Decorating the house after a job or just to give an upgrade is one of the best moments in this transformation. The decorative objects print personality and define the tastes of the residents, so the theme of the time is the photo decoration . Once limited by door portraits, it is currently gaining other ways of joining forces in decoration.

The combination of photographs with works of art such as prints and posters guarantees a cool and happy look. For the best effect, bet on the mix of frames of different shapes and sizes!

Another trend is the DIY mural, which offers a simple and practical solution for those who want to invest little. One of the options is the photo clothesline, office boards, cork mural, and colored ribbons. All of them offer a way to freeze the photos in a creative and fun way, just use your imagination to create your own composition!

Of course, only the photographs do not decorate an environment! The rest of the ambience like furniture, lighting, colors and distribution make the look nice and beautiful!

65 decorating pictures ideas to inspire

To get yourself inspired by this idea, check out 65 ideas on how to decorate the environment with photos and if you want you can find more ideas in our post on photo clothes.

Image 1 – Decoration with photos: City skyline on the wall.

City skyline on the wall with photo
If you are in love with a city, you can use the skyline and put it on the wall in landscape format. Ideally, it’s on a wide wall to get the effect you want!

Image 2 – Create a composition with a message board, calendar and photo clothesline.

Photo drawer and scrapbook
A home office asks for organization and inspiration! The idea above shows how you can merge these two properties into the composition.

Image 3 – Decoration with photos: creative lamp!

Creative lamp

This lamp with a signed design has the idea of ​​hanging the photos to make the object bulky and distinctive.

Figure 4 – The wire frame is convenient and uses the do-it-yourself method.

Do-it-yourself wire frame
With the help of a string and frame, it is possible to weave the line into this playful and funny effect on the wall.

Photo 5 – Decorate your kitchen with photos.

Kitchen with photos

This design adds a number of photos under the shelf. Use this idea to make your kitchen even more fun with your best moments and clicks.

Figure 6 – Decoration with photos: corridor with photos polaroid style.

Corridor with polaroid style photos
Polaroid has become a trend in fashion and decoration! That’s why photos are also a way to keep these memories on the wall.

Picture 7 – The P&B photos have been framed to decorate the house.

Black and white photos to decorate the house

The industrial style calls for earthy and sober colors. The B&W images are best suited for this suggestion!

Image 8 – Decoration with photos: give an empty wall a special touch.

A special touch to an empty wall
Align the photos in the same direction and shape to get a large panel right on the wall.

Image 9 – Slate painting allows you to play with your composition.

Slate paint to play with the composition

In addition to writing, you can hang the slate wall dark.

Image 10 – Images in the form of images.

Photos in frame format
Use the same frame to keep the composition in harmony with the rest of the decoration.

Image 11 – Make a wallpaper-style decoration.

Decoration style wallpaper

You can create a custom wallpaper by composing it with personal photos. The use of a computer program is critical to this type of work.

Image 12 – The light-colored wall is highlighted with the decoration.

Highlight for clear wall
For a clean wall, such as B. White, look for colorful photos to make the area stand out. also

Picture 13 – Harmonious composition of photo frames.

Harmonic composition of pictures and photos
A fun composition to demonstrate the true personality of this room. The photographed cartoons are a great idea for anyone who wants to combine originality and creativity!

Image 14 – Decoration with photos: small details that make the difference!

Small details that make the difference
To compose the wall of the TV: look for small photos and in B & W so as not to contradict the image of the TV.

Picture 15 – Mix photos with works of art.

Mix photos with artwork

Make a composition of photos and graphics on the wall of your favorite environment.

Picture 16 – Try to compose the photos with the same style.

Composing photos in the same style
Following a pattern is key to balancing the look. To avoid mistakes in composition, try to use a common theme or similar colors. In this project, frames of various sizes were arranged vertically and horizontally with photos on a similar theme.

Figure 17 – The fasteners will help decorate a corner of the wall.

The fasteners help to decorate some corner of the wall

Image 18 – The family photos attached to the wall are a classic in decoration.

A classic in decoration are the family photos attached to the wall

Image 19 – The rest of the decoration should also match the selected photos.

Strive for balance with the rest of the decor

The above decor enhances the surrounding masculine air! Every decorative object should be part of this proposal so as not to run away from the personality and the decoration proposal.

Image 20 – One and the same photo broken into pieces.

One same photo broken into parts

Create a complete picture divided into different parts and frames arranged on the wall.

Picture 21 – Travel clicks are great allies when decorating with photos.

Traveling clicks are great allies in the decoration

Exhibiting memories, especially travel, is a great way to compose with the house wall. In the above case, Canvas was the perfect option to bring out the real contrast of the image!

Picture 22 – Decoration with photos: Let the environment be even more thematic.

Let the environment even more thematic

The Beatles cover theme frame fits perfectly in this rehearsal room.

Picture 23 – Beach photos are always welcome in the area!

Photos of the beach in the environment

Photos of the sea characterize the tranquility of nature and can be perfectly integrated into a double room.

Image 24 – Keep the photos in line and create a stripped air.

Photos in a row in a clean air

Image 25 – Decoration with photos: work a reference color in the composition.

Work a reference color in the composition

Image 26 – Vintage style photos.

Vintage style photo decoration
The brick wall encourages a great improvement in the photos without the need for additional decorative details.

Picture 27 – Add dynamism to your wall.

Create a dynamic wall using photos
The frames are part of the visual, so don’t just pay attention to photos. Choose a style that suits the environment and your personal style.

Image 28 – The photo panel is another accessory that replaces any artwork.

Room with photo gallery

Picture 29 – Same frame with different colors.

Decoration with photos: same frame with different sizes
For a white wall, bet on photo colors and colorful frames!

Picture 30 – Self-portrait in a modern way!

The self-portrait arranged in a modern way

Figure 31 – Replacing the headboard.

Replace bed headboard
For the bedroom, bet on B&W photos that are neutral and won’t get sick over time. They are designed to embellish the headboard and wood top.

Image 32 – Use the revelation in the same orientation to create a large panel.

Create a large dashboard with the development / impression following the same orientation

Image 33 – To keep neutral tones, select B&W Photos.

Black and white photo decoration

Picture 34 – The mirror wall can become more important with a photo of the sea.

Photography / Sea Art in Decoration
The mixture of these two elements leaves the environment clean and modern. Rely on this idea if you need amplitude and frame in the mirror.

Picture 35 – Room with photo panel.

Room with photo gallery

Photo 36 – Attach the photos to the cabinet door.

Attach the photos to the closet door
To take another look inside the closet, make a colorful finish and add a few more photos on the doors.

Picture 37 – Photo wallpaper with preachers.

Wall of photos with preachers

Picture 38 – Home office with photo decoration.

Home office with photo decoration

Picture 39 – Above the headboard: a great place to position the photo.

Decorating with photos: 65 ideas to add to the environment

Photo 40 – Between the shelves for lightness.

Photo between shelves

Picture 41 – Different sizes with white and aligned frames.

White frames, aligned and different

Image 42 – With the photo wallpaper you can remember different moments!

Decorating with photos: save the best moments

Picture 43 – How about a romantic and funny corner of the house at the same time?

Fun and romantic house at the same time

Picture 44 – Make company rooms more inspiring!

Leaving corporate space more inspiring!

Image 45 – The plaid mural is another accessory hit in decoration.

Wall Mural with Photos
For those who want to decorate the home office, bet on the metal plate that can be used to hang photos, memories, everyday accessories and beautify the corner.

Picture 46 – Composition of photos in Scandinavian style.

Scandinavian style photo composition

Picture 47 – The slate wall is versatile in decoration.

The slate wall is versatile in decoration

Picture 48 – Large framed photos.

Large framed photos

Image 49 – Shelves are great for supporting picture frames.

Shelves to support photos

Picture 50 – Decoration with picture frames.

Decoration with photo frame

Picture 51 – The corridor background has received a creative effect!

Creative effect for the corridor background

Picture 52 – The photos stand out more on the dark wall.

Photos stand out even more on dark walls

Picture 53 – Simple decoration with photos.

Simple decoration with photos

Picture 54 – For a very romantic air in a double room.

For a very romantic air in the double room
There is no more inspiring decor than pictures of the couple stamped on the bedroom wall. In the above design, replacing the headboard with the photos was the perfect solution to balance out the look and finishes of this room.

Picture 55 – Picture frames can decorate the wall.

Embellish the wall with door pictures

Picture 56 – In the composition, the frames and sizes do not have to be the same.

Sizes do not need to be the same on the wall and in the frames

Picture 57 – Only a photo can remember good times.

Only one photo is capable of remembering good moments

Picture 58 – Continuous picture frame.

Continuous photo frame.

Image 59 – Vertical stand.

Vertical Photo Rod

Image 60 – 3 × 4 style in a stripped down!

3x4 style in a stripped-down way

Picture 61 – Decoration with photos: Composition of three pictures with a single picture.

Composition of three frames with a single image
In this case, the picture was divided into three parts to decorate the wall. This effect is a trend for decoration in 2018.

Picture 62 – Magnetic photo panel.

Magnetic Photo Panel

Picture 63 – Decorate the wall of the dining table.

Decorate the wall of the dining table

Image 64 – Cork board for photos.

Photo cork panel

Picture 65 – Support the picture frames.

Make a support for the photo frames



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