The fabric is a practical and flexible material for making various kinds of handicrafts. We can reuse pieces and pieces left over in other crafts and even cut clothes, towels and old pieces to make our creations.

If you like to make fabric crafts or would like to know how to make your fabric craft, you have come to the right place.

Fabric models and photos

Before starting your craft, it is important to look for various references to get inspiration and get the right one. We have put together the most beautiful handicrafts using different types of fabrics and approaches. At the end of the post, watch the explanatory videos with craft ideas and techniques with fabric.

Kitchen craft

The kitchen is an ideal environment to receive fabric crafts, as the objects of this environment are usually combined with the material, for example: tea towels, American set, cutlery holders, serviettes, pull bags and many other things. You can also create packaging for pots, bottles, and anything else you want to keep.

Check out some interesting kitchen craft references:

Image 1 – Protective packaging for wine bottle with fabric.

Image 2 – Covers for glass vessels with checked and elastic fabric.

Image 3 – Coffee cup with jute fabric and plant stamp. Use the button to mark the adjustment.

Figure 4 – Use colored fabrics to cover boxes and small packaging.

Image 5 – dd

Image 6 – Tea towels with checked fabric and rabbit.

Image 7 – Bags filled with fabric can store small kitchen objects.

Image 8 – Table top holder with table top.

Image 9 – How about completing the American game with fabric flowers?

Image 10 – Colored protective packaging for wine bottles and various beverages. Here we have the lace bow, the red ribbon, and the straw cord.

Image 11 – Colored cup holder.

Photo 12 – Fabrics for dyeing your home.

Picture 13 – Another option is to coat the bottom of the kitchen drawers with various patterned fabrics.

Image 14 – One way to decorate the tea towel is to use triangular fabric flaps.

Image 15 – American set with fabric.

Image 16 – Do you have clear glass jugs? magazine

Figure 17 – Make fun creations by adding brightly colored fabrics and designs to tea towels.

Image 18 – Towel with printed fabric.

Figure 19 – Use fabric straps to secure the cutlery to the table setting.

Picture 20 – Packaging of fabric for storage of objects or bottles.

Image 21 – Ball for children with colored fabric and butterfly print.

Picture 22 – Curtain in printed fabric at the place of the door of the cabinet of the sink.

Crafts in fabric to decorate the house

In addition to the kitchen, we can use fabrics to create creations that bring joy and functionality to other living environments. Check out the following solutions that can be used indoors, indoors, and even outdoors:

Fig. 23 – Place a fabric cover around the vessels. This holder is secured with a straw loop.

Picture 24 – A kind of lamp with strips of fabric.

Image 25 – Delicate fabric for coating the transparent glass vase.

Picture 26 – Lamp with glasses covered with colored fabric.

Image 27 – Fabric vase.

Image 28 – What about hangers with the fabric of your choice?

Image 29 – Decorative printed banner to hang on the wall.

Picture 30 – This blue, mute servant received a beautiful colored fabric at the bottom of the drawer.

Figure 31 – Filter Dreams to Protect Your Home.

Picture 32 – Use the cloth and make bags to hold stuffed animals or toys.

Image 33 – Glass vase with flowers made of different colored fabrics.

Picture 34 – Create quilts and pillow cases with patterned fabrics.

Picture 35 – Objects door to the outside area made with fabric.

Picture 36 – Decorate the vase with a small fabric bow.

Picture 37 – Cover your glasses with jute and a straw.

Picture 38 – Bags with printed fabrics.

Image 39 – How about a preacher’s door that can be placed in the service area or in the courtyard?

Picture 40 – Decorative object with colored strips of fabric on the wall.

Picture 41 – Make fun texts with fabric for children.

Picture 42 – How about coating a potted plant with a striped fabric?

Figure 43 – Packaging to store bags with fabric.

Image 44 – Enjoy the pieces of fabric to create flower pots in the yard.

Picture 45 – Cover the chest of drawers with printed fabric.

Picture 46 – Small doors made of fabric.

Picture 47 – Decorate the area with colored strips of fabric.

Fabric accessories

Of course, it is always nice to decorate the environment, but you can also create creations that you can use on a daily basis, such as women’s accessories like earrings, necklaces, bows, flowers and so on. Check out some ideas for inspiration:

Image 48 – Colored tiaras for the little ones.

Image 49 – Shoe with colorful details in the fabric.

Picture 50 – Make flowers with TNT fabric in a small sweater.

Picture 51 – Necklace with several pieces of fabric.

Image 52 – Ring with a green tip made of fabric.

Picture 53 – Beautiful tie with jewelry and other fabrics.

Image 54 – Ties made from printed fabrics.

Image 55 – Earring covered with printed fabric.

Picture 56 – Tiaras with printed fabric

Image 57 – This sleek shirt has details of printed fabric.

Image 58 – Hairpin decorated with fabric flowers.

Image 59 – Colorful fabric bracelet.

Image 60 – Flowers with fabric and a light piece.

Image 61 – Necklace made of braided and woven fabric.

Picture 62 – Sleeves with details made of printed fabric.

Figure 63 – Colored bracelets with metal and fabric.

Figure 64 – Small ties made of colored fabric that can be used in other crafts

Picture 65 – Tie with different printed fabrics.

Picture 66 – Buttons with printed and colored fabrics.

Figure 67 – Women’s bracelet with fabric.

Picture 68 – Another option is to bookmark books with cloth.

Bags, carrier bags, toiletry bags and fabric cell lids

Thinking about functionality? The fabric is a great material for making phone cases, purses, bags, and other things. It is sturdy and can withstand enough weight. In addition, the seams allow you to make various and colorful patterned combinations. See more references below:

Figure 69 – Bag for carrying items made of fabric.

Picture 70 – Pink mobile phone with polka dots being loaded onto the key ring.

Image 71 – Take the old pants and make a bag!

Image 72 – Thick fabric door with elastic and band.

Image 73 – Object holder with red printed fabric and zip.

Picture 74 – Tote bag made of jute and printed fabric flowers.

Figure 75 – Sewn bag of yellow fabric with kitten.

Image 76 – Different handbags made of different fabrics and colors.

Image 77 – Mobile phone holder next to the charger in the socket. Nice and intelligent.

Picture 78 – Handkerchief with pictures of kittens.

Image 79 – Handbag made from old jeans.

Image 80 – Notebook carrying case made of printed fabric.

Figure 81 – Colored purses with fabric and Velcro.

Party fabric craft

Image 82 – Decorate the outside world with fabric flags for special occasions.

Photo 83 – Fabric curtains on the Christmas tree.

Picture 84 – Wedding chair decoration with pink fabric.

Photo 85 – Decorate the outside area with cloth flaps in interlaced colors.

Image 86 – Party hats decorated with striped fabric.

Image 87 – Would you like to use ice cream cones in decoration? Use the fabric to fill in.

Figure 88 – Napkins printed on the dining table

Picture 89 – Incredible Christmas ornament in the form of a fabric covered tree.

Image 90 – Christmas garland made with fabric.

Picture 91 – Small flags stamped on bars to decorate sweets on the table.

Image 92 – Beautiful decorative balloons made of printed fabric.

Image 93 – Make fabric packages with Christmas prints during the holidays.

Figure 94 – Towel, Bandeirinhas, and Vase Cover – all made with the same style of strips of fabric.

Image 95 – Secure the bottles with fabric.

Photo 96 – The fabric flowers adorn the wooden wall of the outside area of ​​the house.

Picture 97 – Nice little flags to decorate the party.

Image 98 – Use cloth flaps to make party table decor.

Office, organization and stationery articles in fabric

Image 99 – Change the face of an envelope by laying a delicate piece of fabric inside.

Image 100 – Bag with fabric for storing craft and wall paper.

Picture 101 – Make a pencil and pen sleeve with fabric. In this suggestion, the result was super colorful and printed.

Picture 102 – Notebooks with printed fabrics and ties.

Image 103 – Fabric flowers for gift wrapping.

Image 104 – Notebook with suede.

Image 105 – Use the fabric to create an electronic cable organizer.

Image 106 – Die-cut sleeves for notebooks.

Image 107 – Put fabric flags on your Christmas cards. A simple and practical solution.

Image 108 – Clipboards with patterned fabric.

Figure 109 – Pencil holder and pens covered with fabric.

Picture 110 – Make a bookcase with the fabric on the wall.

Image 111 – Bookmark with printed fabric, lace and button.

Image 112 – Tissue organizer with button for cellular cables.

Image 113 – Cover for album with colored fabrics.

Picture 114 – In this proposal the fabric flowers are used to decorate the gift box.

Screenshot 115 – Decorate this notepad with a cloth cover.

Image 116 – Colored napkins made of printed fabric.

Keyring, tag for suitcase and fabric camera holder

Image 117 – Keyring with pieces of cloth.

Image 118 – Fabric backpack or suitcase tag.

Image 119 – How about grabbing the camera yourself? Use the fabric.

Image 120 – Creative label for suitcases.

Tinkering with fabric step by step

After looking at some examples of fabric crafts, it is time to see how some of them are carried out in practice. It is important to know the techniques and materials that are most used by artisans. As for the fabric, in some cases you will need a sewing machine to get some results. Fortunately, some options don’t require sewing and may be more convenient for beginners. Here are the examples we have selected for you:

1. Practical ideas for making with fabric

In this video you will learn 5 handicrafts with the fabric. In the first part, the canal shows how to make a mesh chain. The second option is a keychain with a heart-shaped felt. The third craft is a glove in the kitchen. Then you will learn how to make a watermelon print fabric bulletin board and finally we will see how to make emoji pads the practical and fast way.

2. Women’s wallet with seamless fabric

Learn to make a practical and inexpensive wallet for women. You will need bias, felt, and another fabric with prints and colors that you like best. It will also be necessary to have scissors and a universal handmade glue. Take a step-by-step look at the following:

3. Fabric flower

Knowing how to make a flower with fabric will be very useful. This is because you can apply it in other crafts that you want to do. We advise you to see step by step:

4. Easy to pull cloth bag seamlessly

A pull pocket in the kitchen and service area is always helpful. Take advantage of this craft option that doesn’t involve sewing and make your own pull bag with your own fabric. Check it:

5. Ties with fabric flaps

Knowing how relationships are made is important. They can be important elements to help you compose in other crafts that you do. So watch the video step by step:

6. More craft ideas with fabric

In this video you will know how to make different objects with fabrics. The first is a jute fabric bag, the second is an egg-shaped baby bag, and the third is a pillow with door control. Then a pen holder, an all-round pouch and a holder for the mobile phone charger. See below:

7. Fabric-coated frame

This is another way to have at home:

8. Use of fabric flaps

Check out cool ideas for using the fabric flaps at home. Watch the video:



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