Christmas is one of the most delicious times to prepare down to the last detail, from the Christmas ornaments to the dinner table. These details are responsible for that feeling of welcome and affection when we see the places we visit, like the little tree on the work table or in the decoration. Today we will about the Christmas decorations in felt talk

When it comes to embellishments, there are materials for all tastes with different textures and sizes. Lately, the artisanal ornament has become a hype to be accessible, easy to do and to give that individual touch that everyone likes. One of the most sought after types of Christmas ornaments in all places, from the garland, decorative socks, snowmen, Christmas tree and even in Santa Claus, the funny thing is that with the felt, anything can be ornament for your tree.

Before you start the fun, check out our special tips on how to make Christmas decorations out of felt

  • Memorize the models for your Christmas season : sweets, animals, flowers … everything can be turned into jewelry and you don’t have to stick to “Christmas” themes.
  • Print and cut the shapes : You should use more durable and resilient materials like cardboard or acetate sheets if you want to last a little longer.
  • It’s time to move the shape to the felt : a good tip is to use regular pens for lighter felt and white pen with darker felt.
  • Be sure to cut the parts : in this step, just take the scissors and let them see, but take it easy so you don’t cut too much.
  • Let assembled all parts and jammed : It sounds perhaps like nonsense, but the checking of all sections and driving can prevent many headaches later.
  • Capriche in the finish at the time of sewing and filling : this step applies to both the sewing machine and the hand. Pick the most appropriate point for the type of craft you are making and ready to go. The favorite points of the craftsmen who work by hand are the buttonhole and the seams.

Finishing the Final Details: This is the time to finish off the final details like ribbons, bows and whatever else you need to make your decor even more special.

60 stunning ideas of Christmas decorations on felt for reference

We’ve sorted out 60 amazing images to fill you with great ideas for this year’s ornaments.

Image 1 – Decorative Christmas socks made of colored and printed felt.

Felt Christmas Stockings
Do you know those traditional socks that stand by the fireplace waiting for the good old man’s presents? It’s time to give a repaginada and fill it with color and joy.

Image 2 – Guirlanda with pastel tones in felt to hang in the door.

Pastel colored garland

Image 3 – Horn of Unicorn for an enchanted Christmas.

Unicorn Horn for a more enchanted Christmas

The unicorn is the most popular mythical animal that exists and will add a fun and different touch to your tree.

Figure 4 – Garland of pines of different colors.

Garland of Pinheirinhos

Picture 5 – Embellishment for tree frames for photo.

Frame tree ornament

Delicate and very personal, this ornament will literally leave Christmas with the face of your family and loved ones.

Image 6 – Papéis Noéis is ready for dinner.

Papal Noirs ready for supper

Photo 7 – Christmas souvenir bags.

Christmas Gift Sachet

Use buttons and ribbon for the details and your wallet will be ready to receive candy or whatever you want.

Picture 8 – Small trees to decorate your tree with felt squares.

Embellish the trees with felt squares

Picture 9 – Christmas stocking for all your guests.

Christmas stocking for all your guests

Care and maintenance are even more obvious with such details, imagine tucking small treats into your socks.

Image 10 – Decoration for tree pillows with felt.

Felt type felt tree decoration

Picture 11 – Rudolf the reindeer and his red nose adorn the tree.

The reindeer Rudolf and his red nose

Highlight for this candy cane instead of the antlers and the big eyes that make Rudolf even sweeter.

Picture 12 – Fake flasher.

Fake flasher

Image 13 – Another garland option.

Other garland option
The half-length leaves give the garland a different touch and leave space for welcome messages, Merry Christmas or whatever you have in mind.

Image 14 – Calendar for handmade December.

Handmade calendar for December

Image 15 – Various ornaments for a tree that runs away from the traditional one.

Felt Christmas ornaments: ideas to use in the decoration

See the shape to make this craft here.

Picture 16 – Special Christmas totem.

Christmas ornaments in felt: ideas to use in decoration 1

Image 17 – Stockings for storing souvenirs and other items.

Christmas ornaments in felt: ideas to use in decoration 2
You can use these “socks” in the table decoration to place cutlery and other utensils.

Picture 18 – Elf hat on felt.

Christmas ornaments in felt: ideas to use in decoration 3

Image 19 – For whom does the pine cone not need that such a weight in a pine cone from Lierinha?

Christmas ornaments in felt: ideas to use in decoration 4

Aside from being irreversible, it’s super soft and won’t hurt anyone if it falls.

Image 20 – Christmas candy with template.

Christmas ornaments in felt: ideas to use in decoration 5

To make these embellishments look at shapes 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Picture 21 – Christmas balls make up the tree.

Felt Christmas ornaments: ideas to use in decorating 6

For those who have less space at home and want to bet on wall decor, you can build a tree with your own decorative felt Christmas balls.

Picture 22 – The accessories of a snowman are very nice and sweet.

Felt Christmas ornaments: ideas to use in decorating 7

Image 23 – Christmas curtain.

Felt Christmas ornaments: ideas to use in decorating 8
Christmas colors and classics like socks and trees come into play as details of this curtain.

Picture 24 – Christmas trees are super easy to make.

Felt Christmas trees

Image 25 – Gingerbread cookies with a fake decoration.

Felt fake gingerbreads
It looks like food, but it’s just to decorate the table, see?

Image 26 – More decorative socks.

Socks, decorative

Picture 27 – Embellishment of the door: garland only with leaf shapes.

Garland with leaf molds
Get ready for the white Christmas and use your shapes of different types of leaves in the decoration of your garland.

Picture 28 – The famous speech that accompanies Santa Claus.

Ho Ho Ho in felt

Picture 29 – Homemade ornaments with Christmas landscapes.

Christmas tree decorations
This ornament mixes two typical Christmas things: the colorful tree balls and the balls with snow landscapes.

Image 30 – Booties for the whole family keep feet warm in the house.

Booties for the whole family

Image 31 – Another tree full of texture with felt squares.

Textured tree with felt squares
Simply cut out felt squares of different sizes in ascending order, stack everything and use your imagination in the finish.

Image 32 – Christmas heart.

Christmas Heart

Figure 33 – Garland of felt.

Felt Garland
Enjoy bright colors contrasting with the colors of the tree to give more prominence and delicacy.

Picture 34 – A very colorful and funny reindeer.

A very colorful and fun reindeer

Picture 35 – Another garland with pinheirinhos.

Another garland with pinheirinhos
With this option, you don’t need to cut the felt like a continuum, just cut pine nuts and tie them with a ribbon.

Picture 36 – A little owl, sheltered from the cold, at the top of the tree.

A little owl protected from the cold on top of the tree

Picture 37 – Luvinhas in a countdown garland.

Luvinhas in a countdown garland
The most enthusiastic about Christmas will love these exciting gloves.

Figure 38 – Decoration with felt in a frame to attach the main wall.

Felt Christmas ornaments: ideas to use in the decoration

Image 39 – Christmas rings for napkins.

Christmas rings for napkins
By combining the right colors, these rings bring the most popular Christmas characters to life.

Photo 40 – Garland of triangles to prepare the house for the celebrations.

Garland of triangles to go preparing the house

Picture 41 – Christmas pine with wooden base.

Christmas wood pinewood
The wood base contrasts with the feel and delicacy of the felt and gives your decor a rustic touch.

Picture 42 – Owls that come to celebrate and feel in cork.

Cork and felt owls

Picture 43 – Mobiles Natalino.

Mobile Christmas
Cut out long felt plaques and arrange them in a moving shape to hang in the room, creating a beautiful and interactive decoration.

Picture 44 – Sacolinha’s wishes.

Wish lists

Image 45 – Guirlanda well decorated with fabric and felt.

Well decorated garland in fabric and felt
You can use any theme in your wreath: from kittens dressed for Christmas, to candy and other signature items.

Figure 46 – Felting Pinheirinho to deliver a Christmas card to friends.

Felt pinwheel for making a Christmas card

Picture 47 – Felt mice looking for Christmas candy.

Felt mice
A great ornament for the traditional candy canes!

Picture 48 – Simple and simple decoration on the indicator wire.

Simple and easy decoration on flasher wire

Image 49 – Decorate Arvorezinha with small felt squares.

Arvorezinha decorate with felt squares
Another stacked felt tree option is this small version that hangs perfectly on your larger Christmas tree.

Image 50 – Mistletoe ring for cloth napkins.

Mistletoe ring for fabric napkins

Picture 51 – Doves of peace in different colors.

Felt Christmas ornaments: ideas to use in the decoration
Enjoy the pigeons’ flight idea and arrange these cute birds from curtain-like felt or mobiles.

Image 52 – Good old man’s standard.

Santa's banner in felt

Image 53 – Polka dots on a string to attach to the tree.

Felt polyester cord to fix on tree
Felt polka dots have become a trend in Christmas decorations together with the pompoms and give your tree a different air.

Picture 54 – Thematic photo camera holder.

Felt themed camera door

Picture 55 – Another garland with leaves and felt flowers.

Wreath with felt leaves and flowers
This is a wreath with a more bouncy look, with leaves of various shades and flowers of more vivid colors. It’s the ideal way to bring some of our tropical climate to Christmas decorations.

Picture 56 – Felt pine cones.

Cones-tree on felt.

Image 57 – Stars to further decorate the tree.

Small stars in felt to decorate the tree
Colorful asterisks with appliqués act as decorations for the most diverse types of trees … From the more traditional green to the Scandinavian ones, which are formed by dry wooden branches.

Image 58 – More decorative socks.

More decorative socks for Christmas decoration

Picture 59 – Gingerbreads distribute sweets to children.

Gingerbread distributing candy to children
A Christmas keepsake that gets sweeter with this smiling gingerbread cookie handing out jelly beans.

Picture 60 – Fir tree garland to roll in the tree and give more color for Christmas

Pine tree garland to roll up the tree

More ideas with tutorials and step by step Christmas decorations in felt

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