Today we have a fast DIY sewing idea for you! I’ll show you how to sew modern potholders by yourself! So you can quickly bring a breath of fresh air into the kitchen!

DIY Potholder

Potholders are a great sewing idea for small pieces of fabric, because you only need 20×20 cm pieces. And if your own kitchen is already overflowing then they are a nice gift for the housewarming of friends. The sewing itself is very simple, I’ll show you step by step how it works!

That’s what you need for two potholders.
4 pieces of fabric approx. 20 x 20 centimetres
2 x heat-resistant volume fleece or fleece for lining 20 x 20 centimetres
2 x 1m sloping tape or just two fabric strips 4 x 100 centimetres
The colourful fabric on the photos is yard ware from Ikea, I order basic fabrics mostly from *

For these potholders for the food I simply put two pieces from a fleece blanket on top of each other. If you don’t have a slanted ribbon, you can make it yourself from the strips of cloth. That is quite simple and I describe to you of course how it goes. Then keep only your irons ready.

This is how it’s done – Sewing potholders
Cutting and folding fabric

Cut the fabric. If you want to make your potholders a little bigger or smaller, that’s no problem, only the length of the slanted tape will change. Just calculate here the edge length of the potholders times four, plus at least 15 centimeters extra for the handle and for sewing! You then put the cloth together exactly as you want the potholders to be, because nothing has to be turned. The two beautiful fabric sides point outwards and in the middle is your lining. Then everything is well stuck.


Now sew the quilting pattern onto the oven mitts. First sew diagonally from one corner to the other. Then sew parallel lines a few centimeters apart.

If you want, you can do the whole thing again crosswise, so that a grid is created, but I omitted these lines.

Create sloping tape

If you have finished sloping tape you can omit this step. For everyone else it’s time to iron. Fold the cloth ribbons lengthwise once exactly in the middle and iron everything smooth. Then unfold them again and fold the edges towards the middle.

Iron well again. In the last step you fold the tape back in the middle, just like in step one and iron again. Done!

Attaching sloping tape
Now you have to sew the diagonal tape once around the oven cloth. Start at one corner, but let the sloping tape stick out a bit. Lay the slanted tape so that one side of the tape lies on each side of the pot cloth and the edge lies on the edge of the pot cloth. Tighten the tape and then tighten it.

Stop at the corner and put it around nicely, pin down the next side and continue sewing until you’ve finished three sides.

Last page and handle

First put the short end around the corner at the beginning and stitch it with a few stitches. Then lay the rest of the diagonal tape over the fourth side and stitch it as usual. Make sure that the short end is well under the long piece.

When you’ve arrived at the corner just continue sewing and stitch the sloping tape together to the end. Sew the short end of the sloping tape together.

Now all you have to do is turn over the sloping tape once more and topstitch it firmly, then you have a handle!

Then the oven cloth is ready! Now you all just have to do the same thing once more and then you have a beautiful pair!

Have fun sewing,


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