Actually I really don’t lack any jute bags – nevertheless I couldn’t control myself and sewed myself a new DIY shopping bag with cork. This is super easy and without patterns. I’ll show you how it works!

DIY shopping bag with cork sewing – without pattern in any size

One (or already two?) years ago I once sewed a carrier bag for the mail from my kitchen picnic round, which I found so practical that I actually wanted to sew it again for myself. Somehow it never happened until I cleaned up the last time and discovered the rest of the grey stuff. And because I love the combination of cork and fabric so much, I sewed a shopping bag out of it. It is now competing with my DIY cork backpack from our book Neues aus Kork*.

Below I have written down for you in the instructions the measurements in which I sewed the bag. But you can easily adjust them and sew a bag of any size.

Sewing shopping bags with cork – that’s what you need
Coloured fabric 100 x 40 cm
Cork fabric (for outside) 40 x 40 cm
Cork fabric for the inside pocket 20 x 43 cm
Cork fabric for the handles 50 x 5 cm
Sewing machine, scissors, thread and iron
My basic fabric is from Ikea (I’m sure already 5 years old), you can get cork fabric meanwhile in the handicraft shop or via Makerist* or On Amazon I have already discovered smaller pieces with a special pattern *.

How it’s done – sewing shopping bags with cork
Sew the cork floor onto the fabric
First the cork fabric is sewn onto the normal fabric. To do this, fold the normal fabric together once to form a 50 x 40 cm piece and iron the edge. Then you unfold it and fold the cork fabric once in the middle and lay the cork edge on the edge of the fabric. Make sure that the beautiful sides of both fabrics look at you. Pin the cork fabric and then pin it to the top and bottom with a straight seam. You can leave the edges open.

Close side seams
In the next step you fold the piece of cloth together again. But this time so that the beautiful side is inside. Now you put the edges together and stitch them together. Turn the fabric over once and the base bag is ready!

Sew around the upper edges and sew in the inside pocket.
Then prepare the small inside pocket. To do this, fold the cork fabric together once so that the cork side lies on top of each other and 3 cm of edge protrude from the top. Then stitch both sides together and turn the bag over. The seam allowance on the edge piece is stitched so that it lies flat.

Now take the base pocket bag and fold the upper edge twice inwards. Fold each about 2 cm and iron the folds firmly each time. Then push the protruding piece of the inner bag on one side centrally under this edge. Pin everything tightly and then pin everything tightly to the edge once.

Sew the bottom
Your bag already has a bottom – but it should be a bit wider for this bag. Turn the bag over again and draw squares of about 4 x 4 cm at the two corners below. Cut them out. Grab the fabric at the corners and pull it apart like from the picture, so that a long seam is created. You then stitch it tight. Do the same on the other side and you have a wide bottom!

Attaching the handle
Finally, the shopping bag needs a handle. If you want to wear it over your shoulder, you should lengthen it a bit, otherwise the measurements will do. You don’t have to miss the cork fabric, you can simply stitch both ends of the handles once in a square on each side.

Done! With this basic cut you can vary endlessly! Have fun sewing,


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