I am totally in crochet fever again – a few crocheted mice are already scurrying around at home! Today we show you the book Tierische Trophäen (Animal Trophies) and are allowed to share some instructions for you: DIY crochet deer head!

Animal trophies – Original wall decoration simply crocheted by Vanessa Mooncie – my first project
When the review copy of Tierische Trophäen arrived, I started with the first project right away: The little mouse! It is a real childhood memory for me. As a child I loved to crochet little mice – unlike in this book without the back of my head and neck but rather as small sausages with a pointed head.

I’ve never really learned to read official crochet patterns – but thanks to the written instructions, I still managed to get into it quickly. Signs and abbreviations are explained just like the individual stitches in the back. The small mouse is also made quickly and a perfect exercise project for the larger animals. I crocheted several pieces on the sofa – now all I have to do is embroider their eyes and the like!

Crochet your own animal heads – you can find it in the book
The book contains a total of 10 instructions for animals: mouse, hare, fox, ram, swan, lion, deer, bull, bear and zebra. The exciting thing about it is that the animal heads are all worked approximately in their original size. On the cover you can see the tiny mice next to the giant stag. So you should take some time for the bigger animals. These are worked very detailed – for example the fox has a nice mosquito neck and the bear has a nice fluffy fur. The instructions are described in detail (each as a drawing and as a text) – nevertheless I would recommend this book if you already have some experience in crocheting.

This is what you need to get started – Animal trophies
The book Tierische Trophäen – Original wall decoration simply self crocheted by Vanessa Mooncie – for 17,99 Euro everywhere in stores or here* online (also as Kindle version). You can download the DIY Hirschkopf crochet instructions below as a small sample.
A crochet hook set (I ordered this* – now I am supplied with all sizes again)
Wool and some cardboard for the back plates of the animals – an old shipping box works great!
DIY crochet deer head – here comes the manual for you!

The deer’s head from the book is now my next challenge – but I’m saving it for autumn and winter! Maybe you’d like to join us? Then you can download the manual here:

Enjoy your crochet,


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