Today there’s a special DIY project for me, the baby blanket for my first nephew – a patchwork blanket with letters!

Baby patchwork blanket with letters – gift for birth

Recently my little nephew M was born. Of course I sewed a baby blanket again. This time I had actually planned a very simple, two-coloured triangular pattern, which reflects the fleece back of the blanket, but because M. was always addressed with his name before his birth, I wanted to make a personal blanket again. With my baby blanket for a baby in the circle of friends I also risked to apply the name to the blanket, but it was only a small square that I could have quickly exchanged in an emergency. This time I decided for a giant M over the whole blanket. After the birth I was quite relieved to hear that the name had not changed and that it had not suddenly become a girl. But as a friend of mine says spontaneously about these worries: “Oh, in an emergency, M for girls – it fits!

Baby patchwork blanket with letters planning

Before I start sewing I always make myself a plan and a draft on paper. So that you can imagine what this looks like, I have scanned my design for you. For the blanket I first had the backside – I happened to see a nice fleece blanket and bought it directly. The first thing I decided was that the blanket should be 100 x 140 cm (it shrunk to 100 x 120 cm when I planned it) and that I wanted to use 10×10 cm squares. I then draw the square pattern on a piece of paper and enter the design patterns on it. In this case I only have one border and the big M planned. On this page I found quilt letters, but I moved the M so that I only had to work with a few triangles to design the letter. After I bought the matching fabric, I calculated how many squares or triangles I needed from each fabric – and off I went!

What you need – patchwork blanket with letters
My blanket is about 100 cm x 120 cm – I have adapted the size to the fleece blanket I bought for the blanket.

6 different fabrics
A fleece blanket (I bought the blanket here online)
Some cardboard as a template
thread, fabric marker, pins, scissors, sewing machine
To the fabric consumption and purchase: Plant your blanket gladly in the desired size and with your favorite fabrics. I usually buy fabrics at * there are also patchwork sets. However, I bought the fabrics for this blanket from Jarkashop * on Dawanda in the matching set. There you will find fabric packages in all desired colours. Each 0.5m are loosely enough for a blanket of this size.

This is how it’s done

I keep this manual relatively short, because I have already described step by step how to sew a blanket with the baby blanket with name and the patchwork blanket made of triangles – look there if you don’t understand something here.

Cutting the fabric
First I make a template out of cardboard in the required sizes (here square and triangle) and cut out all pieces of fabric with about 1 cm seam allowance.

Sewing triangles together
Next, I processed all the triangles into squares of two. So it’s easier to work through row by row afterwards.

Sewing rows
I then assemble the patchwork blanket row by row. First the first row from the edge (I pay attention to my plan for the squares), then the row below. The dotted fabrics around the M were always chosen randomly. When two rows are finished I iron the seam allowances around and connect both rows together. When staking out, make sure that the seams are on top of each other! I tick off every row I sew so that I always know where I have to place the squares for the M and what color I start with for the edge.

Sew ceiling
Finally I put the finished top with the good side on the fleece blanket, fix it, stitch it all around to a small opening, turn the blanket through the opening and close the hole with a small seam – done!

Have fun sewing,


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