Before starting your own business, it should be remembered that the location you choose is an important marketing strategy, that is, a way to attract and attract public attention. In addition, a decorated ambience that shows the type and style of the kitchen is one of the factors that determine and / or differentiate your decor.

To create a gastronomic atmosphere, try to work as a base color card that will be part of the branding , design and decoration. It is important to note that warm tones stimulate your appetite, so informal places – like fast food – abuse red and yellow. Already cold tones give a more exclusive, intimate look and are therefore indicated in sophisticated restaurants. If you want to bring both of these together, try balancing these out with materials that will give your offering the right look. For example wood for heating; Metal and glass give more sobriety; Lighting that creates the perfect contrast.

The style of the restaurant should be present in every detail, be it in color, furniture, room layout, decorative objects. Remember to define your target audience in advance – an essential step in setting up the restaurant – because this is one of the factors that will determine the decoration of the environment.

Finding and searching for recommendations is a good start to this journey, after all, who doesn’t dream of having their own business one day? We have put together different styles of restaurants, bars and cafes to inspire you! Check out 60 great suggestions, and good luck!

Image 1 – Give your restaurant a cozy atmosphere with sofas!

Image 1

Image 2 – Use the colors that identify the restaurant brand in the decoration

Image 2

Figure 3 – Leaving the kitchen on sight shows trust in the establishment’s regulars!

Picture 3

Picture 4 – Decoration for Italian restaurant

Image 4

Image 5 – The composition of Cobogos brings a modern atmosphere into the restaurant!

Image 5

Image 6 – Colored facades always stand out and attract attention on the street

Picture 6

Image 7 – An industrial decoration combines to form snack bars!

Picture 7

Image 8 – The warm tones in a commercial architecture are more attractive because they are cheerful and make the place fun!

Figure 8

Figure 9 – If it’s a more elegant restaurant, invest in materials and furniture with bold designs!

Picture 9

Image 10 – The large panel brought functionality to the restaurant, as it provides space for bottles and utensils in addition to the division of the rooms.

Picture 10

Image 11 – Use themes related to food in the decoration

Image 11

Image 12 – An outdoor area always asks for color!

Picture 12

Figure 13 – For a restaurant with a focus on healthy foods, using soft tones is ideal

Picture 13

Image 14 – For a restaurant with an adult audience, prefer wood accents and neutral colors

Picture 14

Image 15 – An oriental restaurant asks for a red decoration!

Picture 15

Photo 16 – For a young target group, sit in an unconventional setting with fired cement and slate paint!

Picture 16

Picture 17 – The signage of the restaurant can be done with symbols in neon!

Picture 17

Image 18 – The red color, even if used in some details, sharpens the appetite.

Picture 18

Image 19 – The traditional design of the counter with benches can have a different design!

Picture 19

Picture 20 – Phrases on the walls make the place more inspiring!

Image 20

Image 21 – The lighter shades look good to decorate cafes!

Picture 21

Image 22 – For a cafeteria project, go for an urban decoration with subway tiles, what appears to be pipes and a graphite plate!

Picture 22

Image 23 – The new trend is that the restaurants in containers, in addition to a fast construction, leave a perfect climate for a quick snack!

Picture 23

Picture 24 – The picture on the wall clearly shows the specialty of the restaurant!

Picture 24

Image 25 – The mobile phone hung on plates is ideal for those who have a flexible menu where it is possible to change the dish of the day and also change the composition

Image 25

Image 26 – The large bamboo construction provided support and a design for the facade of this restaurant on the beach!

Image 26

Image 27 – The neon and colors broke the sobriety of stone and wood, resulting in a modern and casual balance!

Image 27

Image 28 – The modern and cheerful proposal is due to the colors and neon on the wall!

Image 28

Picture 29 – The organization of the layout of the tables is a very important point in the project, because it is necessary to combine circulation and comfort.

Image 30 – Bet on the seasons with table and benches and make this corner more welcoming!

Image 31 – A good lighting design makes the difference!

Picture 31

Photo 32 – Enjoy the glass facade to add a balcony where you can see the street

Picture 32

Picture 33 – A restaurant with a bar, ask for a long balcony with benches!

Picture 33

Image 34 – Turn your counter into a showcase for your coffee!

Image 34

Image 35 – Consider style as part of overall aesthetics!

Picture 35

Figure 36 – The house-shaped liner gives the square a cozy atmosphere!

Image 36

Fig. 37 – Signaling is an important point in the restaurant cycle

Picture 37

Figure 38 – An external environment requires more intimate lighting!

Picture 38

Picture 39 – Be surprised and innovative with the design of your restaurant

Image 39

Image 40 – Create an identity for the brand and write it down in every detail!

Picture 40

Picture 41 – Draw drawings on the counter to arouse visitor interest

Picture 41

Picture 42 – Do not fill the tables in the hall!

Picture 42

Picture 43 – Put an interesting point on the walls of your restaurant. A good option is to invest in images related to the kitchen

Picture 43

Figure 44 – Cafeteria with more retro style!

Picture 44

Picture 45 – The famous water taps decorate the wall

Image 45

Picture 46 – Develop a theme for your restaurant decoration!

Image 46

Image 47 – Highlight the facade to attract people to your restaurant!

Picture 47

Image 48 – Putting together a mini market with the produce your restaurant uses shows confidence with always fresh food in hand

Image 48

Image 49 – Pendant lights give the room a special charm

Picture 49

Figure 50 – The most intimate air is covered with wood due to the facing and walls

Picture 50

Picture 51 – A colorful facade stands in the middle of the street!

Picture 51

Image 52 – Simple and colorful decoration!

Picture 52

Picture 53 – Slate color allows for endless art on your restaurant wall

Picture 53

Image 54 – The rustic climate calls for earthy and copper-colored tones!

Picture 54

Picture 55 – The oriental climate is due to the floral pattern of the floor and facade

Picture 55

Image 56 – Create an industrial hamburger!

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Image 57 – Present the tables in a more intimate or familiar way to create an informal or exclusive space!

Image 57

Image 58 – The large glass windows create a connection to the outside with a beautiful view!

Image 58

Picture 59 – Colors define the specialty of the Brazilian restaurant!

Image 59

Image 60 – The informal setting is due to the decoration and the shared table

Image 60

Picture 61 – The self-service mini-fridge for drinks is a great option for a fast food restaurant!

Picture 61

Picture 62 – Decorate the walls with elements related to the restaurant menu!

Picture 62

Picture 63 – The furniture of the restaurant should correspond to the degree of formality of the restaurant, for a more formal atmosphere opt for chairs and tables with more sophisticated finishes!

Image 63



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