The Christmas balls are traditional ornaments that in the past symbolized the fruit on the Christmas tree, but today they are one of the funniest elements when it comes to putting the decor together this time of year.

Although the more traditional Christmas baubles come in gold, silver and red colors, over the years these dots have gained versions for all types of decorations and today offer a wide variety of colors and textures for your Christmas party. The changes are so numerous that they no longer need to be hung on the tree: they are everywhere, from the trees to the table decorations, garlands and garlands that can be hung on the walls and doors.

And Christmas survives not only with purchased ornaments: In a more artisanal footprint, we come up with the idea of ​​producing completely new ornaments and even reusing materials from earlier years as the basis for new ornaments. Use these ideas to work with different materials, textures and colors that have everything to do with the decoration you have planned for this year: do everything with glue and ribbons to complete the package and make a completely new ornament receive.

65 creative ideas of Christmas balls decorated for you to get inspired

To include you in the new trends and to help you choose the best Christmas balls for your decoration, we separate 65 images so that you will be enchanted and inspired.

Image 1 – polka dots to decorate the tree in the funniest and most nostalgic way!

Fun and nostalgic tree polka dots

Figure 2 – Balls inspired by the good old man to buy in stores of articles for decoration or to personalize yourself.

Polka dots inspired by the good old man.

Picture 3 – Cute Christmas balls to do at home.

Cute Christmas balls to make at home

Image 4 – Polka dots in other formats to decorate the tree with glass and porcelain.

Polka Dot and other shapes to decorate the tree with glass and porcelain

Figure 5 – Arrangements with Christmas Balls: Use to create sculptures or even garlands.

Arrangements with Christmas balls to decorate the tree

Image 6 – Glass or acrylic: transparent balls to give lightness to the tree.

Transparent glass or acrylic balls to decorate the tree

Image 7 – Customizing Your Decorations: Try using sprays to dip in paint or even some other effect.

Customize the Christmas balls to decorate the tree

Image 8 – Felt balls, wool balls, colored styrofoam balls … Use the material that you prefer and renew the use of the typical Christmas balls.

Colored Christmas balls in garland

Image 9 – Was there an ornament from the tree? No problem, all places can be decorated with a well-built composition.

Christmas balls for table decoration

Image 10 – Polka dots and other geometric shapes decorate your tree.

Other geometric shapes to decorate your tree

Image 11 – Another possibility to personalize your Christmas tree: Use colored paper circles or large sequins and scale on the smooth surface of the balls.

Colorful paper circle to personalize Christmas tree

Image 12 – Super colored polka dots on the glass dome give a different decoration with the rest of the decorations on the tree.

Colored Christmas balls on glass vase in centerpiece

Figure 13 – Many good old ones to decorate your tree and make your Christmas sweeter and generous

Christmas balls shaped like Santa's face

Photo 14: Work with different materials and shapes if you decide to create your own embellishments.

Christmas balls with paper folding

Figure 15 – For a Christmas full of glamor and fun: Christmas balls globe style of mirror with metallic paper.

Globe style with metallic paper

Image 16 – In a rustic and cozy style: magazine your old polka dots with thread, string and wool with the help of hot glue.

Christmas balls with string and wool

Image 17 – Polka dots as pompoms are cool, easy, quick and cheap alternatives and very cute!

Christmas balls with pompom

Image 18: Round melodies play the role of Christmas balls and decorate garlands, trees and even the door handle knobs.

Round tunes to replace Christmas balls

Image 19 – For glass balls: fill with drinks or water with coloring for a super different effect!

Glass polka dots

Image 20 – Leave the Christmas balls with a little more personality and attitude with a little acrylic paint, enamel and a lot of creativity!

Christmas balls with acrylic paint

Photo 21: In addition to the example with wool and threads, remember to coat your balls with artificial feathers! They are easy to find in party stores.

Christmas ball with artificial feathers

Image 22 – Who will be enchanted by Christmas balls? We even decorate the chandelier!

How about decorating the chandelier with Christmas balls?

Picture 23 – Cover with paper! It’s super creative and you can still use multiple drawings and printed inspiration.

Paper coating on christmas balls

Image 24 – Circle with a family photo or a nice cool illustration that replaces the traditional balls.

Circle with family photo

Image 25 – Christmas tree ball with colored balls to hang on the front door.

Christmas Ornament with Frame and Polka Dots

Image 26 – The most important thing in decorating is to have fun! Think of elements that go with the polka dots, like these magical unicorns and full of brilliance.

Decorated Christmas Balls: 65 Ideas to Boost Your Tree

Image 27 – Another example of pompoms instead of balls, this time full of colors.

Pompons in place of polka dots

Picture 28 – Decorate the fruit bowl yourself with Christmas balls.

Christmas balls to decorate the fruit trees

Image 29 – Branch style garland with metallic fruits.

Branches with metallic balls

Picture 30 – Use sequins, mirror paper, and other textures to decorate your polka dots and leave the tree in a unique style.

Balls with sequins and mirror paper

Image 31 – Personalized polka dots with the C3PO face and R2D2 in a Christmas geek.

Christmas balls personalized with the theme Star Wars

Image 32 – Christmas comic with decorative balls: another super creative inspiration for your home.

Christmas cartoon with balls of inspiration

Picture 33 – Christmas circles made of felt!

Christmas circles made of felt

Picture 34 – Polka dots and even decorations in the packaging of Christmas presents.

Christmas balls and ornaments

Picture 35 – Use colored permanent pens to write and draw on the balls.

Use permanent pens to draw on holiday balls

Picture 36 – To devour the decoration of Christmas: mini pancakes decorated in the style of Christmas balls.

Mini Pancakes Decorating in Christmas Ball Style

Photo 37 – Paper redomas for artisanal decoration.

Paper nibs for handmade decoration

Image 38 – More felt polka dots in a warm and cozy decoration.

Warm and cozy decoration with felt

Picture 39 – Christmas cake: The traditional decoration balls decorate the cake too!

Christmas cake with decoration balls

Figure 40 – Make your Christmas ornament practical and quick: Styrofoam balls decorated with sequins, beads and glue.

Styrofoam with sequins

Image 41 – Christmas baubles made of glass: a transparent dome to create small environments with your favorite objects.

Glass Christmas Balls

Image 42 – Christmas balls around the indicator wire for an interesting effect that can be used all year round!

Christmas balls to decorate the flasher wire

Picture 43 – Play with the proportions of the decorative elements: small trees and huge Christmas balls in time to decorate the dinner table.

Christmas balls to decorate the table

Picture 44 – Use embellishments with matte paints or paint yours with spray paint!

Painted Christmas Balls

Image 45 – Ornaments for a tree worthy of an artist: Use ink stains to show that you were in a moment of inspiration when you set up the tree.

Ink stains to stylize Christmas balls

Image 46 – Christmas balls decorate the wall in a tree format: enjoy the materials and textures you have to create different effects even if you don’t have the most traditional elements of Christmas decorations.

Christmas balls decorating the wall

Figure 47 – In the decorations of the house, and even in the jewels chosen for Christmas Eve: decorate decorative elements also in their festive robes.

Christmas balls in rings for the Christmas celebration

Picture 48 – MDF letters covered with Christmas balls.

MDF letters filled with Christmas balls

Picture 49 – Fun and friendly embellishments: It’s never too late to put together your own characters with your own personalities.

Fun and friendly Christmas ornaments made from Christmas balls

Image 50 – Christmas decorations that keep an eye on all guests: You can put together your characters and little monsters with glitter, markers and creativity.

Characters and little monsters drawn on Christmas balls

Image 51 – Composition with Christmas balls at the time to prepare the table for dinner: make a ring for the napkin or cutlery with a ribbon and polka dots of your choice.

Ring with balls to join the cutlery and decorate the table

Image 52 – Another tip that you can do at home at low cost: cover old Christmas balls or round shapes with different colored lines for a different effect.

Ball with colored and different lines

Picture 53 – Tree on the wall with metal decor: Gold, silver and copper are great colors to decorate a minimalist tree on the wall for Christmas, or even an environment with a predominance of light colors and pastel colors.

Tree on the wall with metallic decoration

Image 54 – Combine different textures and colors of Christmas balls bought in stores with natural elements such as flowers, leaves and branches.

Flowers, leaves and twigs to decorate the table with Christmas balls

Picture 55 – Mini colored honeycomb pompoms to make the tree decoration more fun and delicate.

Mini beehive pompons to decorate the tree

Picture 56 – Compose the decoration of your tree with industrialized balls and craft balls made by other people or by yourself.

Industrial and craft balls

Picture 57 – Polka dot papers for everyone who loses the trophy outside and organizes the party.

Polka dots as paper tags

Picture 58 – Colored balls that form a wreath that is more fun and entitles to personalized messages written with a permanent pen.

Colorful balls to make a funny garland

Picture 59 – For those who are a fan of needlework with lines: crochet balls, tighten with colored twine and with soft filling.

Crochet Christmas Balls

Image 60 – Christmas balls in gold and copper tones with long strands give your tree lightness and a very glamorous look.

Balls with golden and copper tones

Image 61 – Christmas decorations for the whole house: decoration ball with different colors or textures to match your everyday decoration.

Golden balls to decorate the table arrangement

Picture 62 – Plush Christmas decorations: this year embellish and decorate the house in style.

Beautiful Plush Christmas Balls

Image 63 – Design your old ornaments differently with felt: Use the bright colors and the super glitter for a different texture.

Christmas balls with felt

Figure 64 – For a minimalist Christmas, opt for decorations that follow a reduced and coherent color palette.

Christmas balls and ornaments with soft color palette

Picture 65 – Christmas tree decorations with countdown: Include only your own rules for your Christmas tradition in handicraft ornaments.

Countdown Tree Balls

How to make Christmas balls step by step

Now that you’ve reviewed all of these visual references, you can now use practical guides to start decorating and personalizing Christmas baubles, whether they’re new or old. Start with the videos we have chosen to make your work from home easier:

1. How to make Christmas wool balls and other models

2. How to make Christmas balls with a roll of toilet paper



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