen.

Crocheted orange dish towel holder

Picture 26 – Dish towel holder made of mixed dishes; Bracket are the cabinet knobs.

Mixed crocheted crockery dish door

Image 27 – Another nice selection of crochet crochet and stand together.

Another lovely choice of crocheted crockery and stand together

Image 28 – Colorful and flowery crochet towels gained a lively color.

Colorful and flowery crochet dish cloth

Image 29 – Crochet door with a mixture of strong and soft colors.

Crochet cloth holder made with a mix of strong and soft colors

Image 30 – Crochet cloth door in white dress and green bars.

Crochet cloth door in white dress format

Picture 31 – Tea towel with wooden ring.

Handle crocheted dish dish with wooden ring

Figure 32 – A simple and easy to crochet tea towel door; ideal for those who do not have much experience with the craft.

A simple and easy to handle crochet dish cloth

Image 33 – Tea towel holder with crocheted balls and wooden rings.

Dish cloth holder made with crochet balls

Image 34 – Brown owl is the theme of this crochet tea towel door.

Brown owl on crochet dish cloth door

Picture 35 – Decorate the kitchen with relaxation: door bowl in the shape of a pig.

Relaxed kitchen with croquette dish door porquinha

Figure 36 – Flowery kitchen set: towel holder, oven glove and pan holder.

Flowery kitchen set

Figure 37 – Remember to match the color of the fabric to the color of the holder.

Crocheted turquoise crocheted dish towel holder

Picture 38 – Pink dishes with three pieces.

Pink kitchen set with three pieces

Image 39 – Blue Anil the tea towel holder forms a harmonious contrast to the worktop wood.

Blue Anil the Dish Cloth Holder makes a harmonious contrast with the countertop wood

Picture 40 – Double holder: Either you use the crocheted ball ring or the wooden ring.

Double stood

Figure 41 – Heart-shaped crochet tea towel holder; the tea towel follows the same design.

Heart crochet heart plate holder

Image 42 – The tea towel seems to form the skirt of this little dress; a nice and interesting effect.

Knotted crochet dish towel door

Image 43 – Metallic knob gives this simple model of the fabric door a special charm.

Simple crochet dish cloth holder

Image 44 – Colorful and printed cloth with fruits has the support that is made in the fabric itself.

Stand on the crocheted crockery itself

Image 45 – All the elegance of black that was borrowed for the door of the tea towel.

Black Crochet Dish Cloth Holder

Picture 46 – Orange, blue and green.

Dish towel holder orange blue and green

Picture 47 – Use a contrasting button to end the door of the crochet cloth.

Contrasting knob to finish crochet crockery dish door

Figure 48 – A tea towel holder with a well crafted owl.

Owl Crochet Dish Cloth Holder

Picture 49 – Different crochet flower pattern for the fabric door.

Crochet flower dish towel holder

Image 50 – And to celebrate Christmas, use a Santa Cloth Dish Holder.

Santa Cloth Dish Holder

Picture 51 – Red flower is in the middle of the white and green fabric door.

Red flower stands out in the middle of the white and green cloth door

Figure 52 – Crochet plate cloth holder with CD and flower appliqué.

Crochet plate cloth holder with CD

Figure 53 – A pantomime: crochet tea towel with flower pot.

Crochet Dish Cloth Holder with Flower Pot

Picture 54 – Fabric foxes match the color of the base.

Cloth foxes match the color of the stand

Figure 55 – A cute little owl adorns this door door.

Crochet plate cloth holder with cute owl

Figure 56 – In this model, the tea towel forms the skirt of the fabric door.

In this model, the dish cloth forms the cloth door skirt

Picture 57 – crochet cloth door made with CD and colorful flowers.

Crochet cloth holder made with CD and colorful flowers

Image 58 – Mini fabric carrier: One of the simplest and simplest models.

Mini dish towel holder: one of the simplest to make

Picture 59 – Cute crochet bunnies adorn this tea towel holder.

Cute crochet bunnies decorate this dish cloth door

Picture 60 – Simple model, but with a Barradinho that makes the difference.

Simple model, but with a little bar that makes all the difference

Write the model you like and you want to learn from the comments. Let me share the model’s knitting pattern…



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