The Christmas decorations are made with a lot of detail and should balance out the reference types you choose. There are many types of decoration possible: from the most traditional and symbolic to the very fun and deconstructed versions for the hottest time of the year.

Before getting involved in all of the decorations you see, think about a few details in order to have a harmonious decoration, consistent and with an end result that can truly leave anyone infected with that Christmas joy.

The decorated Christmas tree includes much more than hanging ornaments, but the selection of colors, shapes, sizes and distribution of the elements in a harmonious way.
To help you with this task of decorating everything, we have put together some general tips for you to make your decorated Christmas tree even more beautiful:

  • Size : Think about the type of space available and the space you want your tree to occupy. It is important that the size of the tree is chosen according to the environment. The smaller models combine more with small spaces or on furniture, while the traditional large Christmas trees deserve all the space and highlight in the area. The size of the decorations should also be proportional to the size of the Christmas tree, so this is the first step in creating a successful decor.
  • Selection of ornaments : The decorations of a Christmas tree know no limits in terms of colors and formats. In addition to the traditional balls, bows, and stars, you can use candies, musical instruments, garlands, blinkers, pom-poms, and anything else your imagination needs. You can make a mix of references or even a themed decoration for your tree.
  • Colors : Think about the color palette and effects you want to create through your interior. You can choose decorations that will give your Christmas tree a more elegant look, such as the more minimalist ones, or the shades of blue to give it a cooler touch or to relate to the sea. The traditional colors appear mainly in the green of the tree and also in the red of the ornaments. The decor can be trendier and more glamorous, with more cheerful colors like lavender, lavender and pink. Do not forget about trends such as colorful decorations, color gradients and harmonizing with the decoration of the environment.
  • When to Gather : When you’re doing all the details, an interesting tip is to always keep triangles in mind so it’s easier to balance everything out and keep the decoration more spread out. Start with the blinker and when you have bows and balls position them so that the bows are over the balls. After that, you can start adding the smaller decorations.

Now let’s take the pictures! And if you want, check out our post on white Christmas trees and handmade Christmas trees.

Image 1 – Candy Earth Christmas tree to show that your Christmas can have a different theme.

Candy Land Christmas Tree

Figure 2 – Golden and copper decoration in a luxurious style in the white and minimalist tree.

Christmas tree with gold and copper decoration in luxurious style

Figure 3 – Tree with few branches and more included and neutral decoration in a style close to Scandinavian.

Tree with few branches and more contained decoration

Figure 4 – Ornaments in a palette of colors similar to the tone of the tree and some distoantes elements to break the pattern.

Tree and ornaments in the same color palette

Picture 5 – Standard Christmas tree with red and gold ornaments with symmetry and harmony in the composition.

Christmas tree decorated with red and gold ornaments

Image 6 – Small decorated Christmas tree with large paper decorations.

Decorated small Christmas tree for table

Image 7 – Choose your color palette: whether with many or few colors, the ideal is to keep the harmony in time to decorate the tree, be it traditional green or other shades.

Keep the harmony to decorate your Christmas tree

Image 8 – Concentration of handmade ornaments on the tree.

Christmas tree decorated with handmade ornaments on the top

Details of craft ornaments

Image 9 – Tree and white or pastel colored decorations.

Tree and white ornaments with pastel shades

Image 10 – Colorful and well-lit ornaments on a clear tree.

Illuminated ornaments on a light tree

Image 11 – White decoration with a snowy Christmas climate.

White Christmas tree

Picture 12 – Another tree carried on the wall and decorated with garlands.

Different decorated Christmas tree

Picture 13 – Christmas tree decorated in white from the height of the right foot and with natural branches.

Big Christmas tree with branches

Figure 14 – Set a color palette for decorating the tree.

Christmas tree with color palette in harmony

Figure 15 – Santa Claus, reindeer, elves and loved ones: blackboard decorated with all the characters from Christmas.

Santa Claus, reindeers, elves and candy in the decoration of the Christmas tree

Image 16 – Think of subtopics you want to explore along with Christmas: Decorating the tree in a carnival style with feathers, mirror balls and lots of glitter.

Think of subtopics to explore along with Christmas

Picture 17 – Christmas tree decorated with huge fabric flowers and paper.

Christmas tree with giant paper flowers

Picture 18 – All-natural Christmas tree with branches collected in parks and squares and decoration of balls of different colors and materials.

Totally natural Christmas tree

Image 19 – Tree decorations with ribbons, ribbons and garlands from top to bottom.

Tree with ties and garlands

Image 20 – Another subtopic, super creative and geek: Christmas tree decorated for the biggest fans of Star Wars.

Geek Christmas Tree in Star Wars Style

Image 21 – White Christmas tree with gold elements in a chic and neutral style.

Tree decoration with white and gold

Picture 22 – Magic tree in unicorn style.

Magic tree decorated in unicorn style

Image 23 – A Christmas decoration, everything coherent and harmonious: the classic never goes out of style and can’t go wrong!

Christmas decoration in classic style

Picture 24 – TAGs in the decoration of the Christmas tree: to place the inquiries and thanks of the year next to photos and souvenirs.

Decorated Christmas tree: 65 amazing ideas for your home!

Image 25 – Tree in nostalgia style: ornaments from the 80s and 90s and toys from childhood.

Christmas tree in nostalgia style

Image 26 – In addition to hanging ornaments such as balls and stars, invest in wide ribbons and garlands with different textures and eye-catching colors.

Broad ribbons and garlands

Image 27 – For a completely unusual tree, think of another decoration to the same degree: super cute flickering fabric that does not emit light.

Winking Christmas Tree

Image 28 – Even if your tree does not have that many branches, the decor can fill holes and make the composition complete and even.

Christmas decoration with few branches

Image 29 – White Christmas trees with bright ornaments are very stylish, but a little color can make the room a more fun place.

Turn the white Christmas tree with colors

Image 30 – Top-down decorations in a rainbow gradient to please even the perfectionists.

A perfect gradient for tree decoration

Image 31 – Golden tree, only decorated with blinkers to maintain lightness.

Tree decorated with flasher

Figure 32 – Examine various textures between branches and ornaments.

Explore different textures in the tree

Image 33 – To keep the decoration discreet on a very tall tree, use a palette that matches the color of the branches well.

Discreet decoration for a tall tree

Image 34 – Everything from Christmas balls to ribbons and comics can be used in the decoration of the Christmas tree

It's worth using everything from Christmas balls to ribbons and comics.

Image 35 – Another tree with super fun decoration and with different materials, colors and textures.

Various materials colors and textures for tree

Picture 36 – Work with the decoration with colored stripes.

Color stripes on Christmas tree

Picture 37 – For a simpler wall tree, invest in bright decorations or reflect the light from the indicators well.

Bilateral decorations for wall tree.

Figure 38 – Table trees do not need a loaded decoration, they can be part of a general composition.

Christmas tree decorated for table

Figure 39 – For most modern homes, think of a tree with a light tone and brightly colored ornaments.

Light tones and various colorful ornaments

Image 40 – White and gold are colors that cannot go wrong with Christmas decorations.

White and gold: colors without error in Christmas decoration

Image 41 – Stick to classic and complementary colors: how about decorating your green pine with ornaments of all kinds of red?

Ornaments of all kinds of red

Image 42 – White and silver keep the furnishings sober and elegant for your room.

White and silver Christmas tree

Image 43 – Don’t be afraid to rely on the most varied and innovative decorations such as flowers and writings with wire.

Bet on different and innovative decorations

Picture 45 – A super starry table tree.

A super starry tabletop tree

Picture 46 – White tree with flower ornaments and lots of light.

White tree with flowers ornaments and lots of lighting

Picture 47 – Complete the empty spaces of the thinnest trees with hanging Christmas balls.

Christmas balls hanging from the tree

Image 48 – Decorated Christmas tree: think of the decoration of the tree top that extends the entire length, like these ribbons that mimic the movement of the angel’s dress.

Christmas tree decorated with angel

Picture 49 – LEGO tree with the characters and a colored and handmade chain made of colored paper.

Christmas tree in the decoration style of LEGO

Image 50 – Wooden tree shape and a fun and well-lit decoration around it.

Fun and well lit decoration

Image 51 – White tree with black decoration for a more neutral environment.

White tree with black decoration.

Figure 52 – Necklaces made of pearls and colored chains for the decoration of the Christmas pine.

Bead necklaces and colored chains for the decorated Christmas tree

Image 53 – Decorated Christmas tree: Do not be afraid to make great decorations, especially if you want to attract the attention of the guests with your tree.

Christmas tree ornaments

Figure 54 – Decorative elements inspired by nature: pine cones, nuts and birds hang on the branches of the tree.

Christmas tree decorated with pine cones and nuts

Image 55 – Decorated Christmas tree: if you’re in the mood for a snowy Christmas, next to the tree with a white finish that imitates the snow, think of ornaments with some clear details such as white, silver and gray.

Christmas tree with snowy weather

Picture 56 – Paper tree on the wall to gradually decorate with the memories of the year.

Paper tree for the wall

Picture 57 – Christmas again with a subtopic: Also think of decorative elements from different cultures.

Other Christmas with subtheme

Image 58 – A whole village in the Christmas tree: To use a few decorative elements, think of large, attention-grabbing objects.

A whole village in the Christmas tree

Image 59 – The famous snowflakes in the decoration of the tree: you can go shopping with paper and scissors or have fun at home!

The famous snowflakes in the tree decoration

Screenshot 60 – Christmas tree calendar: the decoration works like a calendar and you can even store gifts to discover every day.

Christmas tree decorated with calendar shape

Picture 61 – Decorated Christmas tree: wrap your pine tree with decorative ribbons and a large bow tie on top.

Wind your pine tree with decorative ribbons

Image 62 – Large, colorful Christmas balls with different textures fill the tree.

Big Christmas balls

Picture 63 – Mobile tree with characters and a story.

Mobile tree with characters

Figure 64 – Decorated Christmas tree: decorate with fabric ribbons or even paper!

Decorate with fabric ribbons or even paper

Image 65 – Decorated Christmas tree: white, black and gold is a combination that always works!

Bet on the combination of white, black and gold.



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