Flashing is guaranteed at the end of the year, between Christmas and New Years. This light-flooded decorative element radiates a warm and charming atmosphere for indoor and outdoor use. However, in recent years it has grown in strength and has become part of the decor all year round too, with detached, modern and even minimalist versions that can satisfy the most diverse styles!

With creativity, it is possible to decorate any room in a simple and original way. Besides being easy to access, the number of models on the market varies widely. The most common ones include: curtain, waterfall, colorful and the special ones like balls, origamis, flamingos, pineapples, cacti. The current model is the darling of the time and stands for its versatility because it takes formats of drawings and words, supports photos as a clothesline, highlights furniture and objects, etc.

And it’s about these little lights that our contribution focuses on today! We have separated 65 references from environments with surprising applications. First and foremost, as always, there are a few point considerations below so you don’t miss out on the makeup and time to position them. Come on?

  • Secondary lighting : remember to use them in bottles, tags or glass containers as lamps and on the bottom of the shelf to attract more attention! The upside is that it doesn’t require a change in the electrical part of the house, a viable option for those looking to give the upgrade !
  • To decorate the house with flashing lightning bolts for Christmas: As in the interior, the flashing lamp is given different shapes and can be placed in specific areas or in the iconic tree. But since the date is special, let’s overdo it a little. It is worth enclosing in the vial, soup table center, metal star, crib, garland, vase. That means the more light the better!
  • Flashing flickering in the room: is one of the favorite rooms decorated with lightning bolts. And it makes a lot of sense: on the headboard, like a picture frame on the wall, around the mirror frame, on the side of the bed. This helps create an intimate mood , perfect for those who want a peaceful night’s sleep!
  • Outside: another example of a room that receives lighting with lower intensity, ideal for partying until dusk! The blinking blink ensures your presence at children’s parties, barbecues, bridal showers and even weddings! Enjoy the many advantages and please your guests!

65 decoration ideas with flashing lights

Take a look at our gallery, the best suggestions for decorating with flashes and look for the inspiration you need here to put your ideas into practice:

Image 1 – A star to shine! The chains are super versatile, mainly because they can be wrapped in multiple decorative objects! You decide! Image 2 – Invent and surprise in the most festive season! Christmas trees are increasingly gaining alternative versions. In this publication, for example, only flashing signals are used and still serve as secondary lighting for the living room. Picture 3 – Decoration with flashing lights in the room. The terrariums stand tall and are great decoration allies! Aside from being perfect for those who want small plants at home and don’t have a lot of time and time to look after, they look even more special with a few little lights!
Flashing decoration

Blinking decoration 1

Flashing decoration 2

Image 4 – Thousands of creativity! Another example of how chains can be customized to fit different shapes. This time it follows the format cactus on a wooden board. Oh, to fix it use hot glue or very small nails. Image 5 – Reaproveitando flashes. Imagination is the secret of success in any area! Here the flashing light brings more light and beautifies the room in a very interesting way! Figure 6 – Light signals in external environments. One thousand and one utilities: you can form words or make funny drawings. Image 7 – And the fun doesn’t stop!
Flashing decoration 3

Flashing decoration 4

Flashing decoration 5

Flashing decoration 6

With the popularity of thousands, you can find several different versions: the pineapple gives birth to the tropical climate! Image 8 – Home theater. The light string helps a lot in demarcating rooms or creating frames for mirrors, frames and even for projecting a movie! Image 9 – In the clouds. The proof of how the blinking flashes can envelop various decorative objects!
Flashing decoration 7

Flashing decoration 8

Picture 10 – Wander photo flap. The photo sticks, especially the Polaroids, are pure charm! And in this proposal, apart from sharing the best moments, is an original decorative element! Figure 11 – Decoration with flashing flashing for room. One way to create more intimate lighting for the bedroom. The airflow creates a very nice vertical effect! Image 12 – Redoma of the lights. How can you not be happy with such a lamp? In the dark it can look like a pot full of fireflies … Photo 13 – Pink is the new black! Another unusual hint on how to decorate your home in a fun, fun and cute way!
Blinking decoration 9

Flashing decoration 10

Flickering decoration 11

Flashing decoration 12
Image 14 – The flashing lights also mark the presence of the hanging decoration!
Flashing decoration 13Picture 15 – Decoration with flashing lights in bottles. PET bottles are the most commonly used material and are used by craftsmen for recycling. Treat yourself to a little color and the organic shape of the flowers in your blinking blink! Image 16 – Deconstructed and minimalist Christmas tree. And don’t forget the references of sensational trees made with just the lights! Impossible not to copy! Picture 17 – Souvenirs with seven keys. The light and picture poles perfectly play the role of the headboard. Image 18 – Highlights on shelves and shelves.
Flashing decoration 14

Flashing decoration 15

Blinking decoration 16

Blinking decoration 17Image 19 – A that more for the delicate flowers in lighter up!
Blinking decoration 18

Photo 20 – Lights and their reflections on the decor. Although the lamps – usually white or yellow – are combined with all colors, the approach to objects in the colors gold, silver or copper is a complete success! Picture 21 – Decoration with flashing lights for the party. Outside chains create a magical and enchanting effect, especially when combined with strips of paper, curtains, flags or pompoms! Figure 22 – Flashing curtain. If your house has more neutral tones, the LED curtain can help you give more life and give that special highlight to a special corner! Picture 23 – Colors and brightness brighten any environment!
Flickering decoration 19

Blinking decoration 20

Blinking decoration 21

Blinking decoration 22
Although the white or yellowish lights were more in demand because they blended and blended better with the rest of the decor, how about choosing the colored ones to give that lively and happy touch that was missing? Picture 24 – Room with flasher. Give the bed’s geometric headboard a little more evidence! If you ‘re looking for more linear and no-nonsense coverage, consider LED tapes. Image 25 – Boho chic style . The lights come into action again and leave the room feminine and mysterious. Picture 26 – Flashing decorations for Christmas.
Blinking decoration 23

Blinking decoration 24

Flashing decoration 25
In some cases there is no need to disassemble the after-party ornaments as this reference shows. Leave them all year round and combine the useful with the pleasant! Image 27 – All you need is love! Have you ever thought of putting the initials of your name, your words or inspiring phrases on the wall of your room? Image 28 – May your Christmas be bright, enlightened, shining! Image 29 – Valuable details that make the difference! Try imagining the room without the little lights in the mirror … it would look so boring! Fig. 30 – Points of light in strategic areas.

Flashing decoration 26

Blinking decoration 27
Flickering decoration 28

Blinking decoration 29
Prefer flashing the outline of the seedlings (or any other object) to prove their shape! Image 31 – Flashes on the ceiling. It looks like a brilliant rain, worthy of many applause and well-spent nights! Image 32 – Dry twig and blink: a couple that escapes the obvious and surprises! Picture 33 – Home, sweet home. To fix the blinking blinking without damaging the wall, it’s very simple: masking tape or transparent glue between the lights and voila ! Picture 34 – Another picture frame with lights to inspire you! This time the frame wrapped and glued the mirror. It’s hard not to fall in love! Picture 35 – In the light of the moon.

Blinking decoration 30

Blinking decoration 31
Blinking decoration 32

Flashing decoration 33

Flashing decoration 34
If you wrap the lanyard in a special shape, you will get a unique and romantic lamp. About bonuses, poetic dreams …
Picture 36 – Birthday decoration with flashing lightning. The flashing flame takes on different functions in the environment: light and decorate, with creativity! Picture 37 – Put your manual skills into practice! There are several tutorials on how to make your own blinking blinker. We’ve already shown it with PET bottles, but you can try ping pong balls or origami. Figure 38 – Flashing light dinner in style! Another type of table composition that perfectly replaces the candles.

Flashing decoration 35

Blinking decoration 36

Flashing decoration 37
Not only is it safer, it is also practical and economical!
Picture 39 – Coupled in the MDF. Ideal for everyone who wants to buy the decorative item ready-made: just select the corner and plug it in! Figure 40 – Flashing star flashes. Arrange it in a very visible part of the house to spark the Christmas spirit and infect more and more people! Picture 41 – Full of life and color! A fun garland, easy to assemble at home and emit light everywhere … Photo 42 – Flashes in decoration and industrial style. Image 43 – Bright redomas: the darling of the time in interior design!
Blinking decoration 38

Flashing decoration 39

Flashing decoration 40

Flickering decoration 41
Flashing decoration 42

Picture 44 – Lights simulate falling snow.
Flashing decoration 43Picture 45 – There is a moonlight tonight. Especially at dusk, the blink of an eye in outdoor areas fall like a glove. Use these handy lighting when planning dinners for friends, children’s parties, karaoke nights and even weddings! Figure 46 – Blinking light is blinking. Enjoy the glass objects with geometric shapes that you have at home to create valuable home furnishings! Image 47 – Flashing decorations for children’s party. Add other embellishments (like pompoms with metal strips and paper booties) to the laces to keep the kids happy! Picture 48 – Less is more!
Blinking decoration 44

Flashing decoration 45

Flashing decoration 46

Blinking decoration 47
Remember there is one rule to follow, the important thing is to respect your essence and express your style with authenticity! Image 49 – Enjoy the transparency of the curtain to hide the flashing lanyards.
Blinking decoration 48Figure 50 – The young audience likes the geometric shapes! Another suggestion to put the lights around the bed / bed. Figure 51 – For the people on duty. Illus. 52 – Waiting at the window. The flashing lightning bolt shows once again its versatility: it is now applied within the boundaries of the frames. Picture 53 – Happy night.
Blinking decoration 49

Blinking decoration 50
Flickering decoration 51

Blinking decoration 52
Lights in the paper boxes make dinner more colorful and inviting! Just try not to leave it on for too long to avoid overheating. Image 54 – Differentiate yourself and opt for a cool and modern Christmas!
Blinking decoration 53Picture 55 – Dance of lights. In softer environments, the result is even more breathtaking! It looks like an improvised lane that just misses the DJ to get the sound out! Picture 56 – And to complement the party at home, the bar carts also light up! Picture 57 – Exhale positive energy! The blinking next to the stones in the vial creates a fantastic effect! Fig. 58 – Flashes on the head section.
Blinking decoration 54

Blinking decoration 55

Flashing decoration 56

Flashing decoration 57
With several topics together, there is no mistake! Image 59 – A creative way to mirror the locker room!
Flickering 58Picture 60 – Memories always within sight with the photo clothesline.
Flashing decoration 59Picture 61 – The copper vessel is an excellent light reflector vessel!
Blinking decoration 60Image 62 – Christmas wish list : a radiant dinner that floods magic and joy!

Flickering decoration 61Image 63 – May it be happy and shiny: the wishes for the start of a new cycle! The coolest thing about lights is that they can also be placed behind screens. Picture 64 – Christmas tree with flashing lightning bolts on the wall. Image 65 – Even the banister is a hit!
Blinking decoration 62

Blinking decoration 63
Blinking decoration 64
Because every corner of the house deserves special attention to get into the holiday mood of Christmas!

How to decorate with blinking



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