Today we have another sewing idea for you: We show you how to make a baby hooded towel yourself.

Baby hooded towel – gift for birth

While searching for a beautiful gift idea for the birth I recently came across this pin and was immediately enthusiastic about the idea. However, I found the instructions and the production method a bit cumbersome, so I came up with something myself. The sewing is so much faster and you can use more cute fabric. Even beginners should get along very well with the instructions. But I don’t have such a cute model as the one on Pinterest’s photo, so I had to buy a teddy bear.

What you need
colourful fabric
terry cloth
Measuring tape, scissors, thread and sewing machine
I bought 1 metre of each 1.5 metre wide fabric, the cotton Frog Cotton and green terry cloth from *. With this amount there is still a small rest left, from which you could sew e.g. washcloths. Wash and iron the fabric before you start sewing.

This is how it is done

First cut the fabric. The size of the hooded towel can be adjusted according to the age of the child. I gave away my towel for birth, if you want to give a one year old child a present, just make everything a little bigger. You need a square piece of terrycloth and cotton fabric with an edge length of 75-80 centimetres. For the hood you have to cut a right-angled triangle out of both fabrics. The short sides were about 32 centimeters long. The right angle lies between the two short sides.

Then the hood parts are sewn together. Put the triangles with the beautiful sides of the fabric on top of each other and stitch once along the long edge.
Then fold the fabric up and down so that the good sides are on the outside and iron everything smooth again.

Next the complete towel can be sewn. Place the two squares with the good sides on top of each other again. The hood can then be placed at a desired corner between the two layers. The short sides of the triangle are at the edges of the square. So you close the open edges directly when sewing. Make sure that the terry side of the triangle lies on the terry side of the square and the cotton on the cotton so that everything is right after turning. Tuck everything in well and sew once around the square. Leave only a few centimetres of opening on one side. Through this opening you can turn the hooded towel after cutting back the seam allowance. Iron everything smooth again and then close the turning opening.

Ready! Have fun giving it away,


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