Table decorations can be used in different ways and on different occasions. After all, a dining table with more personality can receive more for those who pass by. For those planning on throwing a party, the embellishments may be responsible for drawing sighs out from their guests.

The options and models are extensive! Therefore, you can design these pieces of jewelery according to your personal taste and the material of your choice. Use your creativity and adapt to the occasion by always harmonizing in color, structure and size.

For those who don’t want to miss out, the classic ornament flower pots are. They brighten the mood, make the place cozier and bring romance to the table. To make the idea more practical, you can use flowers made of fabric or paper. The vase can already be made from a simple holder such as cups, glass bottles, porcelain watering cans, bowls and others.

Models and photos of table decorations

However, any object that shows your personality is always welcome in the decoration. If you still don’t know how to decorate your table, take a look at a selection of beautiful ornaments for inspiration:

Party table ornaments

Are you planning to bring families and friends closer to a party at home? You can disassemble the decor with simple, practical ideas.

Image 1 – In addition to decorating the table, the plaquinhas are part of the party fun.

A great idea to make the party a lot more fun: create objects for the game operation. In this case we have the hats and plaquinhas. Choose to create plaques with fun and amusing phrases. Your guests will love the idea!

Image 2 – Flower pots can either make a party or a dining table.

Bet a good production to decorate the table – items like the American game, plates, cutlery, glasses and high quality towels, always impress. It is important to organize the table well. One option is to add elements of color and brightness to make the look more enjoyable and fun.

Table decorations for children’s party

Children’s parties almost always have a specific theme, mostly around the child’s taste. There are a number of different topics that you can find inspiration on, including cartoon characters and children’s stories. For girls, try to use soft colors and soft, delicate elements. Here are some examples:

Figure 3 – Decoration of children’s party table for girls with delicate vase.

Image 0 – Enjoy the table to dispose of the party favors. The personalized plate accompanies the theme of the party.

Picture 5 – A beautiful table decorated with the theme of a children’s circus party. The objects are adapted for the party proposal.

Table decorations for wedding and engagement

Plan wedding table decoration or

We should also take into account the personal tastes and decoration preferences of two newlyweds. There are those who prefer more classic decor, others prefer more modern and minimalist elements. Here are some examples:

Image 6 – For a party table, this idea is modern and goes with any proposal.

Image 7 – In the center of the table is an extensive towel with flowers and candles.

Image 8 – The rustic proposal asks for materials such as: wood, plaid and jute.

Image 9 – This little centerpiece with the names of the guests is ideal for the party.

Image 10 – Clean colors show more and more affinity for the wedding theme.

Image 11 – This wooden vase creates the perfect mood for a party all day.

Tablecloth ornaments

One is an important item in living room decoration. In addition to being elegant, it must be functional and respect the space of the circulation of the environment. Decorative objects on coffee tables are important to complete the decor. The most popular decorations are books, vases, pots and flowers. Take a look at some examples:

Image 12 – Books are a great decorative object for the coffee table.

Picture 13 – Flowers, vases and books add the decoration of the coffee table.

Image 14 – Composition with decorative objects for the coffee table.

Table decorations

The dining tables are special places where we receive visitors and friends. On these occasions, it is ideal to invest in creative and modern embellishments. Part of the dinner ritual is to have a table that is cozy and that you prefer to impress.

Picture 15 – Decorate pieces of glass and take that special note on the dining table.

Picture 16 – Make a composition with the objects that harmonize colors and sizes.

Image 17 – Reaprovide the materials and use the glass bottles as a support for the flowers.

Image 18 – Mini vases show delicacy on the spot.

Image 19 – A pair of vases can put the dining table together very well.

Image 20 – How about a simple and practical fruit bowl on the table?

Picture 21 – Leave the table in a very romantic mood.

Image 22 – The famous garden in the pot can be entered to decorate your centerpiece.

Image 23 – A large pot with plants underlines the surroundings.

Picture 24 – Play with colors and make the place more cheerful.

Photo 25 – Hexagonal panels are a trend in the decorative market.

Picture 26 – Here the composition matched the vase, the candles and the fruit tree.

Image 27 – Small vases are happy and decorate the table.

Image 28 – Always assemble a dining table to suit the color combination and the occasion.

Picture 29 – The stone stand with some decorations in the corner of the table added to this Scandinavian decoration.

Picture 30 – Put a piece that matches the rest of the decor.

Image 31 – It must have the style of the decoration, in this case the wooden candle holder was used in this more rustic setting.

Figure 32 – A pendant on the table always comes with a center piece.

Picture 33 – Another nice idea is to make a central path with plants and candles.

Image 34 – Give the special touch by painting the copper bottles.

Picture 35 – Turn the metal bucket into a beautiful candle holder.

Figure 36 – The paper balls give this dining table all the charm.

Picture 37 – Prism objects show personality and look good when they put a composition on the table.

Image 38 – For an Italian dinner, decorate the table with the pasta served.

Image 39 – The dish in the middle of the table decorates and serves as a base for fruits, keys and little things for everyday life.

Figure 40 – Combine the fruit bowl with the dining table lamp.

Image 41 – For a long table, choose a vase that follows the same format.

Image 42 – The fruit bowl is a classic and practical decoration option.

Figure 43 – There are a variety of models and materials of fruit trees.

Image 44 – A vase with orchids should not be missing in this idea gallery.

Image 45 – Objects that match the rest of the decoration are also welcome.

Picture 46 – It is possible to make the watering can as a decorative table object.

Picture 47 – Brighten up your desk with glass mugs and colorful flowers

Picture 48 – Small vases covered with glass lids.

Image 49 – Even with a simple idea, the result of the decoration was modern and relaxed.

Picture 50 – Build in the dining table greener to match the vertical garden of your living room.

Image 51 – The round vase is ideal for organizing striped plants.

Picture 46 – Table top for Valentine’s Day.

Picture 52 – Leave the central object as part of the table opting for the same materials.

Figure 53 – Vases of different shapes, but made of the same material, will be a great option to decorate the table.

Picture 54 – It is possible to assemble a tray with balls according to the style of any dining table

Image 55 – The Christmas balls are perfect to decorate the table for this festive date.

Picture 56 – The fruit trees can transfer the whole colorful touch to the dining table.

Picture 57 – Play with the contrast of colors.

Picture 58 – For the wooden table it is possible to compose a piece of the same material.

Picture 59 – The colors in the decoration must be harmonious, of the objects such as the cladding and the furniture

Image 60 – The synthetic flowers are ideal for decorating a table proposal.

Image 61 – This is where the cups become beautiful arrangements for the table.

Image 62 – An object that shows your personal taste can decorate the dining table

How to make table decorations step by step

If you want to make your own embellishment and combine it with other items, take a step by step look at the right choice. Step by step to make an embellishment with recycled bottles:

Take a step by step look at a wedding table:

Important tips for decorating a dining table to greet your guests:



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