Every woman’s dream is to have a place for makeup and to store the necessary items that are part of this preparation: accessories for hair, brushes, brushes, lipsticks, shadows, enamel, closures, etc. This is what the dressing table is for the missing piece in your home, because apart from leaving the organized space it helps you with your daily work.

The best place to enter is in the bedroom, closet or bathroom as it is easily accessible and is a resident’s intimate area. It is recommended that the place be lit, so look for a place near windows because just the lights from the dressing table themselves are not enough for makeup. When it is not possible to place a lamp or close to the surrounding lamps.

The cool thing is that you can decorate according to your style and taste. To organize it you need to have a countertop with built-in drawers so that you can separate it by elements or with dividers for easy access to accessories. For those who prefer a simple workbench without a lot of drawers, look for acrylic or glass boxes that sit on top that also play the same role as an organizer.

There are several models of style bathrobes. You can insert the lightbulbs into the mirror itself, into and out of the mirror frame with lighting panels or rails. For anyone who doesn’t want to stick to the wall or buy a new mirror, you can put the lights that come in the wire around any mirror that has the same effect.

And believe me, this lighting makes a huge difference in decor because it changes the look and makes the place more inspiring to its routine. Separate 50 beautiful models from this vanity model to help you line up your adorable little corner:

Picture 1 – Dresser with pink armchair

Image (1)

Figure 2 – Dressing table with lighting on the side of the mirror

Image (2)

Image 3 – Chest of drawers with a rectangular mirror

Image (3)

Picture 4 – Dressing table Dressing table with mirror bench

Image (4)

Image 5 – Dressing table with Barbie decoration

Image (5)

Figure 6 – Dressing table with lighting in the mirror

Image (6)

Picture 7 – Dressing table Dressing table with bench

Image (7)

Picture 8 – Dressing table with white bench

figure 8)

Image 9 – Comforter cloakroom with organizers on the bench

Image (9)

Figure 10 – Dressing table dresser with drawers on the sides

Image (10)

Figure 11 – Dressing table with acrylic chair

Image (11)

Figure 12 – Dressing table Dressing table in the bathroom

Image (12)

Picture 13 – Comforter changing room with black decoration

Image (13)

Figure 14 – Dressing table with wallpaper

Image (14)

Picture 15 – Dressing room chest of drawers with clean style

Image (15)

Image 16 – Small dressing table

Image (16)

Image 17 – Dressing table Dressing table in the bathroom

Image (17)

Image 18 – Dressing table in minimalist style

Image (18)

Figure 19 – Dressing table Dressing table with suspended table

Image (19)

Figure 20 – Dressing table Dressing table with vintage style

Image (20)

Image 21 – Dressing table with ottoman

Image (21)

Figure 22 – Dressing table with a simple frame in the mirror

Image (22)

Image 23 – Comforter changing room with lighting from wire lights

Image (23)

Image 24 – Dressing table with side light rail

Image (24)

Figure 25 – Cloakroom large chest of drawers for three people

Image (25)

Figure 26 – Comforter changing room with round mirror

Image (26)

Image 27 – Modern dressing table

Image (27)

Image 28 – Dressing table Dressing table with lighting panel attached to the wall

Image (28)

Figure 29 – Dressing table Dressing table with gold decoration

Image (29)

Picture 30 – Chest of drawers with shelves

Image (30)

Figure 31 – Dressing table Dressing table in the corner of the room

Image (31)

Picture 32 – Comforter dressing room with jovial style

Image (32)

Figure 33 – Dressing table with single countertop

Image (33)

Figure 34 – Dressing table with two narrow mirrors

Image (34)

Picture 35 – Comforter changing room with bench

Image (35)

Figure 36 – Dresser with lighting at the bottom of the mirror

Image (36)

Picture 37 – Dressing room dressing table with lamps in the shape of flowers

Image (37)

Figure 38 – Cloakroom with colored chairs

Image (38)

Figure 39 – Dressing table with black mirror frame

Image (39)

Image 40 – Dressing table Dressing table with partition for storing accessories

Image (40)

Figure 41 – Cloakroom with purple decoration

Image (41)

Picture 42 – Dressing table in the window

Image (42)

Figure 43 – Dressing table with drawers

Image (43)

Figure 44 – Dressing table with simple type

Image (44)

Image 45 – Dresser with drawers lined with printed fabric

Image (45)

Figure 46 – Dressing table Dressing table with a small mirror

Image (46)

Figure 47 – Comforter changing room for large environments

Image (47)

Figure 48 – Dressing table with romantic style

Image (48)

Picture 49 – Dressing table-style dresser with blue furniture

Image (49)

Figure 50 – Dressing table Dressing table with recessed niches in the wall

Image (50)



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