Do you know that? It’s freezing cold outside and you get the idea that you have to crochet a cap, but it’s only ready in the middle of summer at 28 degrees? With these gloves this can’t happen to you, they’ll be ready in an hour!

DIY gloves
I saw the idea at Beautifulmess, and it’s simply ingenious: The gloves are sewn out of an old wool sweater in no time at all. I’m sure everyone still has one of these lying around somewhere in the back of their wardrobe. With me it was a poncho-like thing from the sale for 5 euros, unloved and almost never worn, it simply deserved a new life. The only problem: the fabric was much too coarse meshed for gloves, so the wind would have had an easy time. That’s why I quickly conjured up a warm fleece lining!

What you need

An old wool sweater
sewing supplies

My fleece is a converted blanket from IKEA, Polarvide, available in many colours. I always take one with me for sewing projects when I’m at IKEA, it’s usually cheaper than looking for yard goods somewhere. If your wool is thick and strong enough and you don’t need lining, you can skip steps 2 and 4.

And this is how it works
1. make a template
First make a stencil out of paper. You could also draw directly on the fabric, but depending on the woollen fabric this will be a bit difficult. Just put your hand on a piece of paper, put your fingers together and spread your thumb a little and draw loosely around it.

2. sew inner lining
Start with the fleece lining. Double the fleece fabric, put the template through both layers and topstitch once all around. Except for the armhole, of course. I made the piece for the arm opening of the inner lining a bit longer than the piece for the wool so that I could turn it over and miss it afterwards. Therefore make sure that the arm opening is not too narrow. Then cut out the gloves and leave a few millimeters of seam allowance. You don’t have to turn anything around.

3. sew wool gloves
Then it’s on the wool fabric. First turn your sweater over so that the beautiful sides lie on top of each other. Here I simply used the inner lining gloves as a template, so that they fit well into the gloves later. Then use the lower edge of the sweater as a natural seam, so put the templates at the bottom all the way to the edge. The arm piece should then protrude a little. Put the layers together and sew around it. Attention, do not sew the inner lining! It is also important that you do not cut into the woollen fabric before, but only when you have finished sewing. Then cut out the wool gloves and turn them over.

4. put the lining and gloves together
Now put the fleece lining into the gloves. The best way is to just put them on. If the gloves are too big you can tighten them again. The fleece should stick out a bit. Now just turn this piece over twice. The first time about 1 centimeter and then again in the middle, and put it under the wool fabric. Now all you have to do is stitch it all around and the gloves are ready!

Have fun with it,


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