60 exciting models of EVA owls inspire your production

Owls are everywhere and are most successful in home decoration, it’s from parties. EVA – ethylene vinyl acetate – is a foamy material, easy to handle, flexible and with many possibilities of colors and textures. Now imagine you join the two: EVA owl? Safe from easy to make, cheap, timely and very cute.

EVA Owls can be used on notebooks, party tables, party favors, nursery decorations and whatever you wish. There are many forms of owls on the Internet that you can select and apply to your projects, including 3D. To complete the owl’s decoration, you can still use gems, beads, glitter, beads, sequins, fabric patchwork, which the imagination commands.

Step by step is very easy and once you learn how to do one, you can do several more. Then make a note on the necessary materials and watch the tutorial on how to make EVA Owl. Then just use the creativity and use the little owls wherever you want.

Step by step to make simple EVA owl

Necessary materials

  • Colored EVA – Colors you want;
  • Shape of your choice;
  • Beveled brush # 12;
  • Matte acrylic paint in EVA colors;
  • Coke for EVA;

Choose the shape of your choice, scrape the EVA and trim all parts. Then with the help of the brush you begin to color the parts with a darker color than the shape. Then start the owl assembly with the glue for EVA. After all the pieces are glued, your owl is done.

See how easy, simple and almost the EVA owl is? With a few materials you can create a nice piece. But if you have any questions, take a look at the Owl’s entire assembly process. In the video description there is a link where you can download and download the form used in the tutorial.

Simple, right? Now, watch three more tutorials with EVA owls:

Step by step owl EVA scrapbook

For example, the EVA Owl Message Port can be used to present a present, a birthday present, a mother’s day, or even to decorate your room. Enter the game and learn how to make the EVA Owl model.

How to make notebook and EVA owl tip

The owl covered notebooks are successful. And if you like, owls will love this proposal to customize notebooks and pencils. So a good idea to make and sell. Do not waste your time and look around your home step by step.

Step by step to make 3D EVA owl

3D EVA owls are so on the rise, but they need a little more time and dedication to do so. But you will see that there is nothing complicated. In this video tutorial you will follow the process step by step and demystify this craft. check out:

Since there are no secrets to making EVA owls, how about some pictures and ideas you can do well?

60 exciting models of EVA owls inspire your production

Picture 1 – EVA owl made with wood and plastic moving eyes; use it as you wish, but they would be fun at a party as a table center.

EVA owl with wooden stand to stand

Picture 2 – This smiling little owl is decorated with sequins and lace.

Smiling EVA Owl

Figure 3 – In the shape of a heart, the EVA owl becomes even softer; Note that all parts of the owl are drawn with heart. Owl made of EVA for hanging: The Pedrarias lend the craftsmanship shine and additional charm.

EVA Owl to hang

Image 5 – Romantic EVA owl decorates the cover of this notebook; Buttons and beads give the piece volume and shine.

Romantic EVA Owl

Figure 6 – EVA red owl with blue ribbon bow.

EVA Owl with Blue Ribbon Bow

Picture 7 – Do not forget to shine the eyes of the owl; Use white color for this.

White ink for the EVA owl eyes

Figure 8 – Mother’s Day memorabilia with owlet theme.

EVA Owl souvenir for Mother's Day

Picture 9 – Give the teachers a scrapbook of EVA owl.

EVA owl door scrap

Picture 10 – Blue, green, pink and pedrariums make up this simple EVA little owl

Simple EVA Owl

Picture 11 – In this owl of red, yellow and blue EVA the glittering is caused by the Purpurina.

EVA Owl with glitter

Image 12 – EVA owl ready for Halloween.

EVA owl ready for halloween

Picture 13 – EVA owl made with the base of the body in cardboard plate.

EVA owl with the base of the body made in cardboard plate

Picture 14 – Brand pages with mini owls, the base is elastic.

Brand page with mini owls

Image 15 – Reaproveite that the vessel is lining it with EVA and pasting a template of owl; If you spend a lot, make a brand new pen holder.

Owl mold for cans

Picture 16 – Here the EVA owl turned a pencil tip.

EVA Owl with Pencil Tip

Picture 17 – Eurasian owl roses for application on the wall, for decorating a board or for coloring a notebook; you choose.

Pink EVA Owl

Picture 18 – And how about an EVA owl napkin holder? You change the face of your kitchen in a simple, fast and very inexpensive way.

Napkin holder with EVA owl

Picture 19 – A little owl decorates this message door.

Owl loves to decorate this door

Picture 20 – 3D EVA owl.

3D EVA Owl

Picture 21 – The cover of the notebook covered with EVA was personalized with the name of the owner and owl of Sainha.

EVA coated notebook cover

Picture 22 – An orange-yellow EVA owl to get away from the pinks.

Orange and yellow EVA owl

Picture 23 – An idea to show who has just graduated: a pen holder with owl and EVA tip.

Pen holder with EVA owl

Picture 24 – Pure charm this EVA owl in shades of blue.

EVA Owl in shades of blue

Picture 25 – Every intellectual of this eye-eye.

EVA Owl with Glasses

Picture 26 – And what do you think of this other model of eyebrow? She has a smaller body and is more colorful.

Another model of EVA with glasses

Picture 27 – Trio of EVA owls; With the same template you can reproduce several owls in different colors.

Beautiful EVA Owls Trio

Picture 28 – 3D EVA owl: feathers have been reproduced with great perfection both in color and in texture.

3D EVA Owl

Picture 29 – EVA owl to stand and with satin bow on the head.

EVA owl to stand up

Figure 30 – Since the assembly process is very simple, call the children and let them create their own owls.

Children can make EVA owls

Picture 31 – Portrait of EVA owls; copy and re-create an idea at home.

EVA Owl Portrait Door

Picture 32 – Stand on the wall – or on the door or wherever you want.

Wall Hanging Bracket with EVA Owl

Picture 33 – Declaration of love for autumn, made by the EVA owl.

Love decoration with EVA owl

Picture 34 – Mosaic technique gave life to this floating EVA owl.

Mosaic technique with EVA owl

Picture 35 – Pay special attention to the eyes of the owl so that they are expressive and cheerful.

Owl eyes on EVA

Picture 36 – A few brushstrokes to create the feathers of the EVA owls.

Feathers of EVA owl

Picture 37 – EVA school owl.

EVA student owl

Picture 38 – In this EVA owl the wings move.

Fins on the EVA Owl

Figure 39 – Mark a cuteness of the page with EVA Owl.

Brand page with EVA owl

Picture 40 – EVA owl in male version.

EVA owl in male version

Picture 41 – Plastic bucket decorated with EVA owl.

Plastic bucket with EVA owl

Picture 42 – EVA owl in warm and cheerful tones.

EVA Owl in warm and cheerful tones

Figure 43 – EVA owl with nose and heart-shaped paws.

EVA Owl with Heart-shaped Nose and Paws

Picture 44 – Pine cones got EVA’s eyes and nose and turned to decorate the Christmas tree.

EVA eyes and nose on the pine cone

Picture 45 – Colored pompons form the body of this EVA owl.

EVA owl with colorful pompons

Picture 46 – Is it an EVA owl or a pumpkin?

EVA Owl or Pumpkin?

Picture 47 – Owl skull to celebrate the Day of the Dead, traditional Mexican feast.

EVA skull owl

Picture 48 – Decorative and functional: scissor door with EVA owl.

Scissors carrier with EVA owl

Picture 49 – With open hugs!

EVA Owl with Open Arms

Picture 50 – Paper bag turned the body of this EVA owl.

EVA Owl in Paper Bag

Picture 51 – EVA owls with sentences; good idea to replace the party cards.

EVA Owl carrying sentences

Picture 52 – EVA owls with dots and no dots.

EVA owls with polka dots and no polka dots

Picture 53 – In this portrait door is the photo under the wing of the owl.

Portrait door with EVA owl

Figure 54 – The assembly process for EVA owls is very simple and easy to do.

EVA owl assembly process is very simple and easy to do

Picture 55 – Finish the problem of broken pencil tips by copying this idea.

Pencil tip with EVA owl

Picture 56 – EVA cowboy owl.

EVA Cowboy Owl

Picture 57 – The spell is over the yellow flower on the head of the owl.

Yellow flower on owls head

Picture 58 – EVA Owl colors match the color of the notebook.

EVA Owl Colors Matching with Notebook Color

Picture 59 – Double EVA finches.

Double of EVA finches

Image 60 – Choose a good-flowery or colored fabric and stick it on the EVA owl; Look what it looks like, it looks like a little outfit!

Choose a well-flowery or colorful fabric and glue it on the EVA owl



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