Curtains for bedrooms guarantee a more cozy and comfortable atmosphere, in addition to the interior design and maintenance of the privacy of this more intimate area of ​​the house.

Small in decorating the living room and bedroom, the curtains can fulfill many roles in one environment, they serve for different purposes, from controlling the brightness that comes into the room to how much like an object of decoration.

Choosing a bedroom curtain is not the easiest task as there are many fabric options, finishes, and other details that, when strategically thought out, can have a much more decorative effect on your surroundings. By rethinking, we separate some tips to make your project a little easier, without worries or surprises:

Curtain for bedroom: pay attention to window measures

In order to know the final size of the curtain, you have to remember that you have to leave a “residue” of fabric in relation to the size of the window, so that even in windy weather your curtain covers the window and avoids much clarity and also the aesthetic standard is adequate to guarantee.

There are two types of calculations that can help you find the ideal curtain size for your environment. for light fabrics, multiply the window size and window size by 2, or for heavier or heavier fabrics, multiply by 3. Below are two examples of how to calculate the curtain size:

  1. Window size + 20 cm (right side) + 20 cm (left side) =? x 2 = ideal curtain size. Example: 1.20 m (window) + 20 cm (right side) + 20 cm (left side) = 1.60 mx 2 = 3.20 m of fabric;
  2. Window size + 20 cm (right side) + 20 cm (left side) =? x 3 = ideal curtain size. Example: 1.20 m (window) + 20 cm (right side) + 20 cm (left side) = 1.60 mx 3 = 4.80 m of fabric;

Check the space in the ceiling and wall to decide how much height and support to use in your curtain

Another important decision is what type of support is best for your project. Human or rail? If the trimmer is part of the ceiling structure of the room, then the rails are embedded in the plaster finish, which gives a super stylish effect. The rod is an easy to install and clean option and has many finishing options such as chrome, gold, wood.

Usually the height of the curtain extends above the wall, that is, from ceiling to floor. In this way, the right foot is lengthened and the environment becomes more comfortable. The short curtains are best combined with environments that have furniture under the window or in children’s rooms as they add a relaxed feel to the environment.

Types of colors and possible textures

Remember that neutral colors give more freedom to decorate a more colorful environment, while the more vibrant and colorful tones add joy and personality to the environment.

It’s important to note that darker, more intense tones usually fade over time with sunlight, so you should also consider the intensity of the light entering the room when determining the colors of the curtain.

The heavier or overlapping fabrics are ideal for the cooler months of the year as they warm up the environment and reduce the feeling of “emptiness” in the environment that sometimes occurs during the cold.

Even when choosing the most complete fabrics or printing, the neutral background should be appreciated and left as a scarf. So the highlight of the color or print are just more punctual details that harmonize the curtain with the surroundings with a lighter decor.

Main types of curtain

  • Blinds : a kind of practical curtain that allows better control of the luminosity that enters the environment. The two most common types of roller blinds are roller blind, a type of blind made of woven fabric that is rolled up as it shrinks, and roman, which is made of blades and is mainly found in PVC, wood, bamboo and aluminum.
  • Blackout : This type of curtain is made of a thicker material and has the function of blocking the entry of light while increasing the soundproofing of the surrounding area. In the bedroom, the blackout curtain is ideal for increasing the quality of sleep because it ensures that the “darkness” lasts until you wake up. In the past, many people have had problems with the “plasticized” effect of the fabric on this curtain, but today there are several options for blackout curtains made with lighter fabrics and in different colors.
  • Voal curtain : This is the classic curtain model that can be used either alone or in conjunction with a type of liner and / or a thicker cover. Its texture can inspire sophistication and simplicity in the same setting.
  • Curtains made of serge, velvet, linen or shantung : Fuller fabrics are highly recommended for dormitories because they increase the feeling of cosiness, and you can also find a variety of textured effects in each of them.

Photos of room curtain

Now that you are up to date and know what the best options are for you, check out the bedroom curtain models that we brought you closer to to inspire you and make your project easier:

Traditional blinds for bedrooms

Photo 1 – Traditional aluminum

Traditional aluminum
The aluminum horizontal fastener is very versatile and can be found in different colors in markets, decoration and hardware stores. In a contemporary industrial type of decoration like that of the picture, the aluminum bezel does not completely block the natural light from the outside and still interacts very well with the horizontal lines of the building blocks of the wall.

Image 2 – roller shutter with linen curtain.

Laminated blind with linen curtain
Another way to use the umbrella! Because they don’t create a lot of coziness (especially because they remind you of commercial and productive environments), the shutters on this project are fitted with a linen curtain to block out the window light and make the space more comfortable.

Image 3 – Classic model in black color

Classic curtain model for bedroom in black color

The blind model is highly recommended for small rooms and for young people. And to be sure that it adorns with the room decoration, choose the right color!

Picture 4 – Roller shutter with Voil Curtain.

Blind with voil curtain
Another example of double-curtain blind cloth. The interesting thing is that due to the dark color of the shade and the transparency of the voil, the horizontal lines are visible and create an interesting texture.

Image 5 – Blind laminate to match the color of the floor.

Blinds that match the color of the floor

For rooms with few colors or predominantly light colors, the curtain or the curtain can be interesting places to set a slightly stronger color to increase the contrast of the surroundings.

Picture 6 – Shutter with satin curtain.

Blind with satin curtain
If your curtain doesn’t promote a perfect tan for a good night’s sleep, the blind man can help you. But does not have to be replaced! The two are very good together and take care of the amount of light and the decorative part.

Image 7 – Blind with a silk curtain.

Room with shade and silk curtain

Image 8 – Classic model in gray color.

Classic curtain model in gray color
For environments that receive a lot of street lighting, the blinds can be a good requirement to promote perfect natural lighting for the environment.

Image 9 – Black lock on the whole wall.

Black blind on the entire wall

If you need a completely dark sleeping environment, the black shade will help limit outside lighting. In addition, the color contrasts with this environment in a predominantly clear minimalist style.

Image 10 – Shutter the exact size of your window.

Blind in correct window size
Especially for small environments, a very large curtain can give the impression that the room is smaller. The advantage of the blind is that it is already sold in the standard dimensions of most windows.

Roller blind for bedroom

Figure 11 – Roller shutters in different modules.

Roller shutter with modules

To add a lighter shade to your bedroom decor, especially if it is small, the roller blind can be used in several small or medium-sized modules in your windows.

Image 12 – To separate the environment.

Roller shutter to separate the environment
The roller blind is made in the style that is very similar to the blackout curtains. It controls the amount of light coming from the street and separates the surroundings.

Figure 13 – With transparent friezes.

Blind with transparent friezes
These types of blinds can also be found in different fabrics, thicker or thinner, depending on the amount of light and sound you want to block.

Picture 14 – Colorful roller.

Blind for bedroom with colored roller
Not only can roller shutters block out light and noise, but they can also be a great way to add more color to your room. It is already available in stores in different colors so you can combine and play with the decor of the environment.

Roman blind for bedrooms

Picture 15 – Novel with curtain in shantung.

Roman blind for bedroom

In this example, the Roman type venetian blind is used to take in the lighting coming from the outside while the shantung fabric curtain is placed to increase the feeling of cosiness within the decoration.

Image 16 – For those who work near a window.

Roman blind for bedroom with home office and table near the window
With a finer fabric, the Roman shade can create a perfect balance in the amount of light that enters the work environment.

Bild 17 – Cooling in Modulen.

Roman blind in modules

Figure 18 – Choose the perfect height for your window.

Choose the perfect height for your window
The coolest thing about the Roman shadow is that it collapses when it’s hung. This allows you to choose the ideal height for natural light to enter your window.

Picture 19 – It shrinks to let the light in.

Allows light input

Another advantage is that when you want to enjoy the sun, you can hang the clasp completely, with minimal space from the horizontal surfaces of it.

Picture 20 – Also in the bedroom.

The blind goes in the bedroom
Some more sheer fabrics can create an incredible effect in your bedroom, especially if it is a light color. This comes almost out of our field of vision and creates a balanced atmosphere with natural light.

Figure 21 – Adjusting the height for different window types

Adjust height for different types of windows

And you have different windows or with different heights, with several Roman blinds is no problem. each adapts to the height of its corresponding window.

Picture 22 – For small windows.

Curtain for small windows in bedrooms
The Roman colors give a special charm in a cozy atmosphere with small windows. In this design, the small window accompanying a reading sofa is given a Roman curtain, while the large window, a two-tone curtain of fabric.

Image 23 – And for the big ones too!

Large window curtain
Roman blinds then make a very interesting geometric structure for those who have large windows, especially those who take their right foot off the sidewalk.

Blackout for rooms

Picture 24 – The blind that blocks

Rolling block curtain

Picture 25 – So that you can enjoy the internal lights

Blackout curtain for room
The blackout curtain is also a great way to isolate the room from outside lighting and to provide special lighting with LED lamps, be it white or colored.

Room for a curtain

Picture 26 – Voal on the floor.

Vole curtain for bedroom
The voal is a super thin fabric that doesn’t block the light like the other curtains we saw before, great for a room that doesn’t get as much sun during the day.

Picture 27 – Voal with velvet.

For with velvet
If the voal looks too thin for you, try adding a different type of fabric to an extra layer on your curtain. In this case, the velvet contrasts as a heavy fabric and makes the room cozier and darker.

Image 28 – Matching colors.

Curtain combining colors
And the cool thing about the double layer of fabric is to match different materials and colors.

Picture 29 – Voal with taffeta.

Votive curtain with taffeta

Picture 30 – Contrast to linen.

Contrast with linen
The combination of light and clear voile with dark and heavy linen creates an interesting contrast to the room decor and helps you to filter out the clarity required for the environment.

Picture 31 – Each level with its effect.

Each layer with its effect

Picture 32 – On the whole wall

Curtain for room occupying the entire length of the wall
The fabric curtains are ideal for anyone who has a very large window and takes up a lot of the wall. Between the white paint on one wall and the masonry on the other, the curtain wall creates a different decoration.

Picture 33 – Different fabrics in the same color.

Different fabrics in the same color
Another great way to combine materials while maintaining a unit for the part.

Image 34 – Playing with the textures.

Playing with the textures in the game of curtain
Fabrics with a striking structure or patterns in the print create a super interesting effect with smooth white voil.

Picture 35 – White voal to break the brownish tone.

Curtains for children / teenagers

Curtain for adolescent room

Picture 36 – Each band in a way.

Curtain for room with each band of a shape
We want to be more fun in the children’s room, and in this nautical-style room, the variations of the fabric in blue and white give the long curtain a special touch.

Picture 37 – Darker to isolate the room.

Curtain for dark room to insulate room

Figure 38 – Curtain with skirt.

Curtain for room with skirt

Figure 39 – To roll.

Curtain for curling
Another type of curtain that has been getting everyone’s attention lately is these sleek fabric-inspired roller blinds. To open, simply roll and fasten with colored ribbons.

Image 40 – Simple roller shutters.

Single roller shutter

Image 41 – Double layer with voal and frills.

Double layer with ruffle and ruffles
For those who like the princesses and ruffles of their party dresses, here is a sleek curtain with a full effect and with lots of waves!

Picture 42 – Roller blind that covers the entire wall.

Roller blind covering the entire wall
If the room already contains a lot of information, it makes sense to use a more subtle cover such as the roller shutter.

Picture 43 – One smooth layer, another stamped.

A smooth and one stamped layer

Illus. 44 – Neutral pressure for a double room.

Neutral print for double room
If the room is shared, it is best to choose something neutral to please the two children.

Image 45 – Stamping on colored chevron.

Colorful Chevron Stamping
One of the most famous prints, the chevron blends in with a wide variety of environments! With the predominance of white it comes down to getting everyone’s attention!

Picture 46 – The novel takes up too little space.

Roman curtain to take up little space
In the small bedroom with a bunk bed, the curtain should take up as little space as possible. In this case the blinds are good options.

Picture 47 – Straps for adjusting the height.

Height adjustment tapes

Other models of room curtains

Picture 48 – Bamboo blind.

Bamboo blind for bedroom
Inspired by the oriental models, the bamboo blind is a very simple and sustainable way of removing plastic from the assembly of conventional blinds. The color of bamboo is still a plus for decoration!

Image 49 – Shantung curtain for bedroom.

Shantung curtain for bedroom

Image 50 – Velvet curtain.

Velvet curtain for bedroom
For a cooler, more geometric decor environment, heavier fabric curtains can help make the space a cozy, cozy place.

Picture 51 – Twill curtain.

Room Twill Curtain

Image 52 – Tiffany Blue velvet.

Velvet in Tiffany Color

Figure 53 – In two colors.

Two-color bedroom curtain
The new dyeing techniques allow different types of prints and patterns. And some fabrics can be found with large ribbons of different colors. We want to draw attention to this curtain as a separation of the environment.

Figure 54 – Curtain with rod.

Curtain rod
The curtains with a bar are the most popular and, with a good combination and the right choice of fabric, model and color of the curtain, guarantee a more sophisticated type of environment.

Image 55 – Linen curtain.

Linen Curtain for Bedroom
For those who have a crown, the idea that is becoming increasingly popular is to embed the man’s part or the passage of the curtain or blind in the gap of the crown so that it is not exposed.

Figure 56 – Embedded in the Cortineiro.

Embedded in the cortineiro
For those who have a crown, the idea that is becoming increasingly popular is to embed the man’s part or the passage of the curtain or blind in the gap of the crown so that it is not exposed.

Picture 57 – Roman shadow with shantung curtain.

Roman blind with shantung curtain
The venetian blind allows you to block out much of the sun in the room, but for added protection and guaranteed darkness, the curtain with a stronger fabric, such as shantung, makes a difference.

Image 58 – Dip dye curtain (gradient).

Dip dye curtain - gradient
The gradient fabrics have it all! And you can find different types including voal.

Image 59 – Geometric curtain made of stainless steel.

Stainless steel geometric curtain
This super delicate model adds an extra standard in its environment and mainly combines with a decoration that already contains gray or silver in other elements.

Image 60 – For those who like volume, bet on the wrinkles.

Bet on the pleats for those who like volume



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