Today we have again a DIY project for babies for you! It has become a crawling blanket with cute pennants. It is super easy to sew and is also great and beautiful colorful fabric remnants to process. Here comes the manual for the DIY quilt!

DIY quilt for babies sewing – crawling blanket with garlands

I’ve already shown you some crawling blankets and patchwork blankets on the blog, because I love to give them away for birth. You can find here for example a blanket with initials, with sewed on name, with triangles or quite classic from quadrangles. This time I sewed for myself and used some remains of the beautiful cloth set with forest animals from the last blanket. The pennant chain is simply stitched on!

What you need – DIY quilt for babies sewing

My blanket is about 75 x 95 cm. Of course you can adjust the dimensions to your taste!

Basic fabric for the front (yellow, approx. 78 x 98 cm)
fleece fabric for the back (beige, 78 x 98 cm)
Volume fleece for the filling (approx. 78 x 98 cm)
One roll of yarn (orange)
18 remnants of colourful fabrics (the pennants are 10 cm long on the short side and 20 cm long on the long side)

Tips on the material

For the filling I always use the simplest summer blanket from IKEA (Mysa Gras). It is very inexpensive and is loosely enough for 2 baby blankets. I ordered the fleece fabric and the yarn from*. I always use Gütermann Allesnäher. For the pieces of fabric for the pennants, a Fat Quarter or Patchwork Package is the perfect solution – so all the fabrics fit together and you can sew other small projects to match the blanket. You can find such packages here*. Unfortunately my fabric set is sold out, other fabric packages from the same designers can be found here*.

How it’s done – DIY quilt for baby sewing

Preparation and cutting of fabrics
Before you start, it is best to wash all fabrics in the washing machine once. This way nothing will warp on the ceiling later, because fabrics shrink. Then you cut all the fabrics to size. Base fabric, fleece fabric and volume fleece must be the same size. My blanket consists of 18 pennants, which I cut out of 12 different fabrics. They are 10 cm on the short side and 20 cm on the long side.

Tip: Cut a pennant template out of cardboard. If you choose a different basic size of the blanket you can test on the base fabric whether you like the pennant shape and size. The pennants are cut out without seam allowance.

Sew on pennants
Lay the base fabric smooth on a table or floor and spread the pennants on it. Use needles to hold the pennants in place. Then sew the long sides of the pennants with a zigzag stitch. I always sewed a complete row of pennants, ironed them smooth again and finally stitched them across the ceiling in a zigzag stitch and stitched all short ends with the pennant tape.

Repeat this for all three rows and iron the blanket again.

Sewing the blanket together
Places the front of the blanket with the beautiful side facing up smoothly on a large table or floor. Place the volume fleece and the fleece fabric on top. The beautiful side of the fleece must face down. Put everything firmly in place and then stitch once around the blanket in a straight stitch. Leave a turning opening of about 15 cm open. Turn the blanket around through the opening so that the fleece is inside. Then close the turning opening.

Topstitch edge
Finally I decorated the edge of the ceiling with a decorative stitch. Just choose a suitable stitch and sew once around the ceiling. Done!

Have fun sewing,


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