Glass jars left over from home can be intelligently reused with the right creativity, materials and techniques. Separate the can containers and any other jar you have at home: today we are going to learn how to make it to decorate them.

There are a variety of different techniques for decorating the pots, from painting, glitter, decoupage, fabric, stencil, jute, lace, and others. In this post we talk about the most common ones.

Models and photos of decorated glass pots

It is always recommended to look for references and inspiration before starting any crafting. We separate glass pots with the most important techniques for you to check:

Pots decorated with paint and glitter

Image 1 – Before painting, glue the masking tape to create casting strips.


Image 2 – Moroccan style continues great!


Image 3 – An incredible treat for Easter.


Image 4 – Reaprovide your glass pots and turn them into beautiful pots!


Image 5 – The poas make the brush holder very vintage / retro.

Referring to Fig.

Image 6 – Let the surroundings appear enlightened and glamorous with this candle holder.


Image 7 – Produce the decorations for the party!


Picture 8 – The plastic container easily turns a romantic lamp.

Referring to Fig.

Image 9 – The gold is chic, modern and cool.

Referring to Fig.

Image 10 – Invest in three-dimensional ink to create the texture of mandalas.


Image 11 – Do not be afraid to mix other elements such as rhinestones, fabrics, cord.


Picture 12 – Customize your olive glasses with the permanent pins.


Picture 13 – How about just removing the strategic areas?


Image 14 – Glitter or matt gold: Have you ever chosen your favorite model?


Image 15 – How can you resist the cuteness of emoji pots?


Picture 16 – Characterize the pot with your favorite fruit.


Picture 17 – Matte painting with fine details.


Image 18 – Glitter inside, adhesive outside.


Image 19 – A bath of love & glitter.


Image 20 – Jam jars turn into beautiful party favors.


Image 21 – A new wardrobe for the flower pots.


Picture 22 – Upgrade with three-dimensional color textures.


Image 23 – Colors and flamingos enliven and give more life!


Image 24 – Multicolored lights with ethnic designs.


Image 25 – Beautify your child’s party with the custom-made glass jugs


Image 26 – Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in style!


Image 27 – A creative way to store cutlery.


Image 28 – The glitter at the base gives a charming and delicate touch.


Image 29 – Colorful stripes to give that lively lunch!


Image 30 – Declare all of your love using the decoupage technique


Decorated pots with decoupage and glue

Image 31 – Stickers and bows make the pot more feminine and romantic.


Image 32 – Stick the stickers and give the new vase a new face!


Image 33 – Use Different Techniques and Build Your Own Business!


Image 34 – Oriental style never goes out of style!


Picture 35 – Use creativity and produce decorative pots for your home!


Picture 36 – Pineapple model with internal napkin technology.


Image 37 – Innovate and create the magazine tailored to the fabric!


Picture 38 – Collage of strips of fabric with different patterns


Image 39 – Use and abuse the string as it is tough and durable


Screenshot 40 – Create incredible effects with different moorings.


Picture 41 – Everything rolled up with yarn of different colors.


Picture 42 – The string base protects the hand from the ice.


Picture 43 – Adhesive tape in front and always leave the thread straight and straight.


Pots with differentiated lids

Picture 44 – Differentiate yourself from the others and bet on the handles on the covers.


Image 45 – DIY: nice little gifts for your little party!


Picture 46 – Surrender to the trend of animal jars!


Picture 47 – Preserve food with the classic biscuit technique.


Image 48 – Paper is a great ally for making Christmas presents.


Image 49 – Buy mini crowns and glue on the lid with hot glue.


Figure 50 – Cap with distinctive handles is a must!


Image 51 – Sponge cake-themed pots.


Image 52 – Surprise everyone with a custom-made sugar bowl!


Picture 53 – Beautiful, magical and charming.


Pots decorated with fabric

Figure 54 – When the finishing touches make the difference!


Image 55 – Hold the strawberry drink in place at the party.


Picture 56 – Matte painting with jute lining and lace.


Picture 57 – Small delicacies with flowers and fabric lace.


Image 58 – A pot of tutu.


Image 59 – Leave your wonderful kitchen with individual pots.


Image 60 – A successful duo: jute + lace.


Image 61 – Handmade drink with great attention to detail.


Picture 62 – lace, flowers, bows and string.


Image 63 – Games with different textures and materials.


Picture 64 – Patchwork of fabric lining the inside of the vessels.


Image 65 – Center table for outdoor weddings.


This is how glass pots can be decorated step by step

Now that you’ve reviewed dozens of options with decorated glasses, it’s time to learn more about the techniques and instructions for making different types of decorations. Now watch the videos that separate cool and creative ideas:

1. Bring more functionality to your kitchen with ingredients that organize pots.

Enjoy this solution and apply it in glass containers that you keep around your home as packaging for various ingredients. To make this craft you will need:

  • Large glass pots;
  • Old buttons;
  • Matte black contact paper;
  • Spray paint in the color of your choice;
  • Cola super bonder.

The first step is to use the glue to attach the buttons to the lid. Once dry, apply the spray paint so that everything stays the same color. Finally, the contact paper is used to make the labels on each pot. Keep watching to see all the details:

2. Make 5 creative ideas with glasses.

This video shows 5 interesting ideas that you can make with glass pots, the first is a flower arrangement with flower fabric and stones. Then how to turn a glass pot into beautiful lamps, a charming filter, and a hanging organizer.

3. Simple decoration for glasses with napkin.

This tutorial shows how easy it is to decorate glass jars with patterned napkins. The materials required are:

  • Jar;
  • Decorative napkins;
  • Barbante white;
  • White glue;
  • Scissors;
  • PVA inks turquoise blue, white, yellow and orange.
  • Brush number 8.

Further in the video:

4. How to make a glass pot with a unicorn design step by step.

This example shows how to make a striped pot of different colors in a simple and practical way. The materials required are:

  • Jar;
  • Pen or permanent pen;
  • Matt varnish or transparent wood base;
  • PVA or acrylic paints (in the colors: orange, yellow, light green, dark blue, purple, red and magenta);
  • Illustration of a unicorn.

Keep watching to see all the details:

5. How to decorate a glass with fabric.

This is a nice solution for decorating a jar with fabric and cross stitch. See all the instructions in the video:

6. How to make a pendant from candles and flowers with glasses.

7. Watch step by step to use a can with a handle as a decorative object.

8. How do I decorate a glass with a decoupage napkin and stencil.

9. Step by step to make beautiful pots with colored glaze

10. Beautiful step by step to make marble pots with old magazines.

This really is a nuanced technique that you are going to love. Step by step you will learn how to leave the marbled magazine around the glass pot with lots of charm and style. The materials required are:

  • Jar;
  • Old magazine;
  • Brush;
  • Finishing sealer;
  • Varnish maximum brightness;
  • Plastic cord;
  • Puller;
  • Graphite color PVA ink;
  • White glue;
  • Hot glue.

Are you ready to make your own decorated glass pot? We hope that all of these references have helped you find creative ideas.



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